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The Do’s and Don’ts of the 8-Count Sheet

Learn how to effortlessly create, fill out, and complete an 8-Count Sheet for a winning [Read More...]

The Do’s and Don’ts of the 8-Count Sheet

Learn how to effortlessly create, fill out, and complete an 8-Count Sheet for [Read More...]


Ordering a standard mix, but haven’t finalized your choreography yet?

We’ll create you a mix without an 8 count sheet that you can create a routine to! Simply send us a list of songs you would like included in the music.

Advanced and Elite mixes must have an 8 count sheet or video, preferably both.

Custom Mixes are now purchased directly on the site.  Select a mix package and a duration (1:30, 2:00, etc) from the Custom Mix Pricing page.  From there you will be redirected to the product page for the custom mix package you chose. Answer all questions about your mix as thoroughly and detailed as possible.  Include pronunciation if necessary. Upload your count sheet when asked and then click add to cart.  After checkout, you will receive an email containing your license download, and confirming that your mix has been scheduled for composition..

You have three options when paying for your new cheer mix.

Check • Paypal • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Amex)

When selecting Paypal or credit card as your payment option, a 3% convenience fee is added to the total. If you’d prefer to send a check, please mail it to the address below:

Innovative Performance Productions, LLC
17 Sheffield Dr
Windham, NH 03087

Yes, approved purchase orders from academic institutions are accepted. Approved purchase orders can be emailed to info@ippmusic.com.  PDF Quotes can be created by adding desired mixes to your cart and then clicking the PDF Quote button in your cart.

Both custom mixes and premade mix customizations are uploaded to your account upon completion and can be found under the “Downloads” tab. 

IPP offers 8 count sheets for download on our website. After you’ve completed your 8 count sheet, follow the instructions for booking a custom mix, uploading your count sheet before you add your mix to your cart,

Please provide us with the below information so we can write voiceovers specifically for your team.

  • Program Name
  • Team Name
  • Colors
  • Mascot
  • Location of Organization
  • Slogans/Phrases used by team

If the team would like to use any specific voiceovers they wrote, please indicate this on your 8 count sheet.

Our standard turn-around time is when you need the mix!  We work on a calendar system which allows you to book a date and receive your mix on that date.

If you’d like to guarantee a delivery date, just send us an email to confirm availability. You can email info@ippmusic.com to book your next mixes.

A Gym Anthem is an original song (like you hear on the radio) composed by the IPP team and is intended to be used as a “Pump up” track to motivate your team during practice, warm-ups, entering the competition mat and etc.

There are endless uses for a Gym Anthem. When ordering a Gym Anthem please provide us with the same information that you provide when ordering a cheer mix so we can assure that the anthem is all about your team/program!


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