Policies And Procedures



Policies and Procedures of IPP Music


We have already begun booking for the 2018-2019 season and dates are filling up quickly. We STRONGLY encourage you to book your mixes in advance in order to ensure that you get the delivery dates that you want! We have experienced unprecedented growth, and in order to provide you with the best possible service we need to plan accordingly. That being said, our deposit policy will be STRICTLY enforced this season. All mixes will require a 50% non-refundable deposit in order to be scheduled. Visit www.ippmusic.com and click on “Booking Request” to book dates for the 2018-2019 season. The digital booking request form will be the ONLY way to book mixes this season. Please fill out one booking request form per team. We will email you to confirm that we have received your booking request(s) and to confirm that the dates you have requested are available. If the mix dates that you have requested are not available, we will offer you our next availability.

When submitting a booking request please make sure to include the following: program name, specific team name(s)*, mascot, colors, coed or all girl, division and program zip code. This season we will only accept the new and improved IPP 8-count sheet which can be found by visiting our website www.ippmusic.com and clicking on “8-count Sheet” on the homepage. Please do NOT take pictures of your 8-count sheets. Often times they become difficult to read when printing a picture taken from a cell phone, leading to a delay in music production. Our new 8-count is a fillable PDF, but If you choose to hand write your 8-count sheet, please use either black or blue ink as pencil becomes hard to read when printed. You can attach your 8-count sheet to the booking request form or email 8-count sheets to info@ippmusic.com if they are not ready at the time the booking request form is completed.

We will also accept full length videos (no separated clips) performed to our 8-count track which is also found on the homepage of our website. All video submissions must be submitted in .mov format.
Please note, if you are unable to submit your 8-count sheets and song selections 14 days prior to your mix date or you would like to change your mix date we will try our best to accommodate you. All mix date changes, missed dates and/or late submission of routine information (8-count sheets, songs, etc.) will incur a $100 rescheduling fee.

*Team name changes made subsequent to booking request form submission will be subject to a $200.00 penalty and/or recoupment of incidental damages incurred by IPP.

Packages & Pricing

Innovative Performance Productions will be offering the following pricing tiers for the 2018-2018 season:

Standard: The standard mixes are made to the customer’s choreography and include sound effects and 4 or 5 voiceovers based on duration (male voiceovers only)

Advanced: The Advanced mix features a dramatic production style with an extra emphasis on unique voiceovers.  Advanced mixes contain up to eight 8-counts of additional vocals from our vocal team.  Advanced mixes will have male voiceovers and female or male raps (gender upon request).
Elite: The Elite mix features that World’s caliber sound with an extreme emphasis on unique voice overs, singing and raps.  Elite mixes include an unlimited amount of voiceover and raps (upon producer’s discretion). Vocals will include male and female voiceovers, male and female raps, and/or male and female singers (upon request).  *Video of choreography and 8-count sheet required.
Semi-Custom (new): The new semi-full custom package will include 2 more custom vocal sections than our elite package.  For example, you will be able to have a custom dance and pyramid song, a custom stunt and tumbling song or any combination you desire.  This package will require your choreography to be complete.  We request an 8-count sheet to be supplemented by a full-length video.
Full Custom: The full custom mix is in a category of its own! The emphasis will be on original music composition and vocals unique to each routine. Custom songs and vocals will be written, recorded, arranged, and mixed by top industry artists from around the country.  This package will also require your choreography to be complete.  We request an 8-count sheet to be supplemented by a full-length video.


⦁ All edits will require the submission of an updated 8-count sheet and/or a current video.  Sound effect changes must be highlighted on the new 8-count sheet.
⦁ An edit is considered any sound effect changes, voiceover changes (not to include raps and/or singing), and song swaps.  Clients who do not choose their own songs will forfeit their free song changes.
⦁ One round of free edits is included with each package.  Additional edits (i.e., sfx, voice over changes and song swaps) will incur a $75/hr fee.
⦁ Any rap or singing request change will incur a specified fee at the time of the request.  Prices will vary.
⦁ Adding or removing 8-counts, shortening routine sections, extending routine sections and etc. is considered to be a routine reconstruction. This does not fall under the free edit included in the mix price and will be subject to a $75/hour sitting fee (minimum 1 hour). We will provide you with a price estimate prior to completing any reconstructions.  Rap edits will be priced per occasion unless we make a mistake.  If we make an error then rap changes will be free.
⦁ All payments must be received prior to receiving any edits or reconstructions.
⦁ Edits will be delivered within 2-4 weeks of request. Rush order edits will be subject to a $100 charge in addition to any edit or reconstruction fees.

Song Selection

In order to comply with the USA Cheer music rules, we will be requiring each client to choose songs from our vendors www.firstcom.com and/or www.level77music.com . Additionally, those who wish to use cover songs may visit www.powermusictrax.com to see if a particular song is available for purchase. If it is then you may choose that song and enter it on the IPP 8-count sheet under the “song selection” column. After receiving your mix, you will be able to visit powermusictrax.com and purchase your licenses for your team. IPP will no longer provide cover song licenses. Cover song license procurement will the responsibility of the client. SEE APPENDIX A


If your mix contains cover songs, please visit www.powermusictrax.com and purchase licenses for songs used in the mix. Each client will be responsible for purchasing cover song licenses and printing cover song licenses. If you have purchased a mix that does not contain cover songs then please visit www.ippmusic.com and click on “License Generator” on the home page. Fill out the form accordingly, download and print. Lastly, if you purchased a premade mix then your license was emailed to your email address on file immediately following confirmation of your purchase.

Premade Mixes

These mixes will be available for purchase on our website. All content is USA Cheer compliant. You may choose to further customize your selection by adding sound effects, team specific voice overs and/or edits. Selecting the “edit” add-on will allow you to have the mix split into different sections. For example, if you a 1:30 mix split into two :45 sections then choose the “edit” add-on. There will be a fee of $99 per add-on for requesting sound effects, voice overs, and/or edits. For help regarding your premade purchases or general premade mix questions you can use our live chat feature on the website or email ippuserhelp@gmail.com.


Accepted payment methods are:
⦁ Credit Card via our new invoicing software*
⦁ Check made payable to Innovative Performance Productions, LLC**
⦁ Authorized Purchase Order***
*Credit Cards will be subject to a 3% processing charge.
**If paying via check, check must be received and payment cleared before services are rendered.
***Please inform us ahead of time if you will be submitting a PO and if you will require a W-9. If you are sending us a 1099 it must be received on or before February 2nd, 2019.
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a mix date. The balance is to be paid one week prior to your mix date. If the balance has not been paid one week prior, IPP may delay the production of your music until the full balance has been paid. 


We strive to provide our customers with excellent customer service and an open chain of communication. All emails will be answered within 1 business day. We answer emails and calls M-F 8:30am-4:30pm EST. On occasion, we do answer emails outside of this window. Please mark URGENT in the subject line if your email communication is time sensitive and sent outside of normal business hours.  Please keep all music related issues to either email, website submission or phone.  Social media contacts will be acknowledged, but nothing will be considered on the books until it is sent via email or phone call.
This season will be an amazing opportunity to provide the cheer and dance industry with the quality of music and continued customer service that is well deserved.  We look forward to producing innovative tracks that inspire your athletes to perform at their best.  Whether you are a returning customer or a new client, IPP thanks you for your support and friendship.   When the season begins, make sure that you are DOWN WITH IPP!