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HELL WEEK – Netflix CHEER! (Season 2 Episode 4)

Starting off we find out some unfortunate news. Coach Kapena came to sit in and [Read More...]

Completion Mode Vs Performance Mode: Answering the age-old question of ‘Why don’t my flyers perform in the air’

In our Facebook community for Small Gym Owners and Cheer Coaches, the question asked constantly [Read More...]

Guide to Syncing your Cheer Music with your Choreography: Tips for Cheer Coaches

The Ultimate guide for cheer coaches on effectively synchronizing cheer music with choreography, covering structure, [Read More...]

7 Creative Strategies for Boosting Cheer Team Performance

Discover 7 creative strategies to boost your cheer team's performance. From gymnastics to custom cheer [Read More...]

5 Creative Strategies to Engage Cheerleaders in Practice: Maximize Performance, Build Team Spirit

Discover 5 innovative strategies to keep cheerleaders engaged during practice, from gamification and VR training [Read More...]

How to Deal with Difficult Parents: A Coach’s Guide

Navigate the challenges of dealing with difficult parents in cheerleading with this comprehensive coach's guide, [Read More...]

How to Attract Sponsorships for Your Cheer Team

Learn the ultimate guide to securing sponsorships for your cheer team, covering everything from crafting [Read More...]

Tips for Anxiety and Stage Fright in Cheer

From overcoming stage fright to connecting with the crowd, these practical tips and insights are [Read More...]

Mastering the Back Walkover: Expert Tips and Drills for Cheerleaders

Master the back walkover with our expert tips and drills, designed to improve your cheerleading [Read More...]

New to Cheer: Overcoming Initial Challenges and Winning over your Teammates

New to Cheerleading: we explore the experiences of new cheerleaders facing team dynamics, share tips [Read More...]

When Choosing Cheerleading Music, Consider This: The Ultimate Guide for Perfect Performance Music

So, how do you select the best cheerleading music that will make your team stand [Read More...]

Amplify Your Cheerleading Performance: Getting Loud in Cheer

So, how do you get loud in cheerleading? Let's dive into the world of cheerleading [Read More...]

Daytona Part 2: If the Judges Disagree – Netflix CHEER! Episode 9 Recap

Coach Vontae starts off by going over scores for day one. As the team reviews [Read More...]

Netflix Cheer! Season 2 – Episode 3 Recap – Dracut Girl

Netflix Cheer! Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: I cheered at East Celebrity Elite, I coached [Read More...]

Netflix CHEER Season 2: Episode 1

Navarro’s rookies are amazing & as Monica said, “the talent is ridiculous”....their technique/skill is unbeatable.

2022 UCA College Cheerleading Nationals Results

The 2022 UCA College Cheerleading Nationals were held this weekend in Orlando! See the team [Read More...]

Tough Times Don’t Last

As Coaches, Owners and Directors we thrive on structure, order and on controlling chaos. But [Read More...]

Your Mix Can Now Have Audio on Varsity TV

Your Mix Can Now Have Audio on Varsity TV! Varsity TV, Flo Cheer and a [Read More...]

Shifting your Mindset

Turning uncertainty into positivity starts with just changing your energy. You must first start by [Read More...]

In the Spirit of Safety

The first thing that we did was a morning check in every day about any [Read More...]

Netflix CHEER! Snatches 6 Emmy Nominations

Nexflix Cheer! Snatches 6 Emmy nominations. Soon after airing in January 2020, Navarro Cheer became [Read More...]

Home Quarantine Workouts by Jess Forte of Cheer Intensity (with videos)

Cheerleader's Home Quarantine workout how to with Adam Forte and Jess Forte, of Cheerintensity

Cheer Competitions & Coronavirus – What’s Cancelled as of now (LIVE UPDATES)

There is an obvious concern at the moment regarding cheerleading competitions cancelations due to the [Read More...]

How to Maximize Your Score Sheet

Part 1 of our Pop Warner Series looks at what it takes to maximize your [Read More...]

So it turns out your best wasn’t good enough, now what?

We are trained and taught that hard work always pays off and in theory it [Read More...]

Keeping Athletes Safe with Social Media and Gym Communications

We’ve become so accustomed to sending a quick message to an athlete after a hard [Read More...]

Mastering a Level – Perfection before Progression

Despite clear definitions of what is requires at each level of cheer (levels 1-7) some [Read More...]

Chasing Perfection in an Imperfect Sport

Allstar Cheer is a conundrum. We are literally chasing perfection ( Zero Deductions/ a perfect [Read More...]

What To Expect When Expecting (Your Mix)

Although the music process can be so invigorating, it can also be super stressful. But, [Read More...]

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