6 Exercises To Strengthen and Improve Your Back Tuck

Back Tuck Excersises

By Jason Mason

Updated 9月 4, 2018

6 Excercises to strengthen and improve your back tuck

We all remember that first time landing our standing back tuck.

The feeling was amazing.  The set, the flip, everything finally clicked.  The moment you landed you heard all of your teammates and coaches screaming for you!  It was unreal.  Now it’s time to perfect that back tuck so that you can gain consistency, confidence and move on up the progression ladder to standing fulls.  Not sure of what exercises to do to strengthen your mind, body and tuck?  We’ve laid it out for you below.  Follow these awesome back tuck exercises to strengthen you back tuck so that can be ready to advance your skills to the next level!

Back Tuck Exercises

Back Tuck Excersises
  1. Box Jumps – This exercise helps change the distance in which an athlete sits.  Maximum height for a tuck is not achieved when they sit the same way they sit for a back handspring.  Typically the tuck is taught after the back handspring so teaching the athlete proper jump technique for maximum height is a must!
  2. Backward rolls – If you can’t do a backward roll how do you expect to be able to do it in the air and then land back on you feet?
  3. Snatch, Clean, Deadlift – These exercises promote triple extension.  That is full extension of the ankles, knees, and hips.  These movements done at a fast speed and with or without weight help promote the body mechanics needed.  Have you ever been jealous of someone who has never tumbled but is athletic and played other sports who just out of the blue throws a standing tuck?  It’s usually because they have all the building blocks from other sports.  Drill Drill Drill and your Skill will follow!

4. Knees over shoulders/Toes to bar (core)  a strong core and hip flexors are a must!  A standing tuck requires speed when rotating.  A strong core and hip flexors help increase your how fast you rotate.  If you do not have a bar or need less resistance to start.  Grab a panel mat, squeeze it above your head (smallest way), then roll up/leg lift getting your shins to touch the mat.

5. Hip Thrust/Glute Bridge –  Glutes are one of the assistant muscles that complement your quads and hamstrings in increasing your jump height

6. Jump Rope – Increasing calve strength and in a plyometric form.  Quick contractions, endurance, and improving upon another assistant muscle for jumping!

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