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USA Cheer joins US Olympic Paralympic USOPC Affiliate Sports Organization

USA Cheer joins US Olympic Paralympic USOPC Affiliate Sports Organization

By Annemarie Arthurs

Published January 16, 2023

On January 11, 2023, USA Cheer announced that the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee formally welcomed USA Cheer to the U.S Olympic and Paralympic family as a USOPC Affiliate Sports Organization.

“Today is a monumental day for cheerleading and it’s nearly 4 million athletes in cheer and STUNT across the United States”

-Cheer Executive Director, Lauri Harris.


There was an in-depth review of applications in which the nominating committee determined that these organization’s make outstanding efforts towards increasing interest and programming opportunities in their respective sports. The USOPC is very excited to support the Olympic and Paralympic movements! 

This is another great and positive step in the cheerleading industry, and I am sure will be a stepping stone to even more advances and partnerships between different committees and organizations. 

Lauri Harris also stated that she is “even more excited to build on today’s announcement as we continue to grow and expand opportunities for youth in cheer and STUNT”

We will see what’s next! 

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The Majors 2023 Lineup

The Majors 2023 Lineup

By Annemarie Arthurs

Published August 18, 2022

the majors 2023 lineup

Here we are…. the first look into the 2022-2023 season, and it’s all starting with MAJORS!!!

The invites have gone out, teams are getting ready, and the season is about to begin!  The MAJORS 2023 is a one-day competition where some of the greatest level 6 teams in the world are invited to compete! This year, they are taking place at The Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana on January 20, 2023!  MAJORS is a huge event that athletes, coaches, and gym owners from all around the world tune in to watch! That reminds me…make sure to get your Varsity TV subscription NOW!!

Let’s take a look at the lineup of teams that have been invited and are excited to attend this prestigious event!

Large Senior 6

Everyone at IPP cannot wait for this season to officially begin!! This is the best time of season with choreography happening and amazing music being made to bring the routines to life! Make sure to contact us for the very best and INNOVATIVE music out there!! 

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Extra Small Coed 6

  • Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz
  • CheerVille Athletics Anarchy
  • Twist & Shout Diamonds

 Extra Small Senior 6

  • South Coast Cheer Fearless
  • California All Stars Vixens
  • Elite Cheer Stars

Small Coed 6

  • KC Cheer Fierce 5
  • Brandon All Stars Senior Black
  • MAC Senior Starz

Small Senior 6

  • Cheer Extreme SSX
  • ICE Lady Lightning
  • Rain Athletics Aqua

Medium Coed 6

  • Woodlands Elite Black Ops
  • Prodigy All Stars Midnight
  • Spirit of Texas Royalty
  • California All Stars Black Ops

Medium Senior 6

  • East Celebrity Elite Bombshells
  • Top Gun All Stars Lady Jags
  • Stingray Allstars Peach

Large Coed 6

  • Cheer Athletics Cheetahs
  • Stingray Allstars Steel

Large Senior 6

  • World Cup Shooting Stars
  • Cheer Extreme Senior Elite
  • Cheer Athletics Panthers
  • Stingray Allstars Orange


  • Top Gun All Stars Revelation
  • Twist & Shout Adam & Eve
  • Woodlands Elite General

2022 Varsity All Star Summit Championship Scores and Recap

By Annemarie Arthurs

Published May 2, 2022

The 2022 Season has come to an end for all the Division 1 gyms and their teams that earned a bid and competed at the Summit this weekend! After four days of competition, the teams have made the tough climb to finals and winners have been crowned! These junior and senior teams have worked endlessly all season to get to finals to be crowned a Summit Champion

My favorite behind the scenes moment this weekend was when the Cheer Extreme Senior Elite legend of 2010-2013, Maddie Gardner, met and interviewed the current face of Senior Elite, Ryan Cummings. This was for sure a full circle moment and just goes to show you how rare and successful these athletes are. We want to wish Ryan good luck with her journey after this season and maybe we will see her again like Maddie! 

Twitter seems to still be in an uproar over the G.I Janes disqualification at Worlds due to Cheer Athletics Sabres being disqualified at summit due to a crossover rule. There are a lot of different rules going into these large end of season events and I’m sure this was an eye opener for all coaches and gym owners going into next season when making teams with crossovers and completing their rosters with USASF!

The Summit does a great job showcasing the best of the best in levels 1-6 and allows all these athletes to strive to be the best they can be! 

Let’s look at this year’s Summit Champions! Great job to all the teams that attended, and we will see you next season! 

2022 Summit Scores


Collegiate Champions Choose IPP!


By Annemarie Arthurs

Published April 18, 2022

Another NCA College Nationals is in the books and this one just hit differently.  Daytona Beach was on fire with talent and excitement this year after we missed 2020 and only saw a small variety of teams in 2021 as most competed virtually. It was nothing short of amazing seeing teams back on the bandshell battling it out for supremacy.  And to top it off, we were able to see 4 teams win using our music

We’d like to congratulate the following IPP clients on some historic wins!…



The first champion crowned was Framingham State University.  This was definitely a monumental win for FSU and coach Dave Lombardi.  Dave has been the head coach of FSU for 13 years and is set to retire at the conclusion of this season.  He’s been waiting a long time to be in the limelight and that’s just where he was!  After being in first place coming out of prelims the tension was still high because of the 25/75 score split. At any moment a small mistake from the day before could potentially haunt you in finals.  However, the ladies of FSU were able to perform with consistency and showed Daytona Beach just what it means to be RAM TOUGH! 

When asked about his experience coaching in his final season, Dave said, “What an amazing year we had.  It was a year of firsts for us. This was the first year that we competed as a small coed team. It was the first year we hit zero. And this was the first year we won NCA College Nationals!”

In regards to his experience with IPP, Dave went on to say, “I want to thank Steve and IPP for always making incredible music for us and helping to pump up my team to win our first NCA College National title”.

Steve, owner of IPP said, “It was the most incredible experience to see FSU finally get a must deserved win.  Not only have we been mixing their music for a number of years, but also Dave Lombardi is also a close friend of mine so it was amazing to see him finally take home that title!”



The ladies of the Red Squad go back-to-back!   What can I say?  There’s just something magical about this team. Coached by Jason Manhart and Alex Primiano, BSU brought home their 6th title in the last 11 years (2011, 2014, 2019, 2 wins in 2021 and 2022)! 

When asked to reflect on her experience, coach Alex said, “Every Daytona experience is unique in its own way, but from the start we knew this was going to be special.  This was our first trip back to NCA College Nationals since 2019 and we had a team of athletes who had never stepped foot on the Daytona mat.”

She then went on to say, “Watching them experience their first Daytona together and the look on their faces as they walked off the finals mat is something our coaching staff will never forget.”

Alex concluded by noting, “We are so proud of our Bear for pushing through adversity and coming together as a family.”

Steve from IPP said, “it’s been an honor being able to be a small part of their last 4 wins.  Not only do the coaches trust me to run with my ideas, they also are one of the most appreciative teams that I have ever worked with.  It feels good knowing that my work still makes teams and athletes of all ages excited to perform!”  

OSU DAytona 2022 nCAOklahoma State University (large coed)

OSU DAytona 2022 nCAOklahoma State University (large coed)

I’m literally speechless after watching this routine.

I’ve never been so nervous during an award ceremony. My legs felt like they were literally made of jelly. Not only did OSU large coed go back-to-back, but they also brought their 5th title in 10 years.  This win marks #6 for coach Lindsey Bracken who took over the head coaching role during the 2012-2013 season.  When asked about her experience this year, coach Lindsey replied, “Our experience during Covid has further strengthened our focus on representing OSU well and making each practice count.”  

Lindsey then went on to note that, “IPP provided music that encompasses our school pride so well and reflects our love for OSU”.

IPP has been blessed to be a part of all 6 wins (5 for Large Coed and 1 for Small Coed) as we have been mixing their music since 2012. 

Steve from IPP says, “the opportunity to mix for OSU back in 2012 is what skyrocketed us to the position we are in today.  Without OSU we might not be as popular as we are now. “   

Eastern MIchigan UNiversity Daytona CHeer NCA 2022Eastern Michigan University

Eastern MIchigan UNiversity Daytona CHeer NCA 2022Eastern Michigan University

The Eagles of Eastern Michigan University came prepared with their talons up.  Led by coach Mary Spilski, EMU was able to bring a title back to Michigan!  With 15 years of collegiate coaching experience, Mary was able to keep her team focused on the mission and capture that long awaited title of NCA Collegiate National Champion. That trophy and banner are going to look amazing hanging in the halls of EMU! 

Steve from IPP notes that this is a special win for him and the IPP team because EMU won their division with a premade mix.  Steve says, “It’s been an amazing journey over the past 16 years watching the evolution of premade mixes. These types of mixes went from being looked down upon to now helping teams win national championships at all levels!”


IPP To Sponsor/Partner With USA Cheer

IPP To Partner With USA Cheer

By Steve Pawlyk

Published March 29, 2022

It is our great honor to announce that IPP has been chosen as the official music provider for the USA Cheer Nationals teams.  We have been awarded the privilege to be able to produce original music for all 6 USA Cheer teams (e.g., Coed Premier, Allgirl Premier, Junior Coed, Junior Allgirl, Youth Coed and Youth Allgirl)! 

IPP To Partner With USA Cheer

Innovative Performance Productions (IPP) - IPP provides elite cheer and dance mixes for All-Star, College, High School, & Rec teams around the world

IPP was founded in 2012 by Steven Pawlyk, who has been in the business for 15+ years, providing mixes to the teams that win National Championships, NCA Titles & Worlds.  IPP’s reputation for creating polished, punchy, elite-level mixes, at such reasonable prices is renowned and unmatched. A long standing record of consistent rapid turn-around times has earned IPP an extensive and highly coveted clientele of industry leaders

USA Cheer - The USA Federation for Sport Cheering is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was established in 2007 to serve as the National Governing Body for Sport Cheering in the United States and is recognized by the International Cheer Union. USA Cheer exists to serve the cheer community, including club cheering (all star), youth recreational cheer, traditional school based cheer programs, and the growing sport of STUNT.  USA Cheer has three primary objectives:

  • Promote safety and safety education for cheer in the United States
  • Help grow and develop interest and participation in cheer throughout the United States
  • Represent the United States of America in international cheer competitions.

For more information please visit

“I couldn’t be more excited and proud of the IPP team for earning such an honor”, said Steven Pawlyk, owner of IPP. “Although we are facing the challenge of producing 6 all original mixes in such a short amount of time, I know that the IPP team is ready to handle any situation and produce some amazing & memorable music for the USA Cheer Nationals Teams to take the mat with at the 2022 ICU Worlds Cheerleading Championships!”

This sponsorship/partnership is a match made in heaven since IPP is known for being able to produce high-quality, energetic music in such a short period of time. Throughout its history, IPP has always been the “go-to” company when you need something amazing last minute.  It has earned them the reputation of being the most reliable name in custom and premade competition music.

Steve Pawlyk Signature Full

Dallas NCA Nationals 2022 Results – Searchable

Dallas NCA Nationals 2022 Results

By Annemarie Arthurs

Published March 3, 2022

The biggest and most prestigious competition (other than worlds) in the all star cheerleading industry! Teams came from all over to compete! 

-26,869 Athletes

-1,412 Teams

-200 Worlds Teams

-42 States

-4 Countries

All led to ONE epic weekend!! Even the snow in Dallas couldn’t stop the competiton! The arena was going to be full rain or shine!! Although scoring was a little different that normal, these teams still SHOWED UP!! 

We saw some teams jump from last to first! Anything can happen at NCA! At the end of the day, with or without a black jacket, every athlete should be honored and happy that they were able to just be in attendance! Soak it all in, one day you’ll want this back!! 

From Tiny 1 to International 7……. Let’s break down the top 3 teams in each division

Rotate your device to view results

NCA Nationals 2022 Results

1 L1 Small Tiny 1 Cheer Athletics-Plano Itty Bitty Kitties 95.79
2 L1 Small Tiny 2 Prodigy All Stars Tiffany 95.65
3 L1 Medium Tiny 1 Cheer Athletics-Plano Cheetah Cubs 93.70
4 L1 Mini D2 1 TAI Sleet 96.81
5 L1 Mini D2 2 TexStar Athletics Static 96.74
6 L1 Mini D2 3 Cheer FX Mini Blizzards 95.36
7 L1 Small Mini 1 World Cup Supernovas 96.30
8 L1 Small Mini 2 Cheer Athletics-Dallas PoshCats 96.16
9 L1 Small Mini 3 The Stingray All Stars Peppermint 95.87
10 L1 Medium Mini 1 All-Star Revolution MIGHTY 98.55
11 L1 Medium Mini 2 Louisiana Rebels All Stars Heart 97.83
12 L1 Medium Mini 3 Cheer Athletics-Plano Bobcats 97.03
13 L1 Small Youth A 1 All-Star Revolution Honor 98.55
14 L1 Small Youth A 2 Express Cheer Excellence 98.33
15 L1 Small Youth A 3 Stars Vipers San Antonio Pythons 97.46
16 L1 Small Youth B 1 Louisiana Rebel All Stars Grace 96.74
17 L1 Small Youth B 2 Cheer Athletics-Denver Yet1 Cats 95.00
18 L1 Small Youth B 3 Champion Cheer Sizzlers 94.57
19 L1 Small Youth D2 A 1 San Antonio Spirit Team Daisy 95.58
20 L1 Small Youth D2 A 2 University Cheer Air Force Inc Thunderboltz 95.36
21 L1 Small Youth D2 A 3 Apex Cheer Platinum 95.22
22 L1 Small Youth D2 B 1 Thunder Elite Voltage 95.51
23 L1 Small Youth D2 B 2 United Elite Cheer SASS 95.36
24 L1 Small Youth D2 B 3 Show Me Athletics Premiere 94.49
25 L1 Medium Youth 1 Cheer Athletics-Plano KittyKatz 97.03
26 L1 Medium Youth 2 The Stingray All Stars Kiwi 94.61
27 L1 Medium Youth 3 Spirit Xtreme Believe 93.84
28 L1 Medium Youth D2 1 Modern American Cheer White 95.72
29 L1 Medium Youth D2 2 Wylie Elite Stealth 94.86
30 L1 Medium Youth D2 3 All 4 Cheer Radiant 93.91
31 L1 Small Junior A 1 ACX Wild Jags 97.39
32 L1 Small Junior A 2 Louisiana Cheer Force Rose 97.32
33 L1 Small Junior A 3 Palm Beach Lightning Emeralds 97.03
34 L1 Small Junior B 1 Kent Cheer Academy Zirconium 98.55
35 L1 Small Junior B 2 All-Star Revolution Unity 98.12
36 L1 Small Junior B 3 Rockstar Cheer Charleston OutKast 97.46
37 L1 Small Junior D2 A 1 Fusion Athletics Bombshells 97.25
38 L1 Small Junior D2 A 2 Thunder Extreme Wind 96.52
39 L1 Small Junior D2 A 3 Champion Cheernastics Steel 95.72
40 L1 Small Junior D2 B 1 Apex Cheer Chrome 96.16
41 L1 Small Junior D2 B 2 Cheer and Tumbling All Stars Prowlers 96.09
42 L1 Small Junior D2 B 3 Florida Triple Threat Allstars Spice Catz 95.60
43 L1 Medium Junior 1 Power House all Stars Godspeed 98.99
44 L1 Medium Junior 2 The Stingray All Stars Mango 98.33
45 L1 Medium Junior 3 Woodlands Elite-Katy Bombers 97.39
46 L1 Medium Junior D2 1 All 4 Cheer Embers 97.17
47 L1 Medium Junior D2 2 Power Elite All Stars Eclipse 96.45
48 L1 Medium Junior D2 3 JAM Athletics Pink Army Reloaded 96.09
49 L1 Small Senior 1 The California All Stars-Mesa Vogue 98.91
50 L1 Small Senior 2 The Stingray All Stars Blush 94.64
51 L1 Small Senior D2 1 Las Vegas All Stars RosAc 94.06
52 L1 Small Senior D2 2 Gym Stars Diamond Divas 92.25
53 L1 Small Senior D2 3 Silicon Valley Elite Sr. Siri 91.23
54 L1 Medium Senior 1 The California All Stars-San Marcos White Gold 98.33
55 L1 Medium Senior 2 California Pride Inferno 97.90
56 L1 Medium Senior 3 Champion Cheer Ember 95.94
57 L1-U17 1 Cheer Extreme-Raleigh Lovespell 96.96
58 L1-U17 2 Nor Cal Elite All Stars-San Ramon Pandora 95.51
59 L1-U17 3 Tech Cheer Sharpshooters 95.29
60 L1-U19 1 Zodiac All Stars Shadow 98.99
61 L1-U19 2 The Stingray All Stars Rock 95.94
62 L2 Mini 1 Prodigy All Stars Sky 95.87
63 L2 Mini 2 Cheer Athletics-Frisco Stardust 95.65
64 L2 Mini 3 East Celebrity Elite ECE Work Work 95.00
65 L2 Mini D2 1 Cheer Station Jets 90.58
66 L2 Mini D2 2 Top Notch Tumble Mini Militia 90.36
67 L2 Mini D2 3 Odessa Extreme All Stars Vipers 90.14
68 L2 Small Youth A 1 Stars Vipers San Antonio Pure Poison 97.13
69 L2 Small Youth A 2 Woodlands Elite-Katy Raiders 95.47
70 L2 Small Youth A 3 Champion Cheer Wildfire 95.13
71 L2 Small Youth B 1 Express Cheer Extravagance 97.40
72 L2 Small Youth B 2 Spirit of Texas Purple Hearts 95.33
73 L2 Small Youth B 3 Cheer Central Suns Glitter 95.17
74 L2 Small Youth D2 A 1 Mustangs Cheer All Stars Trailblazers 96.47
75 L2 Small Youth D2 A 2 Show Me Athletics Starstruck 95.43
76 L2 Small Youth D2 A 3 TexStar Athletics SuperSonic 95.33
77 L2 Small Youth D2 B 1 Power Elite All Stars Black Magic 94.40
78 L2 Small Youth D2 B 2 Ultimate Cheer Lubbock Dynasty 94.27
79 L2 Small Youth D2 B 3 Thunder Extreme Thunderbolts 94.23
80 L2 Medium Youth 1 All Star Revolution Courage 97.93
81 L2 Medium Youth 2 Louisiana Cheer Force Ruby Red 97.07
82 L2 Medium Youth 3 Cheer Athletics-Plano Cougars 96.53
83 L2 Medium Youth D2 1 SoCo Intensity Shine 93.13
84 L2 Medium Youth D2 2 Hallsville Academy Allstars Youth Majesty 92.93
85 L2 Junior-Non-Building 1 Arizona Element Elite Steel 95.64
86 L2 Small Junior A 1 Express Cheer Extreme 98.40
87 L2 Small Junior A 2 Sonic Elite Olympia Gladiators 97.67
88 L2 Small Junior A 3 Aspor Nuevo Leon Junior 97.52
89 L2 Small Junior B 1 Nor Cal Elite All Stars Hercules 96.07
90 L2 Small Junior B 2 Celebrity Cheer Unlimited Premier 95.47
91 L2 Small Junior B 2 Dynasty Spirit Elite All Star Red Flames 95.47
92 L2 Small Junior D2 A 1 Thunder Extreme Lightning 94.87
93 L2 Small Junior D2 A 2 California Spirit Elite Teal Crush 94.13
94 L2 Small Junior D2 A 3 Rock City Cheer & Tumble Stellar 93.60
95 L2 Small Junior D2 B 1 Alliance Cheer Elite Lady Legion-Allen 96.07
96 L2 Small Junior D2 B 2 Vegas Cheer Company Ivy 94.67
97 L2 Small Junior D2 B 3 Spirit Athletics Gems Rubies 94.33
98 L2 Small Junior D2 C 1 Bayou Athletics ZULU 94.67
99 L2 Small Junior D2 C 2 San Antonio Spirit Team Royal 94.60
100 L2 Small Junior D2 C 3 DCI Luna Ladies 93.28
101 L2 Small Junior D2 D 1 Fierce Cheer Elite Queens 94.47
102 L2 Small Junior D2 D 2 Wylie Elite Wicked 93.80
103 L2 Small Junior D2 D 3 Liberty Cheer Fame 92.80
104 L2 Small Junior D2 E 1 Tech Cheer Lady Lasso 96.67
105 L2 Small Junior D2 E 2 Grand Cheer Royal Divas 96.20
106 L2 Small Junior D2 E 3 Caliber Cheer Starz Rockets 93.87
107 L2 Medium Junior A 1 The California All Stars-San Marcos Reign 98.33
108 L2 Medium Junior A 2 Stars Vipers San Antonio Rattler Reign 97.13
109 L2 Medium Junior A 3 All-Star Revolution Loyalty 96.87
110 L2 Medium Junior B 1 The California All Stars-Livermore J2 Crew 98.80
111 L2 Medium Junior B 2 The Stingray All Stars Gray 98.60
112 L2 Medium Junior B 3 Cheer Athletics-Plano Katz 97.35
113 L2 Medium Junior D2 1 United Rock Nation All Stars Cover Girls 96.47
114 L2 Medium Junior D2 2 Cheer and Tumbling All Stars Panthers 96.33
115 L2 Medium Junior D2 3 All 4 Cheer Cali Girls 95.07
116 L2 Small Senior 1 Woodlands Elite-Katy Admirals 99.27
117 L2 Small Senior 2 Louisiana Rebel All Stars Courage 96.93
118 L2 Small Senior 3 ICE Moonlight 96.53
119 L2 Medium Senior 1 Cheer Athletics-Plano Sabres 97.60
120 L2 Medium Senior 2 All-Star Revolution Glory 97.00
121 L2 Medium Senior 3 Central Jersey All Stars Outlaws 96.67
122 L2 Medium Senior D2 1 LA Cheerz Allstarz Frost 96.00
123 L2 Medium Senior D2 2 Pro Scouts Moonlites 95.13
124 L2 Medium Senior D2 3 Austins Cheer Academy Rain 92.42
125 L2-U17 A 1 Cheer Extreme-Raleigh Frost 97.33
126 L2-U17 A 2 Woodlands Elite-Katy Nighthawks 97.13
127 L2-U17 A 3 Cheer Athletics-Frisco CosmicCats 96.87
128 L2-U17 B 1 Apex Cheer Gold 97.27
129 L2-U17 B 2 Ultimate Cheer Lubbock Duchess 96.87
130 L2-U17 B 3 LA Dream All Stars Diamond Rings 94.22
131 L2-U19 1 The Stingray All Stars Obsidian 97.73
132 L2-U19 2 Cheer Athletics-Charlotte KightCats 95.60
133 L2-U19 3 Claws Out All Stars Jaguars 91.00
134 L3 Small Youth 1 SC Cheer Divine 97.73
135 L3 Small Youth 2 South Bay Divas Lady Heirs 96.47
136 L3 Small Youth 3 All-Star Revolution Conquer 95.87
137 L3 Youth D2 1 Mustang Cheer All Stars Mavericks 92.33
138 L3 Youth D2 2 Spirit Athletics Wild 91.68
139 L3 Youth D2 3 Texas Empire Vicious 89.37
140 L3 Medium Youth 1 Cheer Athletics-Plano Lions 95.82
141 L3 Medium Youth 2 Louisiana Cheer Force Peach 95.13
142 L3 Medium Youth 3 The Stingray All Stars Black 94.53
143 L4 Small Youth 1 Woodlands Elite-Katy Bombsquad 93.53
144 L4 Small Youth 2 Flip City All Stars Crush 90.82
145 L4 Small Youth 3 KC Cheer Forecast 87.02
146 L4 Medium Youth 1 Cheer Athletics-Plano WonderKatz 95.42
147 L4 Medium Youth 2 Cheer Extreme-Raleigh Youth X Sharkbites 92.90
148 L5 Youth 1 Cheer Extreme Youth Elite 92.42
149 L3 Small Junior A 1 ACX Royal Jags 98.20
150 L3 Small Junior A 2 Power House All Stars Fame 96.88
151 L3 Small Junior A 3 South Bay Divas J-Silver 96.80
152 L3 Small Junior B 1 Express Cheer Executioners 99.60
153 L3 Small Junior B 2 Spirit of Texas Purple Aces 96.53
154 L3 Small Junior B 3 Cheer Athletics-Plano Icecats 96.40
155 L3 Small Junior D2 A 1 Thunder Extreme Strike 94.93
156 L3 Small Junior D2 A 2 Icon Cheer Elegance 94.08
157 L3 Small Junior D2 A 3 Cheer FX Black Ice 93.20
158 L3 Small Junior D2 B 1 United Elite Cheer RIOT 97.07
159 L3 Small Junior D2 B 2 Cheer Station Mercury 96.20
160 L3 Small Junior D2 B 3 TexStar Athletics Shockwave 95.48
161 L3 Small Junior D2 C 1 Cheer Town USA Black Blaze 94.13
162 L3 Small Junior D2 C 2 LA Chaos Athletics Riot 94.00
163 L3 Small Junior D2 C 3 Extreme Cheer & Tumble Shock 92.08
164 L3 Small Junior D2 D 1 LA Cheerz Allstarz Eclipse 95.60
165 L3 Small Junior D2 D 2 Georgia All Stars J-Fab 94.40
166 L3 Small Junior D2 D 3 San Antonio Spirit Team Black 94.07
167 L3 Small Junior D2 E 1 Victorious Elite All Stars Empress 96.07
168 L3 Small Junior D2 E 2 Louisiana Powerhouse Orleans 95.05
169 L3 Small Junior D2 E 3 Ultimate Cheer Lubbock Monarchy 95.00
170 L3 Medium Junior A 1 Central Jersey Bombsquad 97.75
171 L3 Medium Junior A 2 Cheer Central Suns Sparkle 96.22
172 L3 Medium Junior A 3 Palm Beach Lightning Crystals 95.13
173 L3 Medium Junior B 1 All-Star Revolution Liberty 98.40
174 L3 Medium Junior B 2 Louisiana Cheer Force Pink 96.77
175 L3 Medium Junior B 3 Beyond All Stars Crush 96.73
176 L3 Medium Junior D2 1 All 4 Cheer Fever 96.00
177 L3 Medium Junior D2 2 Mustang Cheer All Stars Chargers 95.87
178 L3 Medium Junior D2 3 Champion All Stars Jr Empire 95.53
179 L3 Small Senior 1 Nor Cal Elite All Stars-San Ramon Aphrodite 98.80
180 L3 Small Senior 2 The Stingray All Stars Pink 98.42
181 L3 Small Senior 3 The California All Stars-Livermore Pink 97.93
182 L3 Small Senior D2 A 1 Advanced Cheer Crew Senior Platinum 96.73
183 L3 Small Senior D2 A 2 San Antonio Spirit Team Lime 96.33
184 L3 Small Senior D2 A 3 Cheer UP Athletics Wicked 95.73
185 L3 Small Senior D2 B 1 Georgia All Stars Dangerous 97.20
186 L3 Small Senior D2 B 2 Legendary CYC All Stars Raiders 96.50
187 L3 Small Senior D2 B 3 South Beauregard Purple Reign 95.07
188 L3 Small Senior D2 C 1 Nfinite All Stars Code Black 97.60
189 L3 Small Senior D2 C 2 CAO Elite Dirty South 95.33
190 L3 Small Senior D2 C 3 Cheer Town USA Inferno 95.07
191 L3 Medium Senior 1 The Stingray All Stars Lime 98.07
192 L3 Medium Senior 2 SC Cheer Scarlet 96.93
193 L3 Medium Senior 3 Top Gun All Stars Pink Assassins 96.87
194 L3 Medium Senior D2 1 Oklahoma Outlaws Cheer Senior Elite 95.68
195 L3 Medium Senior D2 2 Spirit Athletics Gems Diamonds 94.27
196 L3 Small Senior Coed 1 Twist & Shout Tulsa Senior Ivy 98.13
197 L3 Small Senior Coed 2 ACX Rain Kats 97.67
198 L3 Small Senior Coed 3 South Bay Divas C3 97.08
199 L3 Small Senior Coed D2 1 Extreme Cheer & Tumble Sup3rior 97.13
200 L3 Small Senior Coed D2 2 Amistad Eagles All Stars Purple Reign 96.00
201 L3 Small Senior Coed D2 3 The Texas Bandits Code Black 95.47
202 L3 Medium Senior Coed 1 American Cheer Sr Black 97.13
203 L3 Medium Senior Coed 2 Nor Cal Elite All Stars Luna 96.20
204 L3 Medium Senior Coed D2 1 Valley Cheer Elite Inferno 97.40
205 L3 Medium Senior Coed D2 2 West Coast Fame Allstars Cheer Mafia 96.73
206 L3-U17 A 1 Stars Vipers Katy Lady Lace 97.20
207 L3-U17 A 2 Woodlands Elite-Katy Spartans 96.80
208 L3-U17 A 3 The Stingray All Stars Fire 96.20
209 L3-U17 B 1 CheerVille Athletics MJ Savage 97.87
210 L3-U17 B 2 Cheer Athletics-Dallas DivaCats 96.68
211 L3-U17 B 3 The California All Stars-Camarillo Code 3 96.07
212 L3-U17 Coed 1 Louisiana Cheer Force Fire 97.00
213 L3-U17 Coed 2 JAM Athletics Pink Ladies & The Thundersbird 95.57
214 L3-U17 Coed 3 Cheer Extreme-Raleigh Berries 95.33
215 L3-U19 1 Wicked Elite Rose 93.20
216 L3-U19 Coed 1 ICE SnowED 96.73
217 L3-U19 Coed 2 Cheer Extreme-Raleigh Senior 3lite 95.00
218 L3-U19 Coed 3 Silent Fury Ravens 80.32
219 L4 Small Junior A 1 The Stingray All Stars Chrome 95.13
220 L4 Small Junior A 2 Cheer Athletics-Frisco G-4CE Jags 94.47
221 L4 Small Junior A 3 CheerVille Athletics HV Wicked 93.68
222 L4 Small Junior B 1 Rival Athletics Revenge 95.18
223 L4 Small Junior B 2 Cheer Athletics-Plano Bengals 94.93
224 L4 Small Junior B 3 Palm Beach Lightning Diamonds 94.75
225 L4 Small Junior D2 1 TAI Eruption 95.27
226 L4 Small Junior D2 2 Georgia All Stars Vicious 94.48
227 L4 Small Junior D2 3 Florida Triple Threat Allstars Sassy Coed 92.87
228 L4 Medium Junior 1 The Stingray All Stars Platinum 98.73
229 L4 Medium Junior 2 The California All Stars-Livermore Covert 98.20
230 L4 Medium Junior 3 Woodlands Elite-OR Majors 96.47
231 L4 Medium Junior D2 1 Las Vegas Elements Heatwave 95.00
232 L4 Medium Junior D2 2 Valley Cheer Elite Titanium 94.33
233 L4 Medium Junior D2 3 Pro Scouts Junior Pl4stics 93.88
234 L4 Small Senior 1 Spirit of Texas Royal Queens 97.73
235 L4 Small Senior 2 All-Star Revolution Victory 95.55
236 L4 Small Senior 3 ICE Lady Shade 95.08
237 L4 Small Senior D2 1 TAI Ice Queens 96.45
238 L4 Small Senior D2 2 Thunder Elite Rage 95.80
239 L4 Small Senior D2 3 Totally Tumbling Gym Fierce Black 95.17
240 L4 Small Senior D2 B 1 Tech Cheer Outlaws 95.88
241 L4 Small Senior D2 B 2 The Cheer Pit Lady X 95.17
242 L4 Small Senior D2 B 3 Step Ahead All-Stars Starburst 95.05
243 L4 Medium Senior 1 The Stingray All Stars Sugar 98.98
244 L4 Medium Senior 2 Cheer Athletics-Plano Sassycats 96.33
245 L4 Medium Senior 3 The California All Stars-Livermore Swagg 95.33
246 L4 Medium Senior D2 1 The Champions All Stars Fuel 95.68
247 L4 Medium Senior D2 2 East Jersey Elite Blackout 95.22
248 L4 Medium Senior D2 3 United Dream Elite Prodigy 93.65
249 L4 Small Senior Coed 1 The California All Stars-Las Vegas BlackJacks 99.07
250 L4 Small Senior Coed 2 The Stingray All Stars Beach 94.08
251 L4 Small Senior Coed 3 Cheer St Louis Majesty 93.60
252 L4 Medium Senior Coed 1 CheerVille Athletics MJ Mafia 98.33
253 L4 Medium Senior Coed 2 Top Gun All Stars 24K 98.32
254 L4 Medium Senior Coed 3 Wicked Elite Descendants 93.87
255 L4 Senior Coed D2 1 Louisiana Powerhouse Royal 95.47
256 L4 Senior Coed D2 2 North Florida Elite 4Shadow 95.40
257 L4 Senior Coed D2 3 Champion All Stars Royal Court 95.07
258 L4 Senior Open 1 ICE Halo 97.93
259 L4 Senior Open 2 CheerVille Athletics AT Vendetta 97.27
260 L4 Senior Open 3 The California All-stars-San Marcos Shadow 96.70
261 L4 Senior Open D2 1 Horizons All Stars Eclipse 96.87
262 L4 Senior Open D2 2 Texas Elite Roulettes 95.60
263 L4 Senior Open D2 3 Tumble Queen Snap 95.32
264 L4 Senior Open Coed D2 1 Quest Athletics Bomb Squad 97.80
265 L4 Senior Open Coed D2 2 Apex Cheer Titanium 96.48
266 L4 Senior Open Coed D2 3 Cheer Factory Royalty 94.07
267 L4 International Open 1 Louisiana Cheer Force Twilight 96.67
268 L4 International Open 2 Rockstar Cheer Atlanta EnVogue 95.87
269 L4 International Open 3 Coventry Dynamite Lady Grenades 94.68
270 L4 International Open Coed A 1 Aspor Nuevo Leon Open 97.02
271 L4 International Open Coed A 2 Wolfpack Smoke 96.67
272 L4 International Open Coed A 3 Excite Gym & Cheer Stealth 96.35
273 L4 International Open Coed B 1 Xtreme Athletics Rage 93.00
274 L4 International Open Coed B 2 Rebel Yell Mafia 91.53
275 L4 International Open Coed B 3 Kinetic All Star Cheer Blue Diamonds 90.03
276 L4-U17 A 1 American Cheer J-RED 96.93
277 L4-U17 A 2 Champion Cheer Fury 96.87
278 L4-U17 A 3 The California All Stars-San Marcos S4 96.53
279 L4-U17 B 1 The California All Stars-Mesa Versace 96.93
280 L4-U17 B 2 Cheer Athletics-Plano Tigers 95.93
281 L4-U17 B 3 Cheer Athletics-Dallas VogueCats 94.08
282 L4-U17 C 1 Grand Cheer Legacy 96.80
283 L4-U17 C 2 Cheer Elite All Stars Rose 95.60
284 L4-U17 C 3 Diamond Athletics Royal Family 94.10
285 L4-U19 1 The California All Stars Classics 98.53
286 L4-U19 2 Cheer Athletics-Charlotte Lady Prodigy 95.82
287 L4-U19 Coed 1 Cheer Athletics-Pensacola BeaChiCats 96.15
288 L4-U19 Coed 2 National Stars Solstice 95.20
289 L4-U19 Coed 3 Cheer Central Suns Helios 93.53
290 L4.2 Small Senior 1 Cheer Athletics-Charlotte CrownCats 98.33
291 L4.2 Small Senior 2 Cheer Athletics-Columbus NyxCats 97.73
292 L4.2 Small Senior 3 Infiniti Athletics Zodiac 97.07
293 L4.2 Small Senior D2 1 Spirit Athletics Knockout 96.80
294 L4.2 Small Senior D2 2 Desert Elite Mavericks Rage 96.07
295 L4.2 Small Senior D2 3 Jerzey Jewelz 24K 96.00
296 L4.2 Medium Senior 1 The Stingray All Stars UV 98.80
297 L4.2 Medium Senior 2 East Celebrity Elite ECE Rebels 97.53
298 L4.2 Medium Senior 3 Cheer Central Suns Golden Girls 97.20
299 L4.2 Medium Senior D2 1 All 4 Cheer Gunsmoke 96.47
300 L4.2 Medium Senior D2 2 East Jersey Elite Lady Black 95.73
301 L4.2 Medium Senior D2 3 Texas Elite Snipers 95.35
302 L4.2 Senior Coed 1 Rockstar Cheer New Jersey Migos 97.80
303 L4.2 Senior Coed 2 Top Gun All Stars Bombshells 97.00
304 L4.2 Senior Coed 3 Woodlands Elite-Katy Militia 96.93
305 L4.2 Senior Coed D2 1 Alliance Cheer Elite Redemption-Allen 95.07
306 L4.2 Senior Coed D2 2 Xtreme Athletics SWAT 94.48
307 L4.2 Senior Coed D2 3 Luxe Cheer Legacy 94.13
308 L5 Junior Coed D2 1 Spirit Athletics Crush 93.33
309 L5 Junior Coed D2 2 Cheer Station J-Fly 93.02
310 L5 Junior Coed D2 3 Competitive Edge Training Academy NAVY 88.00
311 L5 Junior D2 1 LA Cheerz Allstarz Scarlet 94.47
312 L5 Junior D2 2 Luxe Cheer Throne5 90.87
313 L5 Junior D2 3 Knight Time Cheer Obsession 89.53
314 L5 Small Junior 1 Tribe Cheer Smoke 94.53
315 L5 Small Junior 2 Rockstar Cheer New Jersey City Girls 94.07
316 L5 Small Junior 3 Steele Athletics Rose Gold 93.53
317 L5 Small Junior Coed 1 The California All Stars-Mesa J Wild 96.67
318 L5 Small Junior Coed 2 Cheer Athletics-Pittsburgh ChromeCats 93.27
319 L5 Small Junior Coed 3 Prodigy All Stars Spotlight 91.68
320 L5 Large Junior 1 World Cup Twinkles 93.47
321 L5 Large Junior 2 Cheer Athletics-Plano Furycats 92.53
322 L5 Large Junior Coed 1 Woodlands Elite-OR SWAT 93.68
323 L5 Large Junior Coed 2 KC Cheer Ferocious 92.57
324 L5 Small Senior 1 SC Cheer Miss Twist 96.02
325 L5 Small Senior 2 Cheer Florida All Stars Electra 95.47
326 L5 Small Senior 3 Stars Vipers Katy Cobra Kai 95.40
327 L5 Small Senior D2 1 Titanium Force Cheer Black Out 94.20
328 L5 Small Senior D2 2 All 4 Cheer 5 Alarm 93.33
329 L5 Small Senior D2 3 Cheer Nation Athletics Miss Twi5t 93.23
330 L5 Large Senior 1 The California All Stars-San Marcos CoverGirls 96.07
331 L5 Large Senior 2 Wolfpack Senior Spice 96.00
332 L5 Large Senior 3 Woodlands Elite-Katy Bombshells 94.95
333 L5 Small Senior Coed 1 The California All Stars-Camarillo Snipers 96.27
334 L5 Small Senior Coed 2 GymTyme Illinois Twist 95.67
335 L5 Small Senior Coed 3 Cheer Athletics-Plano Pumas 95.13
336 L5 Small Senior Coed D2 1 Extreme All Stars X5 95.47
337 L5 Small Senior Coed D2 2 Island Elite Tsunami-5-0 94.67
338 L5 Small Senior Coed D2 3 San Antonio Spirit Team Chrome 94.00
339 L5 Large Senior Coed 1 All-Star Revolution Justice 96.08
340 L5 Large Senior Coed 2 Spirit of Texas Royal Guns 93.42
341 L5 Large Senior Coed 3 Top Gun All Stars YOSO 93.38
342 L5 Large Senior Coed D2 1 Southern Athletics Punches 91.73
343 L5 Large Senior Coed D2 2 Full Force Code Red 89.22
344 L5 Large Senior Coed D2 3 TSC All Stars Midnight 88.65
345 L5 Senior Open 1 Tribe Cheer Chiefs 95.47
346 L5 Senior Open 2 The Stingray All Stars Black Diamond 94.73
347 L5 Senior Open 3 Rock Solid All Stars Saviors 94.40
348 L5 Senior Open Coed-A 1 Stars Vipers San Antonio Cobras 96.20
349 L5 Senior Open Coed-A 2 Cheer Athletics-Charlotte ReignCats 94.93
350 L5 Senior Open Coed-A 3 Brandon All Stars-Jacksonville Rouge 89.65
351 L5 Senior Open Coed-B 1 Infiniti Athletics Infrared 94.27
352 L5 Senior Open Coed-B 2 Power House All Stars Invictus 93.33
353 L5 Senior Open Coed-B 3 Rockstar Cheer Guns & Roses 92.53
354 L5 Senior Open Coed D2 1 Aspire Cheer Academy Force 94.13
355 L5 Senior Open Coed D2 2 Modern American Cheer Shade 93.73
356 L5 Senior Open Coed D2 3 Cheer-riffic Techniques Falcon Blaze 93.53
357 L5 Senior Open D2 1 Cheer Strike Allstars Medusa 90.75
358 L5 Senior Open D2 2 Rock Solid Elite Midnight Matrix 89.17
359 L5 Senior Open D2 3 TSC Allstars Black Diamonds 88.90
360 L6 Small Junior 1 Spirit of Texas Junior Royals 95.33
361 L6 Small Junior 2 Champion Cheer Sol6 94.47
362 L6 Small Junior 3 ICE Frost 93.73
363 L6 Small Junior 3 East Celebrity Elite J-WOW 93.73
364 L6 Large Junior 1 Lousisana Cheer Force Smoke 93.95
365 L6 Large Junior 2 Cheer Athletics-Plano Jags 93.53
366 L6 Small Junior Coed 1 Prodigy All Stars Midnight 96.93
367 L6 Small Junior Coed 2 Brandon All Stars Fire 95.73
368 L6 Small Junior Coed 3 Central Jersey All Stars Gunsmoke 94.62
369 L6 Junior Coed D2 1 Virginia Royalty Athletics Dynasty 93.00
370 L6 Junior Coed D2 2 Cheer Strike Allstars Sic 6 91.13
371 L6 Large Junior Coed 1 Cheer Extreme-Raleigh SJX 96.62
372 L6 Large Junior Coed 2 The Stingray All Stars Green 96.03
373 L6 Large Junior Coed 3 World Cup Starlites 95.93
374 L6 Senior-XSmall 1 SC Cheer Fearless 94.73
375 L6 Senior-XSmall 2 The California All Stars-Mesa Vixens 94.35
376 L6 Senior-XSmall 3 ATA GeneSIX 93.40
377 L6 Senior-Small 1 ICE Lady Lightning 96.95
378 L6 Senior-Small 2 Cheer Extreme-Raleigh SSX 96.53
379 L6 Senior-Small 3 Rain Athletics Aqua 95.53
380 L6 Senior-Medium 1 Woodlands Elite-OR Generals 97.00
381 L6 Senior-Medium 2 The Stingrays All Stars Peach 96.47
382 L6 Senior-Medium 3 Top Gun All Stars Lady Jags 94.88
383 L6 Senior-Large 1 The Stingray All Stars Orange 97.17
384 L6 Senior-Large 2 Cheer Extreme Senior Elite Senior Elite 95.90
385 L6 Senior-Large 3 Cheer Athletics-Plano Panthers 95.20
386 L6 Senior Coed-XSmall 1 Twist & shout Tulsa Diamonds 97.45
387 L6 Senior Coed-XSmall 2 CheerVille Athletics HV Anarchy 95.28
388 L6 Senior Coed-XSmall 3 Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz 95.25
389 L6 Senior Coed-Small 1 Brandon All Stars Senior Black 97.27
390 L6 Senior Coed-Small 2 Macs Allstar Cheer Senior Starz 94.80
391 L6 Senior Coed-Small 3 Cheer St Louis Archangels 91.95
392 L6 Senior Coed-Medium 1 Woodlands Elite-OR Black Ops 97.53
393 L6 Senior Coed-Medium 2 Spirit of Texas Royalty 96.87
394 L6 Senior Coed-Medium 3 Prodigy All Stars Midnight 95.25
395 L6 Senior Coed-Large 1 Top Gun All Stars TGLC 98.00
396 L6 Senior Coed-Large 2 Cheer Athletics-Plano Cheetahs 96.12
397 L6 Senior Coed-Large 3 The Stingray All Stars Steel 94.80
398 L6 Senior Open 1 Infinity Allstars Royals 96.07
399 L6 Senior Open 2 ICE Golden Girls 95.68
400 L6 Senior Open 3 ATA Atomic 95.65
401 L6 Senior Coed Open-Small 1 Brandon All Stars Smoke 97.12
402 L6 Senior Coed Open-Small 2 Cheer Extreme-Raleigh Smoex 96.60
403 L6 Senior Coed Open-Small 3 Cheer Athletics-Pensacola CoAsT6 95.67
404 L6 Senior Coed Open-Large 1 Top Gun All Stars Revelation 98.15
405 L6 Senior Coed Open-Large 2 The California All Stars-San Marcos Cali Coed 96.27
406 L6 Senior Coed Open-Large 3 Cheer Athletics-Plano Wildcats 96.02
407 L6 International Global 1 The Stingray All Stars Cobalt 92.07
408 L6 International Global 2 Cheer Athletics-Plano Ladycats 91.23
409 L6 International Global 3 Vancouver All Stars Ice Queens 90.15
410 L6 International Global Coed 1 The California All Stars-Camarillo Smoed 98.43
411 L6 International Global Coed 2 The Stingray All Stars Electric 96.35
412 L6 International Global Coed 3 Top Gun All Stars GLOC 94.38
413 L6 International Open 1 Rockstar Cheer Pittsburgh Supermodels 96.05
414 L6 International Open 2 The Stingray All Stars Lavender 93.73
415 L6 International Open 3 Cheer Sport Sharks-Cambridge Great White Sharks 92.92
416 L6 International Open Coed-Large 1 Top Gun All Stars Double O 99.20
417 L6 International Open Coed-Large 2 Cheer Athletics-Charlotte RoyalCats 94.95
418 L6 International Open Coed-Large 3 Tribe Cheer VooDoo 94.40
419 L6 International Open-NT 1 Woodlands Elite-OR GI Janes 95.39
420 L6 International Open-NT 2 Cheer Extreme Lady Lux 94.46
421 L6 International Open-NT 3 The California All Stars-San Marcos Sparkle 93.87
422 L6 International Open Coed-NT 1 Twist & Shout Tulsa Adam & Eve 99.31
423 L6 International Open Coed-NT 2 Cheer Extreme-Raleigh Code Black 98.43
424 L6 International Open Coed-NT 3 Rockstar Cheer Rolling Stones 95.29
425 L6 International Open Coed-Small 1 Prodigy All Stars Blacklight 96.08
426 L6 International Open Coed-Small 2 Rockstar Cheer Beatles 94.30
427 L6 International Open Coed-Small 3 Cheer Extreme Coed Elite 94.28
428 L7 International Open 1 Cheer Extreme DMV Super 7 89.55
429 L7 International Open 2 Vancouver All Stars Black Out 89.02
430 L7 International Open 3 JPAC Radiance Ultraviolet 84.55
431 L7 International Open Coed-Small 1 Ultimate Cheer Lubbock Royal Court 95.20
432 L7 International Open Coed-Small 2 Cheer Extreme DMV Savage 7 90.55
433 L7 International Open Coed-Small 3 The California All Stars-Ontario Eclipse 89.17

Cheersport 2022 Level 3 Results

By Annemarie Arthurs

Published February 24, 2022

Alright! On to Level 3! Regardless of levels or divisions, they are TOUGH!! These teams are fighting for tenths at this point and are all scoring extremely close!! Let’s dive into the level 3 results! 


L3 Youth-Small

1 Infinity Allstars Majesty 93.1333
2 ATA Carbon 92.7833
3 Wolfpack Platinum 92.6709


L3 Youth-Medium

1 Louisiana Cheer Force Peach 92.9875
2 Woodlands Elite-OR Stealth 92.7667
3 Brandon All-Stars Rose 91.9792


L3 Youth-D2

1 The Xtreme Girls Mink 93.2
2 Blueprint Allstars The Dream Team 92.6459
3 Zone Cheer All-Stars Pearl 91.775


L3 Junior-Small-A

1 Express Cheer Executioners 96.7
2 Spirit of Texas Purple Aces 96.0583
3 Cheer Florida All Stars Sirens 95.1167


L3 Junior-Small-B

1 The Stingray Allstars Tropic 96.0833
2 Elite All Stars Dark Queens 94.6833
3 ACX Royal Jags 94.4833


L3 Junior-D2-Small-A

1 San Antonio Spirit Team Black 94.5834
2 Davis Allstar Gym Inc Wild Ones 94.5292
3 Candy Elite All-Stars Starburst 94.2917


L3 Junior-D2-Small-B

1 Kentucky Cheer Academy Thunder 94.7334
2 Alliance Cheer Elite R3BELLION-Mansfield 94.2167
3 Wellington Allstars Idols 93.9584


L3 Junior-D2-Small-C

1 Georgia All Stars J-Fab 94.2167
2 Carolina Spirit Athletics Blue Sharks 93.7833
3 Rebelz Cheer Rebellion 91.9083


L3 Junior-Medium-A

1 The California All Stars-Ontario Phantom 95.7416
2 Star Athletics Junior Gold 95.6042
3 Infiniti Athletics Stardust 95.2792


L3 Junior-Medium-B

1 Star Athletics ATL Aces 96.7167
2 The Stingray All Stars Scarlet 96.3167
3 Rockstar Cheer Lake Norman Twisted Sister 96.2459


L3 Junior-D2-Medium-A

1 Cheer Nation Athletics Ac3s 95.25
2 Evolution Cheer VIP’S 95.1167
3 The Rock Athletics Onyx 93.55


L3 Junior-D2-Medium-B

1 Cheer Revolution Snipers 92.1292
2 Element Elite Tumbling & Cheer ZINC 91.3542
3 Bluegrass Athletics Blue Crush 90.7875


L3 Senior-Small

1 CheerForce San Diego Frenzy 97.0042
2 The Stingray All Stars Pink 95.6417
3 Pittsburgh Pride All Stars Scratch 3 93.2334


L3 Senior-D2-Small-A

1 Ocala Athletix Miss Scarlet 94.5792
2 San Antonio Spirit Team Lime 93.5
3 Legendary CYC All Stars Legendary CYC Raiders 93.1875


L3 Senior-D2-Small-B

1 Nfinite All Stars Code Black 96.45
2 Georgia All Stars Dangerous  93.8167
3 Revolution Athletics Allstars Blackout 92.7333


L3 Senior-Medium

1 The Stingray All Stars Lime 96.6625
2 Spirit of Texas Purple Sass 96.425
3 Wolfpack Steel 95.5125


L3 Senior-D2-Medium

1 MGA Cheer Extreme Vortex 93.6833
2 Bluegrass Cheercats Jade Jaguars 91.7709
3 Atlanta Elite Crystal 91.4708


L3 Senior Coed-Small

1 ACX Rain Kats 96.3667
1 Cheer Express Allstars Bomb Squad 96.3667
3 Twist & shout Tulsa Senior Ivy 95.4417


L3 Senior Coed-D2-Small

1 Port City Athletics Cairo Crew 95.2667
2 Evolution Cheer Pit Bosses 94.575
3 Cheer Tyme Karma 92.5542


L3 Senior Coed-Medium

1 Python All Stars Nova Pythons 96.5541
2 Top Gun All Stars TGSC 95.7625
3 Louisiana Spirit Chic 91.9458


L3 Senior Coed-D2-Medium

1 Cheer Nation Athletics Royalty 95.3041
2 Rush Allstars Tigers 95.1041
3 East Coast Extreme Allstars Heat 93.5792



1 Arizona Element Elite Jr. Jad3 97.8834
2 Maryland Twisters Lightning  96.575
3 The Stingray All Stars Fire 96.4125



1 The California All Stars-Mesa Crush 96.3167
2 Top Gun All Stars Recon 95.5333
3 Woodlands Elite-Katy Spartans 93.6334



1 Cheer Florida All Stars Medusa 91.8667
2 Cheer Extreme  Knockout 91.7791


L3-U19 Coed

1 ATA  Hydro 97.2875
2 Cheer Extreme Raleigh Senior 3lite 96.4167
3 Top Gun All Stars TGS3 95.5833

Cheersport 2022 Level 2 Results

By Annemarie Arthurs

Published February 23, 2022

Let’s take a look into the level 2 results from Cheersport! After going through level 1, its safe to say these divisions are TOUGH!! Scores are so close, and anyone can take the jackets home!! Here we go with level 2!

L2 Mini


Brandon All Stars




Infinity Allstars




Lunar Viper All Stars



L2 Mini-D2


Universal Athletics

Solar Flares



Cheer Force Allstars Ormond

Galaxy Queens


L2 Youth-Small-A


Express Cheer




Louisiana Spirit




Stars Vipers San Antonio

Pure Poison


L2 Youth-Small-B


Spirit Xtreme




Rockstar Cheer Atlanta

The Runaways



Woodlands Elite-Katy



L2 Youth-D2-Small-A



Black Ice



Show Me Athletics




Evolution Cheer

Double Diamonds


L2 Youth-D2-Small-B


South Georgia Athletics




Candy Elite All-Stars

Jaw Breakers



Jaguar Athletics

Sassy Cats


L2 Youth-Medium


Louisiana Cheer Force

Ruby Red



Python All Stars

Balled Pythons



Brandon All Stars



L2 Youth-D2-Medium


PunchFront Cheer

Heat Wave



Cheaha Cheer and Tumble



L2 Junior-Small-A


Express Cheer




The Stingray Allstars




Rockstar Cheer Lake Norman



L2 Junior-Small-B






Rockstar Cheer Atlanta South




Rock Solid All Stars



L2 Junior-D2-Small-A


Quest Athletics




Davis All Stars Gym Inc

X ones



Triple Crown Elite

Royal Aces


L2 Junior-D2-Small-B


United All Stars




Precision Allstars




Southern Athletics



L2 Junior-D2-Small-C






Southern Elite Allstars




Revolution Athletics Allstars



L2 Junior-D2-Small-D


JAM Athletics 

Dream Girls



San Antonio Spirit

Team Royal



Kentucky Cheer Academy



L2 Junior-Medium-A


Louisiana Cheer Force




LA All Stars




Brandon All Stars



L2 Junior-Medium-B


Macs Allstar

Macs Midnight



Stars Vipers San Antonio 

Rattler Reign



Diamonds All Stars



L2 Junior-D2-Medium-A


Southhaven Wildcats




Legacy Athletics Allstars




Cheer Nation Athletics



L2 Junior-D2-Medium-B


Cheer City United




MGA Cheer Extreme 

Zero Gravity



Georgia All Stars



L2 Senior-Small


Woodlands Elite-Katy




Cheer Express Allstars

Senior Heat



Rock Solid All Stars



L2 Senior-D2-Small






Wellington Allstars

Senior Fame



Winnersville Elite

Lady Lavender


L2 Senior-Medium


Louisiana Cheer Force




Rockstar Cheer Atlanta 




Python All Stars

Timor Pythons


L2 Senior-D2-Medium


Hit Force Cheer




Victory! All Stars





Cheer Extreme Raleigh




Louisiana Spirit




Ultimate Cheer Lubbock





The Stingray All Stars



Cheersport 2022 Level 1 Results

cheersport 2022 level 1 results

By Annemarie Arthurs

Published February 23, 2022

Cheersport has come and gone, and there is a lot to digest now!! While we are all recovering from walking 30,000 steps in two days, lets dive into the results starting with level 1!! 

L1 Tiny:

1 Flip City All Stars Drizzles 91.2138
2 The Atlanta Jayhawks Glitter 90.7428
3 TAG Athletics Starlights 89.2172

L1 Tiny-D2

1 Show Me Athletics Spotlight 93.3696
2 Ultimate Cheer Lubbock Reign Drops 91.9727

L1 Mini-Small

1 Stars Vipers San Antonio Mini Mambas 94.529
2 Star Athletics Mini Elite Neon 94.379
3 Rockstar Cheer Atlanta South BeeGees 93.1341

L1 Mini-Medium

1 Brandon All Stars Gold 92.971
2 Louisiana Cheer Force Baby Blue 92.9167
3 CheerForce San Diego Mini Mutiny 91.5227

L1 Mini-D2-A

1 South Georgia Athletics Drizzle 94.1123
2 Rogue All Stars Mischief 92.7536
3 The Xtreme Girls Charm 90.9426

L1 Mini-D2-B

1 Candy Elite All Stars Skittles 95.3848
2 TAI Sleet 95.0182
3 York Elite All Stars Topaz 94.0942

L1 Youth-Small-A

1 Spirit of Texas Purple Stars 96.0689
2 Macs Allstar Cheer Mac’s Galaxy 95.0182
3 Express Cheer Excellence 94.9987

L1 Youth-Small-B

1 Diamonds All Stars Glitter Girls 94.6739
2 Stars Vipers San Antonio Pythons 94.5652
3 Star Athletics ATL Bullseye 93.5132

L1 Youth-D2-Small-A

1 San Antonio Spirit Team Daisy 97.2426
2 Evolution Cheer Jackpot 94.7283
3 Southhaven Wildcats Cadets 93.0772


1 Candy Elite All Stars Junior Mints 94.1086
2 C4 Longhorns Slate 93.502
3 Triple Crown Elite Queen of Hearts 93.4964

L1 Youth-Medium

1 ATA Neon 95.3042
2 Spirit Xtreme Believe 94.8732
3 Star Athletics Youth Black 94.6558

L1 Youth-D2-Medium

1 United Rock Nation All Stars Diamond Dolls 95.616
2 Cheer City United Olympians 92.7536
3 Athletic Cheer Force First Class 92.0344

L1 Junior-Small-A

1 Express Cheer Explosion 94.837
2 Arizona Element Elite Jr.Jewels 94.0761
3 ACX Wild Jags 92.6067

L1 Junior-Small-B

1 The Stingray All Stars Wave 95.779
2 Rockstar Cheer Atlanta South BigBang 95.4529
3 Louisiana Cheer Force Rose 95.0531

L1 Junior-D2-Small-A

1 Southern Elite All Stars Tidal Wave 96.0857
2 GU Allstars Silver Lining 93.0185
3 Cheer Revolution Lady Cadets 92.5906

L1 Junior-D2-Small-B

1 Cheer Nation Athletics Navy 95.0363
2 Spirit Tech All Stars Sapphire 94.7938
3 The Cheer Hive Po1son 92.5181

L1 Junior-Medium

1 The Stingray All Stars Mango 96.8078
2 Rockstar Cheer Ting Tings 96.3368
3 Woodlands Elite-Katy Bombers 95.3623

L1 Junior-D2-Medium

1 All Star Rebels Ruthless 93.8587
2 JAM Athletics Pink Army Reloaded 93.116
3 Ocala Athletix Blush 90.8515

L1 Senior

1 Python All Stars Calabar Pythons 94.4639
2 Cheer Express Allstars Princess Elite 94.3841
3 Macs Allstar Cheer Mac’s White Diamondz 92.9529

L1 Senior-D2

1 York Elite All Stars Lady Onyx 94.9457
2 Athletic Cheer Force Mach One 92.9698
3 Carolina Elite Sun Rays 91.433


1 ATA Ignite 95.6884
2 Cheer Extreme Raleigh Lovespell 95.2174
3 The Atlanta Jayhawks ASH 92.971


1 Zodiac All Stars Shadow 97.7174
2 The Stingray All Stars Rock 91.6305
3 CheerForce Simi Valley Sapphirez 91.3386

Cheersport 2022 Level 6 Results

By Annemarie Arthurs

Published February 22, 2022

Cheersport! The competition where every coach, athlete, and spectator know that if you don’t have memory foam inserts in your sneakers, you won’t make it!!

I hope everyone is recovering from walking 30,000 steps in 2 days!! Here we are, mid-season! The competitions are getting bigger and bigger, bids are getting harder and harder to get, and worlds is right around the corner!! I feel like we just started! These athletes have gone through numerous obstacles, quarantines, endless routine re-blocking, hours and hours of choreography, workouts, practices, and an absurd number of full outs!

Cheersport 2022 Results

If I can relate to anything as a coach in the all-star world, it seems impossible to have a full team practice, but somehow, we still get out there and continuously hit zero! We are here to cheer and that’s exactly what we do, even when the coaches must fill in for stunts at practices!!

Cheersport 2022 was held this weekend in Atlanta, GA. Thousands of athletes attended and competed in 7 different arenas! (Hence the memory foam sneaker inserts) 

With a wide range of worlds divisions in All Girl and Coed…it was a battle to come out on top! Let’s take a look at the top 3 in each of our level 6 divisions!

L6 Senior-XSmall

1 Elite Cheer Stars 94.1209
2 The California All Stars-Mesa Vixens 93.9125
3 Cheer Express All Stars Miss Silver 93.9042

L6 Senior-Small

1 Cheer Extreme-Raleigh SSX 96.3958
2 GymTyme All Stars Rouge 92.95
3 Maryland Twisters Virginia Blackout 90.9917

L6 Senior-Medium

1 The Stingray All Stars  Peach 95.1084
2 Maryland Twisters F5 94.1417
3 Top Gun All Stars Lady Jags 93.8709

L6 Senior-Large

1 The Stingray All Stars Orange 98.1333
2 Cheer Extreme Senior Elite 94.7583

L6 Senior Coed-XSmall

1 Twist & Shout Tulsa Diamonds 96.65
2 Raglan Coast Cheer Steel 6 91.65
3 Cheer Athletics-Austin OnyxCats 91.3125

L6 Senior Coed-Small

1 Brandon All Stars Senior Black 96.7875
2 Macs Allstar Cheer Mac’s Senior Starz 93.8125
3 Star Athletics ATL Smack 91.8167

L6 Senior Coed-Medium

1 Spirit of Texas Royalty 98.0167
2 Prodigy All Stars Midnight 95.1459
3 Woodlands Elite-OR Black Ops 93.4417

L6 Senior Coed-Large

1 Top Gun All Stars TGLC 98.2333
2 The Stingray All Stars Steel 97.5875

L6 Senior Open

1 The Stingray All Stars Apple 93.9
2 Spirit of Texas Lady Reign 93.4958
3 Infinity Allstars Royals 93.4875

L6 Senior Coed Open-Small

1 Cheer Extreme-Raleigh Smoex 96.7500
2 Top Gun All Stars TGOC 94.4167
3 Brandon All Stars Smoke 94.1709

L6 Senior Coed Open-Large

1 The California All Stars-San Marcos Cali Coed 95.4083
2 Core Athletix Black Diamonds 92.1333
3 Macs Allstar Cheer Macs Legacy 89.9

L6 International Open

1 The Stingray All Stars Lavender 92.9375
2 FAME All Stars-Midlo Super Seniors 91.0667

L6 International Open Coed-Small

1 Louisiana Cheer Force Gold 97.1292
2 Rockstar Cheer The Beatles 96.7375
3 Cheer Extreme 2022 Coed Elite 95.7583

L6 International Open Coed-Large

1 Stars Vipers San Antonio Anacondas 92
2 Tribe Cheer VooDoo 91.4
3 FAME All Stars-Midlo Vengeance 88.6

L6 International Open-NT

1 Cheer Extreme Lady Lux 97.6716
2 Woodlands Elite-OR GI Janes 92.9267
3 Maryland Twisters Virginia Thin Ice 92.4365

L6 International Open Coed-NT

1 Cheer Extreme-Raleigh Code Black 96.3581
2 Twist & Shout Tulsa Adam & Eve 94.7794
3 Brandon All Stars Legacy 94.1007

L6 International Global

1 The Stingray All Stars Cobalt 92.2291
2 The Atlanta Jayhawks Shade 87.2167
3 ACE of Hattiesburg Chief’s 86.6542

L6 International Global Coed

1 The Stingray All Stars Electric 94.8584
2 GymTyme All Stars Platinum 90.5625
3 Arizona Element Elite Vibranium 87.0083

Jerry Pleads Guilty

By Annemarie Arthurs

Published February 15, 2022

On February 10, 2022, Jerry Harris Attorneys released a statement that Jerry has pleaded guilty in his ongoing child pornography case. A little over a year ago he pled not guilty to all 7 of the felony charges that were brought against him in Chicago but has now pleaded guilty to two of those charges last week. Those two charges are soliciting child porn imagery and traveling over state lines with the intent to illicit sexual conduct with a minor.

This case has been ongoing since 2019, when the FBI received a complaint from two victims’ mother. On June 28th there will be a sentencing hearing, where he could face up to 50 years in prison. With the charges he has pled guilty to, the minimum is 5 years and maximum is 20 years and the judge has yet to decide on that.

Jerry's lawyers want to make it clear that he does want to take responsibility for his actions.

JERRY. (Netflix CHEER! Season 2 Episode 5 recap)

By Annemarie Arthurs

Published February 9, 2022

Before we dive into what we all don’t want to discuss, let’s discuss how the season just abruptly ended...

Covid ended their current season and Daytona got cancelled. These athletes at Navarro and TVCC that wanted to win so badly, got it all ripped away from them.

Fast forward a few months. The team is back at practice under many regulations. Getting tested daily is one of those. Luckily Gabby, Maddy and Ladarius were able to return due to the covid rules of allowing athletes that lost a season, gain an extra one! Unfortunately, Monica is not with them first semester. She took the opportunity to join “Dancing with the Stars”. Monica has always been a huge fan of the show and she knew the team would support her in this decision. A lot of the rookies were upset because they came to Navarro to cheer for Monica, and now she’s not there.

This is when we are introduced to Kailee Peppers. She was a Navarro cheerleader and is now the new assistant coach. Kailee took the job and was unaware Monica was leaving, so now there is a lot of pressure on her to fill Monica’s shoes as a “head coach”. The team has been pretty accepting of Kailee and understands she’s dealing with a lot, except for Ladarius. He was very vocal in the fact that she is not able to do what Monica does and doesn’t have the ability to coach Navarro.

Moving into September of 2020. The fan favorite reality star, twenty-one-year-old, Jerry Harris has been accused of soliciting explicit photos and sex from minors. The allegations stem from two 14-year-old athletes who expressed it took place in person and online. The team was devasted, they broke down, and could not accept what their teammate had done.

Netflix interviewed the two boys and their mother. They seemed calm and stated exactly what happened. Cheerleading was their safe space; they could be themselves there and now that has all changed. Charlie stated that it all started in 2018 when Jerry messaged him asking him for photos. Charlie knew of Jerry from the cheerleading world. He wanted to be on the team Jerry was on and he said he was “starstruck and didn’t want him to not like him or not be friends with him” and because of that he was willing to send him what Jerry asked for. They met for the first time in 2019 at ACA Nationals. He said he felt uncomfortable, ashamed, and embarrassed about talking to him. During warmups on Day one, Jerry kept harassing him to see him. He asked him to meet him in the bathroom. Once they were alone in the bathroom, Jerry cornered him in the bathroom stall, begging him to have sex with him. Charlie did not feel comfortable with it and got himself out of the situation. 

His brother noticed that he was extremely frantic and stressed when he came out of the bathroom and got back to warmups. He has been wanting to say something about it, but he felt ashamed and scared and knew that if he reported it, he would lose his cheer friends because of how loved Jerry was in the cheer community.

Charlie’s mother reported the incident to USASF twice. They felt nothing was happening. Which is why they decided to file a report with the FBI. Jerry was eventually arrested for child pornography charges. He admitted to being involved with ten to fifteen minors. The judge decided that he would remain incarcerated during trial and that is where he remains.

Social media was very hard on Monica and the team for how they responded. They were grieving the “loss” and arrest of their teammate, but all understand that Jerry is in the wrong.

Netflix CHEER Season 2: Episode 1

Netflix Cheer Season 2 review

By Annemarie Arthurs

Published January 20, 2022

It’s like we never left Daytona!

Netflix really said, “Let’s start 2022 off with a bang and released season 2 at the perfect time! Recapping last season definitely pulled at my heart strings! After following this program, it’s exciting to see all the interviews, events, and signings they went through after season 1 aired.

Starting off with episode one of Netflix's series CHEER, we were made aware of some mature and adult things we would learn more about, but we also got a sneak peak of some exciting things! Number one, being introduced more to TVCC!!

For Coach Monica & Coach Vontae, the competition seems to be more intense than ever!

Navarro’s newest rookies are amazing and as Monica said, “the talent is ridiculous”. Watching Maddy, Gill, Cassadee and Payton…..their technique and skill is unbeatable. 40 are on the team….and 20 will make mat! Ladarius said “do better” if you want to make mat!

Netflix CHEER Season 2 review

Navarro’s newest rookies are amazing and as Monica said, “the talent is ridiculous”. Watching Maddy, Gill, Cassadee and Payton…..their technique and skill is unbeatable. 40 are on the team….and 20 will make mat! Ladarius said “do better” if you want to make mat!

A lot of these athletes are extremely anxious with the upcoming mat tryouts. The coaches need to make decisions that are best for the team and there’s no guarantee that people who have made mat before, will make mat again. Maddy made a very good point when she said “cheerleading, it’s all a mind game, if you don’t believe that you’re going to be the best, then you’re not going to be the best”

Back at TVCC. Their team is still feeling angry and defeated about their last performance at Daytona. Their main complaint…. they went once, and Navarro got to go twice. Their teammate Jada will always be out there making sure she is proving everyone wrong! She is the strongest female tumbler and flyer on the team and she’s ready to lead TVCC to victory at Daytona!

The coaching style differences between Monica and Vontae are crazy but they both work!! The athletes they coach know exactly what to expect. 

What works for Navarro works and what works for TVCC also works! Tough love is Coach Vontaes approach whereas Coach Monica is the opposite. 

So, with episode one coming to an end…lets end this like TVCC ends practice!

“Here’s to you, here’s to me, national champs, where soon to be, and if the judges’ disagree, f*** them, here’s to we”

Tough Times Don’t Last

Cheer Coach blog

By Cat Weedon

UpdatedJanuary 14, 2022

They say ‘Tough Times don’t last but Tough People Do’

And these my friends, are the toughest of times. It’s about time we had a very honest conversation about it.

As Coaches, Owners and Directors we thrive on structure, order and on controlling chaos. But right now, there is very little ability to do any of this. Every day brings new challenges that we never anticipated we would face. Every day brings more decisions that need to be made accurately and swiftly. SO MANY DECISIONS. The sheer number of daily decisions can be almost paralyzing.

I see you calming the storms, keeping the ship on course, and leading with confidence. I also see the days its hard to get out of bed and face the realities of what today will bring. I see the struggles to leave it all at the door, to have something left to give so you can be Mom, Dad or Spouse. I see the stress of wanting to NOT be another person or institution that have let these kids down. I see the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows that are hidden behind your game face.

I feel for the constant changing of routines. I feel for the daily texts and calls asking for kids to step up and compete an additional routine. I feel for every coach having to comfort a teary kiddo that they may miss this event, but they will be back for the next. I feel for altering every hope and dream we had for our teams at the beginning of the season. Those hopes and dreams are still there, but they look different every practice. Today it’s to stay in range on tumbling/ stunts with fill ins, tomorrow its to try to address bandaids you’ve put on routines just to make it through the last event, the next day its just do what we must do, to get this team on the floor this weekend. 

I hear the tenacity in every owner and coach that has refused to give up. Just keep swimming, keep putting one foot in front of another. I hear the parents who are rallying behind their gym leadership with kindness, understanding and grace. I hear the pleas for just one normal week. Just one event where the roster this week is the same as the one last week. I hear the compassion of coaches that know this kid just needs your kindness and love, not the correction. I hear the pride of the hitting against all odds. I also hear the tears in the car on the way home convincing yourself you’ve done the best you can do today.  And you have! You did the best you could and you should be proud of that. 

Your battles are my battles too. We are wearing so many hats, and filling so many roles that it can be overwhelming:


Navigating owning a business dependent on children during a 3 year long pandemic


Tasked with enforcing everchanging CDC Protocols, calculating Days of Quarantine, and determining who is back in time to compete any given weekend


Responsibilities to multiple teams’ success despite the challenges. Because parents want to see results and let’s be honest, we need the good results to recharge the empty tanks. 


Sometimes you’re putting a ‘Bandaid’ on a routine, and sometimes you’re totally having to rethink sections depending on who is on the floor this weekend.


Eye’s down a kid, thinks to myself “did that kid just cough 3 times, was it dry or wet, do they sound sick or did the dust get them, does she seem like she feels ok? Racking my brain… I don’t think mom said Suzy wasn’t feeling good.” Everyone quick water break, Suzy sis come here, you’re not in trouble! “ How are you feeling?”


Kids are hurting and they need you. Sometimes they need encouragement, sometimes a stern push in the right direction, sometimes they need to be held accountable and sometimes they just need hug. The pressure can be debilitating on cheer athletes right now. Especially with the current Anon culture. Gyms are doing their best to keep kids competing, even with out-of-level fill in athletes, only to be slammed for not perfect performances. Anons should be ashamed of themselves. We are doing our best. 


Answering questions about events that are over 30 days away is a stretch right now. Honestly, most of us are  functioning at a 3-4 days in advance place right now. But parents want reassurances that comps are going to happen, that money invested in flights and hotels won’t be lost, that all of this will lead to end of season events their kids are hoping for.

And we give them those reassurances the best we can, all while understanding that 2 years ago Cheer Stood Still. Every email, call, post or text now includes “as far as we know”, “Based on the information we have”,“ If anything changes you will be the first to know”, or “ They’re saying the event is a GO”

Escapism: (noun) the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy. 

I have read 8 books since Jan 1st. Though I have always loved to read, every free second I have right now, I’m reading. I’m staying up all hours of the night to read it is consuming me.  Tabbi M my cheer BFF called me out, rightly so, for using reading as a method of escapism. She was 100 percent correct.

I am ESCAPING into books, because my current reality as a Coach and Gym Owner is not always pleasant. This moment in time is HARD.  I’m lucky that I can escape into a book, but others may not have safe outlets that help them cope with the world around them right now.  Pour into them, give them grace and support, its so needed right now. 

But there is light, and hope, and daily reminders of why we all CHOOSE this industry

Let me tell you something about every coach and owner I know, no one can match their tenacity. No one problem solves better, and no not one of them will give up on these kids or this season. 

The greatest mistake we made, was believing that the 2020-2021 season was the worst it was going to get. We let our guard down. To a certain degree, last year was a walk in the park compared to now. We all competed a lot of virtual events, and while those were challenging, if you had the time and willpower you could get a zero for submission. Now the battle is making through the week leading up to competition. It feels like a total win to just be on the floor. 

Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do.

And we are TOUGH

Keep fighting the good fight, Keep Livin the Dream.

Cat Weeden Signature Full Wht



By Steve Pawlyk

Published October 20, 2021

Cheer is back and so are some new rules from the USASF that would come into effect for the 2022-2023 season.  Many of these changes are rather big and would affect almost every team around the country.  There’s even talks about removing certain Worlds divisions. Here is a brief overview of some of the proposed changes:

USASF 2022-23 Changes News

Age grid & Division changes

“USASF age grid is calculated by year of birth. ICU and IASF age grids are calculated by age of year end competition. Should they be aligned?”

Meaning possible changes to the age grid, as the USASF age grid is not calculated in the same way as the ICU and IASF one.

Remove Senior Open 6 division

Reasoning: International Open 6 division may have the exact same roster. Senior Open 6 was created because of uncertainty with where IASF was headed with scoring, rules, etc.

Allow IOSC and SOSC to have 5 males

Reasoning: The additional male athlete will allow for options when creating stunt groups that can complete at a competitive level with more age appropriate athletes. There's a need to fly more aged appropriate flyers and another male will help field just that. The average team of 24 will do 5 stunts, this would allow for potentially putting 1 male in every stunt group. This would also allow for teams with stronger female stunting to add males with elite tumbling to join to help them in the tumbling categories. In these divisions the males are showcased heavily, one more male that may add to a category the team lacks in as a whole. There is such a jump from 5-12 males in the Large Open Coed 6 and 5-16 males in International Large 6 & 7, giving the Small divisions one more male will help close that gap.

Change Senior Level 6 Worlds division sizes to Small 5-14, Medium 15-22, and Large 23- 30

Reasoning: This would allow all senior 6 divisions to have two leftover athletes after stunt groups are created. It also separates each division by 8 athletes. Currently we are allowed 38 athletes in level 6 but only 30 in levels 1-5. This does not make sense. There is more chance of injury with 38 athletes on the floor tumbling. This is especially true when these athletes are performing level 6 tumbling. The max team size should be lowered to 30 so it matches all other elite levels and reduces the chance of injury. Also, most gyms cannot field a team with 30+ athletes. It is not needed.

Reasoning: It would help level out divisions at worlds. Currently, Large Senior has 4 teams and Extra Small has about 50. This change would essentially combine current medium and large teams into one division and create a better competition. The small and extra small teams would round out the new medium and small divisions.

DI/DII Discussion:

  1. Only count Elite athletes and lower the D#
  2. Count by location instead of program (Possibly in combination with suggestion
  3. Raise the D#

For a list of all proposed changes click here

USASF 2022-2023 Changes

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USASF Announces 3 New Worlds Divisions

USASF Announces 3 New Worlds Divisions

By Steve Pawlyk

Published September 6, 2021

Cheer is back!

and we have more great news!

USASF has just announced 3 new Worlds divisions. This move is a major win for small gyms around the country. Although small representation at the Cheerleading Worlds has been increasing, it’s still not where we would like to see it considering that small gyms make up a super majority of programs around the country. With this new announcement things are about to change. Small gyms will finally get the chance to increase their presence at the 2022 World Championships. This coming April we will see these new divisions launch and potentially lead to an explosion of new talent coming to the world stage. The goal is to help small gyms continue to grow and retain athletes as they will now be able to have the chance to compete on the same stage as some of their idols.

USASF announces 3 new worlds divisions

The new divisions will include: Limited Xtra Small/Small (Allgirl), Limited Xtra Small Coed & Limited Small Coed. The new divisions will be reserved for programs represented by only one at the championships. In addition to the new division, there will also be a unique registration process for the teams. Although they will qualify for the World Championships via receiving a bid in their conventional division, when registering they will have the opportunity to transfer to one of the new Limited Divisions or they can remain in their usual Small or Xtra Small divisions.

This news brings even more excitement to come and the chance for small gyms all around the country to be able compete in the sought after Worlds Championships. Being able to say they have a Worlds caliber team will help their programs to grow and continue the presence of cheerleading through the country and world. We wish all potential programs the best of luck and can’t wait to see you take the stage in April!

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IPP now the Official 2021 music producer for USA Cheer!

IPP Music is the official music producer for USA Cheer 2021

By Steve Pawlyk

Published August 30, 2021

We have some exciting news!

IPP has been chosen to be the Official 2021 Music Producer for USA Cheer!

Thanks to Lauri Harris, LeRoy McCullough, Tony Nash and Nicole Nichols, we had the pleasure of mixing music for Coed Premier, AllGirl Premier and Junior Coed Elite.

We are beyond thankful for this opportunity. As the routines near completion we can’t wait to see and hear how awesome each team looks performing to their IPP mix. We anticipate music releases in the coming weeks on our youtube channel..

We can’t wait until the world hears what we’ve created. This opportunity was nothing short of amazing and we look forward to continuing our relationship with USA Cheer and the mentioned nationals team as we move towards the debut performance in the Olympics one day.

Thank you to all who were involved and who believed in IPP. For more information or to book with IPP please visit our website.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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By Steve Pawlyk

Published July 20, 2021

The day has finally come!  Cheerleading reaches Olympic status.

At the close of the 138th session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) meeting, the International Cheer Union (ICU) received “Full Sport Recognition”.  So what does this mean moving forward? 

As a result of receiving full sport recognition, cheerleading will now be eligible  to petition to not only be included in the Olympic games and other multi-game events, but will also help to ensure more funding, education and support to help develop cheerleading in other countries who seek to participate.


This is such a momentous occasion because it’s been 11 years in the making.  The ICU was founded in 2004 with the goal of positively impacting cheerleading and cheerleaders throughout the world.  Shortly after it’s formation, the ICU applied for recognition by the OIC.  It wasn’t until 2016 that ICU was granted provisional recognition.

Jeff Webb, President of the ICU recently stated, “"The IOC's actions have created a monumental milestone for cheerleading. We are truly honored to receive this recognition by the IOC," said Jeff Webb, President of the International Cheer Union. "This decision will greatly assist us as we strive to create opportunities for healthy participation and competition for millions of cheerleading athletes worldwide."

We look forward to the coming years and are excited for cheerleaders from all nations to take the stage at the Olympics and perform the routines and choreography the world has been waiting to see!