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How to properly train for a “Full Out”

One of the biggest & most controversial questions in the Cheerleading World….”How to properly train [Read More...]

Optimizing Gym Workouts for Cheerleading Back Spots

Boost your back spot skills with our targeted cheer workouts, focusing on strength, stability, & [Read More...]

How to Handle Last-Minute Routine Changes Before a Competition: A Guide for Cheer Coaches

Learn how to manage last-minute changes before a competition with the help of essential tools, [Read More...]

Choosing the Right Theme with Our Premade Cheer Music Mixes: Elevate Your Team’s Routine

Explore the power of themed premade cheer music mixes to elevate your team's routine, with [Read More...]

A Coaches Guide to Holding Tryouts

Equip yourself with the comprehensive guide to hosting cheerleading tryouts, emphasizing vital factors like skill [Read More...]

CHEERLEADING ANSWERS 2023: Answers to Questions about Cheer Music, Routines, Choreography, & More

Explore the world of cheer music with IPP Music, your go-to source for customized cheer [Read More...]

Starting All Star Cheer Late? Here’s How to Nail Your Tryouts and Find Your Place

you're 17 and just about to dive into the world of All Star Cheerleading for [Read More...]

The 3 Key Moves in Cheerleading: Boosting Your Routine with IPP Music

Boost your cheer routine with key moves: High V, T-Jump, Liberty Stunt. Elevate performance with [Read More...]

15 min Home Workout Video – Day 1: Conditioning and Stretching (Virtual Home Training)

Don’t let the coronavirus and quarantines stop you from reaching your fitness goals. Keep up [Read More...]

Home Quarantine Workouts by Jess Forte of Cheer Intensity (with videos)

Cheerleader's Home Quarantine workout how to with Adam Forte and Jess Forte, of Cheerintensity

So it turns out your best wasn’t good enough, now what?

We are trained and taught that hard work always pays off and in theory it [Read More...]

3 tips to help you increase flexibility without stretching

Today I am going to break down the best exercises to help you increase your [Read More...]

All in or All Out: Letting Go and Moving Forward when a Kid Leaves your Gym

There is no other heartbreak that is comparable in coaching, as when a kid or [Read More...]

Mining for Tenths – Netflix CHEER! Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Navarro is hard at work trying to hit as many clean and strong full outs [Read More...]

College Cheerleading Scholarships Are A Thing!

All full of excitement like you just received your cheer mix for the current season [Read More...]

Decoding Cheer Terminology: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners and Parents

Learn the slang and terms for moves and positions in cheerleading as we decode the [Read More...]

UCA 2023 Results – Searchable

The 2023 College Nationals Season is officially here!! We are all super excited and eager [Read More...]

“Daytona Pt. 1 – Don’t be that Guy” – Netflix CHEER! Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

It's been two years since Daytona Nationals has occurred due to the pandemic and majority [Read More...]

Cheersport 2022 Level 6 Results

Cheersport 2022 was held this weekend in Atlanta. With a wide range of divisions in [Read More...]

HELL WEEK – Netflix CHEER! (Season 2 Episode 4)

Starting off we find out some unfortunate news. Coach Kapena came to sit in and [Read More...]

Netflix Cheer! Season 2 – Episode 3 Recap – Dracut Girl

Netflix Cheer! Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: I cheered at East Celebrity Elite, I coached [Read More...]

2022 UCA College Cheerleading Nationals Results

The 2022 UCA College Cheerleading Nationals were held this weekend in Orlando! See the team [Read More...]

What To Expect When Expecting (Your Mix)

Although the music process can be so invigorating, it can also be super stressful. But, [Read More...]

Daytona Prep – A Guide to NCA College Nationals 2019

A guide to preparing for Daytona NCA College Nationals 2019, from nutrition to sleep to [Read More...]

Coaching tips to help keep your team injury free and more powerful

Properly conditioning your team keeps your athletes injury free. Below is an easy-to-follow guide for [Read More...]

Unconventional Warm-Ups: Unique Exercises to Prepare Teams for Peak Performance

Unique cheer warm-up exercises that blend physical readiness with mental preparation to ensure your team's [Read More...]

The Throw: The Physics of Cheerleading Lifts and Practical Training Techniques

Expert strategies for cheer coaches on building base strength, perfecting throw timing, & applying precise [Read More...]

Music Playback at Cheer Competitions: Apps, Best Practices, and the Case for MP3 Players

Best music apps for cheerleading, learn device handoff practices, & why MP3 players may be [Read More...]

Regaining Your Flexibility for Cheer

Unlock your cheerleading potential with our guide on targeted stretches for improved flexibility so you're [Read More...]

Underdog Stories: 3 Cheer Teams that Shocked the World

The stirring tales of underdog cheer teams like Ithaca College, Team Australia, & Bangkok University [Read More...]

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