IPP now the Official 2021 music producer for USA Cheer!1 min to read

IPP Music is the official music producer for USA Cheer 2021

By Steve Pawlyk

Published August 30, 2021

We have some exciting news!

IPP has been chosen to be the Official 2021 Music Producer for USA Cheer!

Thanks to Lauri Harris, LeRoy McCullough, Tony Nash and Nicole Nichols, we had the pleasure of mixing music for Coed Premier, AllGirl Premier and Junior Coed Elite.

We are beyond thankful for this opportunity. As the routines near completion we can’t wait to see and hear how awesome each team looks performing to their IPP mix. We anticipate music releases in the coming weeks on our youtube channel..

We can’t wait until the world hears what we’ve created. This opportunity was nothing short of amazing and we look forward to continuing our relationship with USA Cheer and the mentioned nationals team as we move towards the debut performance in the Olympics one day.

Thank you to all who were involved and who believed in IPP. For more information or to book with IPP please visit our website.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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