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Best Cheer Songs of the Summer 2022

best cheer songs 2022 summer

By Steve Pawlyk

Published July 14, 2022

Temperatures are Rising…

Things are heating up.  If you want the hottest mix then you better listen up! Check out the best songs of the summer of 2022.  This Top 20 list is definitely going to make your mix blazing hot!

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Collegiate Champions Choose IPP!


By Annemarie Arthurs

Published April 18, 2022

Another NCA College Nationals is in the books and this one just hit differently.  Daytona Beach was on fire with talent and excitement this year after we missed 2020 and only saw a small variety of teams in 2021 as most competed virtually. It was nothing short of amazing seeing teams back on the bandshell battling it out for supremacy.  And to top it off, we were able to see 4 teams win using our music

We’d like to congratulate the following IPP clients on some historic wins!…



The first champion crowned was Framingham State University.  This was definitely a monumental win for FSU and coach Dave Lombardi.  Dave has been the head coach of FSU for 13 years and is set to retire at the conclusion of this season.  He’s been waiting a long time to be in the limelight and that’s just where he was!  After being in first place coming out of prelims the tension was still high because of the 25/75 score split. At any moment a small mistake from the day before could potentially haunt you in finals.  However, the ladies of FSU were able to perform with consistency and showed Daytona Beach just what it means to be RAM TOUGH! 

When asked about his experience coaching in his final season, Dave said, “What an amazing year we had.  It was a year of firsts for us. This was the first year that we competed as a small coed team. It was the first year we hit zero. And this was the first year we won NCA College Nationals!”

In regards to his experience with IPP, Dave went on to say, “I want to thank Steve and IPP for always making incredible music for us and helping to pump up my team to win our first NCA College National title”.

Steve, owner of IPP said, “It was the most incredible experience to see FSU finally get a must deserved win.  Not only have we been mixing their music for a number of years, but also Dave Lombardi is also a close friend of mine so it was amazing to see him finally take home that title!”



The ladies of the Red Squad go back-to-back!   What can I say?  There’s just something magical about this team. Coached by Jason Manhart and Alex Primiano, BSU brought home their 6th title in the last 11 years (2011, 2014, 2019, 2 wins in 2021 and 2022)! 

When asked to reflect on her experience, coach Alex said, “Every Daytona experience is unique in its own way, but from the start we knew this was going to be special.  This was our first trip back to NCA College Nationals since 2019 and we had a team of athletes who had never stepped foot on the Daytona mat.”

She then went on to say, “Watching them experience their first Daytona together and the look on their faces as they walked off the finals mat is something our coaching staff will never forget.”

Alex concluded by noting, “We are so proud of our Bear for pushing through adversity and coming together as a family.”

Steve from IPP said, “it’s been an honor being able to be a small part of their last 4 wins.  Not only do the coaches trust me to run with my ideas, they also are one of the most appreciative teams that I have ever worked with.  It feels good knowing that my work still makes teams and athletes of all ages excited to perform!”  

OSU DAytona 2022 nCAOklahoma State University (large coed)

OSU DAytona 2022 nCAOklahoma State University (large coed)

I’m literally speechless after watching this routine.

I’ve never been so nervous during an award ceremony. My legs felt like they were literally made of jelly. Not only did OSU large coed go back-to-back, but they also brought their 5th title in 10 years.  This win marks #6 for coach Lindsey Bracken who took over the head coaching role during the 2012-2013 season.  When asked about her experience this year, coach Lindsey replied, “Our experience during Covid has further strengthened our focus on representing OSU well and making each practice count.”  

Lindsey then went on to note that, “IPP provided music that encompasses our school pride so well and reflects our love for OSU”.

IPP has been blessed to be a part of all 6 wins (5 for Large Coed and 1 for Small Coed) as we have been mixing their music since 2012. 

Steve from IPP says, “the opportunity to mix for OSU back in 2012 is what skyrocketed us to the position we are in today.  Without OSU we might not be as popular as we are now. “   

Eastern MIchigan UNiversity Daytona CHeer NCA 2022Eastern Michigan University

Eastern MIchigan UNiversity Daytona CHeer NCA 2022Eastern Michigan University

The Eagles of Eastern Michigan University came prepared with their talons up.  Led by coach Mary Spilski, EMU was able to bring a title back to Michigan!  With 15 years of collegiate coaching experience, Mary was able to keep her team focused on the mission and capture that long awaited title of NCA Collegiate National Champion. That trophy and banner are going to look amazing hanging in the halls of EMU! 

Steve from IPP notes that this is a special win for him and the IPP team because EMU won their division with a premade mix.  Steve says, “It’s been an amazing journey over the past 16 years watching the evolution of premade mixes. These types of mixes went from being looked down upon to now helping teams win national championships at all levels!”


Top 20 Hottest Cheer Songs of 2022 (so far)

Top 20 Hottest best cheer songs of 2022

By Steve Pawlyk

Published February 17, 2022

Woah - I can’t believe it. 😁 How did we get here so fast?  

Seems like it was just yesterday that we were putting out our Hottest Songs of 2021 list. This year’s list features some smoke hot artists that will help bring any cheerleading routine to life. Let’s get into the list!!!

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Top 20 Hottest Cheer Songs of 2021

Top 20 Cheer Songs 2021

By Steve Pawlyk

Published June 14, 2021

After a long year of dealing with Covid-19, we are starting to get back to normal and things are instantly heating up. Check out our top 20 songs of 2021 that will keep your summer mixes blazing hot while you train for the upcoming season.

Dua Lipa - We're Good

Driver’s License - Olivia Rodrigo

My Head & My Heart - Ava Max

SWANG - Expensive Taste

Alan Walker - Fake A Smile

only child - poison

Zayn - Vibez

Yrin Glam - Unbothered

Sia ft. Burna Boy - Hey Boy

Tayler Jade - WYA

Sabrina Carpenter - Skin

Dua Lipa ft. DaBaby - Levitating

Black Eyed Peas ft. Shakira - Girl Like Me

Alyssa Rubio - Mutual

Elle Baez - Come Back

Tate McRae - You Broke Me First

Shawn Mendez ft. Justin Bieber - Monster

Masked Wolf - Astronaut In The Ocean

Rooga ft. Lil Chris - Catch A Body

Taylor Swift ft. Bon Iver - Exile

  1. We’re Good - Dua Lipa

  2. Driver’s Licnese - Olivia Rodrigo

  3. My Head & My Heart - Ava Max

  4. Expensive Taste - SWANG

  5. Fake A Smile - Alan Walker

  6. Poison - Only Child

  7. Vibez - Zayn

  8. Unbothered - Yrin Glam

  9. Hey Boy - Sia ft. Burna Boy

  10. WYA - Tayler Jade 

  11. Skin - Sabrina Carpenter

  12. Levitating - Dua Lipa ft. DaBaby

  13. Girl Like Me - Black Eyed Peas ft. Shakira

  14. Mutual - Alyssa Rubio

  15. Come Back - Elle Baez

  16. You Broke Me First - Tate McRae

  17. Monster - Shawn Mendez ft. Justin Bieber

  18. Astronaut In The Ocean - Masked Wolf

  19. Catch A Body - Rooga ft. Lil Chris

  20. Exile - Taylor Swift ft. Bon Iver

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Your Mix Can Now Have Audio on Varsity TV


By Steve Pawlyk

Published September 21, 2020

We have some good news!

Your mix can now have audio on Varsity TV.  Fear of copyright law violation and potential lawsuits have burdened the cheer community with having to watch videos of their favorite teams in silence.  Moreover, viewers have been paying subscription fees year after year for an incomplete service.  However, this season Varsity TV, Flo Cheer and a few music production companies, such as IPP,  have come up with a solution!  I can almost see the excitement on your face.  I bet you’re saying, “about time” right now.

Want your mix to be streamed with audio?  Here’s what you have to do.  First, you’ll need to choose content for your mix that comes with synchronization rights.  More specifically, transferable synchronization rights.  You’re scratching your head right now. I know.  Bear with me though. I’ll help you out.  Without getting into some technical mumbo jumbo regarding licensing it can be summed up easily:


Avoid cover songs


Purchase a full custom mix or select content from a licensing platform such as


Work with a cheer music production company, such as IPP, who has a synchronization agreement in place with FloCheer

Technically, you’ll be all set if you work with one of the cheer music companies who have an agreement in place.  Just let your production company know that you want your mix to have audio when streamed.        

The only question we have left to answer for you is, which production companies have an agreement with FloCheer?  There are only 4 companies (IPP is one) that I know of at the time of this blog. My best advice would be to contact your production company and ask them. If they do not have an agreement with FloCheer then you should encourage them to reach out to get a contract in place. You’ll definitely be disappointed if every team in your division has audio on their stream except for you.  Your music is a major part of your routine and the whole world should hear it!            

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Best Cheer Songs of 2020 to Keep Your Spirits High During Coronavirus Lockdown

Best Cheer Songs of 2020

By Steve Pawlyk

Published March 24, 2020

Did your season just come to a screeching halt? Feeling upset and discouraged? Feeling like all your hard work was for nothing?

Well guess wasn’t. Now is the time to stay positive and look to the future. If you’re on lockdown and not feeling optimistic, try tuning into these top cheer songs of 2020 to help keep your spirits high! 

  1. Intentions (featuring Quavo) - Justin Bieber
  2. You Should Be Sad - Halsey
  3. Before You Go - Lewis Capaldi
  4. Everything I Wanted - Billie Eilish
  5. Lose You To Love Me - Selena Gomez
  6. What A Man Gotta Do - Jonas Brothers
  7. The Man - Taylor Swift
  8. My Oh My (featuring DaBaby) - Camilla Cabello
  9. Adore You - Harry Styles
  10. Falling - Trevor Daniel
  11. Roxanne - Arizona Zervas
  12. Dreamin About You - Lorelei Marcell
  13. In Your Eyes (featuring Alida) - Robin Schulz
  14. Head First - Christian French
  15. Birthday - Anne-Marie
  16. React - The Pussycat Dolls
  17. Don’t Start Now - Dua Lipa
  18. Hot Girl Bummer - Blackbear
  19. Heartless - The Weekend
  20. Circles - Post Malone

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Custom or Premade Mixes: Which is right for you this season?

By Steve Pawlyk

Published October 24, 2019

Every summer, coaches and athletes get geared up for a new season full of excitement!

Some of the many things to look forward to are choreography, uniforms, practice wear and most importantly Cheer Music! Cheer music is the heartbeat of your performance and is essential to hitting that perfect routine! There are many options when choosing cheer music, but which is right for you this season? Custom or premade mixes?

Let’s start by describing the differences between custom and premade mixes.  Each has particular characteristics that suit the needs of each client. So let’s dive in!

Custom Mixes

Custom mixes are typically created from your 8-count sheet once your choreography is complete.  Therefore, you have control of what goes into the production of your mix. You can choose your songs, where sound effects are placed, the amount of voice overs/vocals, where the vocals are placed, the tone/mood of the mix and etc.  This mix is made custom just for you. Therefore, it can take time and traditionally costs more. If you are not in a rush and have a healthy budget then a custom mix is definitely for you!

Premade Mixes

Your other option for routine music are premade mixes!  These mixes are great for teams on a budget and who need mixes quickly.  In fact, most companies who offer premade mixes have them available for immediate download. premade mixes cost 100s less than custom mixes.  Although you won’t have as much creative control, you will still be able to customize with add-ons such as voice overs, sound effects, song swaps and more.   These mixes can have a custom feel at a fraction of the price.

Having a mix for every team on any budget is crucial to our industry. Regardless of your choice between custom and premade mixes, every team deserves quality music for their performances. Budget and time shouldn’t be the deciding factor on whether or not your team receives a rocking mix. Hopefully this article gave some insight into the difference between custom and premade mixes and helps you choose which option is right for you this season.

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IPP's Premade Mixes are USA Cheer Compliant and customizable!  Add Sound FX, swap songs, & more!  Add your Team Name to the mix for only $10! 

How does someone get a license for a song?

By Click N Clear

Published on August 13, 2019

You know music copyright exists and that artists should be paid for their work, but do you understand why?  Music licensing isn’t rocket science. But it can be very confusing, so let’s break this down.

Music copyright is a law that says two things:

1) If you create something, then you own it, and

2) as the owner, you can decide what happens to it.

So, if anyone wants to use a piece of music, they need permission from the owner— in the form of a license.

If you want to mix music and make copies of it, choreograph a routine to the mix, play the mix at training, at home or at competitions or show videos of your performance by uploading to YouTube and social media, then you require a license.

How does someone get a license for a song?

When it comes to licensing music for uses like editing it and mixing it together, you’ll need direct approval from the rightsholder(s) - getting this can be a complicated, time consuming and expensive process. Every piece of music generally has multiple rightsholders and they all have to be included in this process. If even just one of them says no, then you can’t use the song.

When clearing music, there are two main music rights that must be cleared before use:
1) one being the Publishing Rights (to the musical composition, melody, lyrics etc.) and
2) the other being the Master Rights (to the specific recording of a song, whether its the original hit artist or an unknown cover version).

You must obtain approval from ALL rightsholders involved in the work, before use. Here is a video which explains this further:

There are often multiple people or entities involved in creating and releasing a song and there are on average 9 writers on a song; all of whom you need to obtain a license from. Let’s take a look at Beyonce’s ‘Run The World (Girls)’

In order for you to license this song legally, you would need a license from every one of the owners who have a share of the pie! You'll need permission from Universal Records to use their master recording of Beyonce’s performance, and also need permission from the publishers who represent the shares in the writing; all SIX of them!

Unfortunately it’s not normally cost effective for each rights holder to respond to small individual license requests especially when their shares are smaller.

You will need licenses to cover the following rights for BOTH Master and Publishing sides of EVERY music track you use in the mix music:

  • edit and adapt the music (creating a derivative piece from an original)

  • put a choreographed routine to the mix

  • create a copy of the mix for use at home and in the gym

  • upload a video of the routine online with the music

In addition to this, if you are playing music in your gym or a competition venue, the gym owner or entity running the competition will need a performing rights license from the collecting society(s) in your territory. In the US there are a few which include ASCAP, BMI and SESAC and in the UK it is PRS & PPL. Again you need this to cover Master and Publishing rights.

We recommend getting in touch with your local Collecting Society for more information.

That All Sounds A Bit Tricky. Isn’t There An Easier Way?

ClicknClear works directly with the music industry to pre-clear their music available for you to license instantly. We work with around 100 rightsholders including the likes of Universal Music Publishing, Warner Music, BMG and more to enable both teams and music producers to license great music that is affordable and accessible for either $15 or $25, depending on the track. Licensing your music protects your team, coaches and event producers while ensuring artists are rightfully paid for their work

Find out more and begin your music search here.

What To Expect When Expecting (Your Mix)

By Steve Pawlyk

Published July 22, 2019

In the blink of an eye the 2018 season is gone and 2019 is upon us. 

It feels so good to see new faces in the gym and athletes both young and old working towards new skills.  The start of a new season is one of the most exciting times of the year. There is so much to look forward to and so much growing to be done by everyone in your gym.  With teams formed, practice wear/uniforms being designed and choreography booked there is just one more thing to check off of your list. MUSIC! Although the music process can be so invigorating, it can also be super stressful.  But, it doesn’t have to be. I’d like to relieve some of the anxiety surrounding your routine music by walking you through some ways to help you get ready to order and what to expect when expecting your mix.

Finding The Right Producer

My first piece of advice is to  “do your homework”. Just like your athletes prepare for competition each week/month by practicing, there is some prep work for you to do before ordering a mix that perfectly complements your innovative routine.  I would highly suggest shopping around before committing to any one production company. There are many great production companies in our industry that would love to earn your business and provide you an awesome mix.  However, there are some less than genuine producers out there. So where should you start when trying to find the right producer? A good place is the USA Cheer list of compliant vendors found here.  

Another beneficial method to find a trustworthy production company is via word-of-mouth recommendation.  Ask your friends and fellow owner/coaches who they have found to be reliable. You can always check out the Facebook groups “Allstar Gym Owners Association” (ASGA) or “Small Cheer Gym Association” (SCGA).  These two groups can be very advantageous to any coach or owner looking for a particular service (e.g., music, uniforms and etc.).

A few extra notes regarding picking your producer - ask for samples, look for pricing tiers (will be beneficial to help stay on budget), make sure that turn-around-time is desirable, and be aware of all policies and procedures.  Providing that your producer meets all of your requirements, I truly believe that communication is the most important part when making your selection. We will come back to this point later on. For now, if you like what you see and hear it’s time to submit that Booking Request   

Booking and Scheduling

The next task will be to submit your mix requests and receive your production dates.  Each company will do booking and scheduling differently. At IPP, we have an easy online form that you can fill out and submit.  You can also attach any documents you may have (e.g., 8-count sheet). Other companies may require that you submit information (i.e., program name, team name, package & etc.) via email.  Once your producer receives this necessary information you should then expect a follow up that includes an invoice and tentative mix dates. I say tentative because most production companies require at least a 50% deposit before exact productions dates are established. 

Keep in mind that in a lot of cases these deposits are non-refundable.  If you have gotten to this point you really need to make sure that you wish to proceed.  Why non-refundable you ask? Because most companies will start working on parts of your order right away (i.e., vocals, song creation & etc.).  This can be costly. Therefore, if you cancel and request a refund then the producers loses all the time and money that has been put in up that the point on cancellation.  Again, each company operates differently so make sure that you understand all policies.

8 count sheet & Video Creation

Now that you’ve chosen your production company and have submitted your booking request the fun really begins!  It’s now time to put together your routine information that will be sent to your producer. This information will be used to produce your amazing mix  Although this can be tedious it is very important. Keep in mind that some producers like 8-count sheets, some like videos and yet others like to have both (most effective).   Having both 8-count sheet and videos can be super beneficial to producer because it the 8-count sheet helps the producer layout the mix quickly and the video helps with nuance.  Additionally, some videos are submitted before teams can go full out which can lead to the producer misinterpreting some of the actions that will need particular sound effects. Before recording and submitting your videos please make sure to ask your producer if they have a prefered 8-count track that they would like you to use. 

Recording to the coach counting out loud can be a critical mistake leading to videos needing to be re-recorded and submitted. Side note: even if you record to an 8-count track we would advise to not yell and scream during the recording. This can sometimes make it difficult for your producers to line up your video in his/her music software especially if you record to an 8-count track that it not theirs or one for which they are not familiar.

In regards to completing your 8-count sheets you will want to be descriptive, but concise. Try to keep each cell to one or two action words such ”aerobesque”, “full up”, or “double down”. Your producer may want you to use a particular count sheet or set of action words. I would ask before hand as to prevent any production delays. For more tips on effectively filling out your 8-count sheet please check out our blog

Song Selection:

This is the part that can cause you to tear your hair out.

I understand that selecting songs can be overwhelming. With the new music rules things seem to have changed drastically over night. Remember when you would search day and night through itunes or youtube looking for that perfect stunt song? This was an art in and of itself so most coaches. They perfected this. And now it’s like tutor to most. However, it doesn’t have to be. Almost all production companies work with 3rd party vendor that they license songs from each season. Although they may change vendors from time-to-time, your producer will provide you a list upon booking. Once you have the particular sites to choose from you can take things back to the way that they used to be. Even though you won’t be browsing popular radio songs you will still be able to find the perfect song for each section by using a number of filtering parameters such as “mood, genre and etc. If you are still finding it hard to choose then I’m sure that your producer will be willing to lend his or her expertise. When it comes to song selection you will not only want to pick a song that stylistically fits a particular section, but also something for which your athletes can relate. I can’t tell you how many edits we have had to do based on athletes not liking a particular song despite it fitting the section well. Telling whether or not that your athletes like a song is easy. They will tell you. However, determining which style or type of song is appropriate for a particular section can be a little more tricky. Let me help you with that right now.

Although song selection for your overall mix and/or specific sections can be subjective, there are generally some styles that really work well and others that don’t.  It’s probably easier to start with types of songs that either don’t work or just don’t make for an exciting mix. Again, this is my opinion. First, rap/hip hop songs tend to never work in a cheer mix.  Reason being is that the tempos are generally too slow. When we speed them up to cheer tempo they sound way too fast. Lyrics become unclear and you lose the essence of the song. Other types of songs that we don’t recommend are old songs.  I know, “old” is vague, but I think you get it. Older recordings just don’t stand up to today’s production sound quality. Mixing and older Donna Summers songs with a brand new Ariana Grande song just doesn’t mesh well.

I know what you’re thinking right now.  Steve, we can’t use radio songs. Although your typical allstar team can’t there are still some teams who are required to follow music copyright laws by their event producer. This one is for them, lol. However this can still hold true when working with a producer who licenses songs from a third-party vendor.  Some of these vendors have thousands and thousands of songs in their libraries. You can definitely tell the difference between their older recorders and newer.Although song selection for your overall mix and/or specific sections can be subjective, there are generally some styles that really work well and others that don’t.  It’s probably easier to start with types of songs that either don’t work or just don’t make for an exciting mix. Again, this is my opinion. First, rap/hip hop songs tend to never work in a cheer mix.  Reason being is that the tempos are generally too slow. When we speed them up to cheer tempo they sound way too fast. Lyrics become unclear and you lose the essence of the song.

Other types of songs that we don’t recommend are old songs.  I know, “old” is vague, but I think you get it. Older recordings just don’t stand up to today’s production sound quality. Mixing and older Donna Summers songs with a brand new Ariana Grande song just doesn’t mesh well. I know what you’re thinking right now.  Steve, we can’t use radio songs. Although your typical allstar team can’t there are still some teams who are required to follow music copyright laws by their event producer. This one is for them, lol. However this can still hold true when working with a producer who licenses songs from a third-party vendor.  Some of these vendors have thousands and thousands of songs in their libraries. You can definitely tell the difference between their older recorders and newer.

My last piece of advice when selecting songs is to not pick a song just because the title of the song matches a theme that you are trying to achieve. Themes are too common anymore as a result of the new music rules, but from time to time we come across a team that wants a specific theme like “fire” or “girl power”. What typically results is the coach providing numerous songs titles that pertain to that specific theme. When we, the producer, listen to the songs we usually find that they are all different in genre/style and very hard to blend together in an exciting mix. To avoid this, we suggest listening to each track and really making sure that a particular song is appropriate for a fast-paced, high-energy cheer mix.

Now that we know which types of songs to avoid, let’s look at what types of songs are suitable for a cheer mix. Types of songs that make for a good cheer mix are generally current, up tempo, electronic or pop in genre, have clear and present vocals and have appropriate language. Mixing similarly recorded and sounding songs give the producer the ability to create a consistent and cohesive mix. Think of it like being at the club. The DJ typically mixes songs of the same genre. For example, if you go to a David Guetta concert you will hear a mix of current electronic based songs. You won’t catch him mixing an EDM song, then a country song, then a disco song and back to EDM again. This would make for a less than pleasant auditory experience. We want your mix to not only express the creativity of your routine, but to also sound good!

When it comes to section specific song (e.g., stunt, pyramid, tumbling and etc.) here are some of our recommendations.  For stunt, you usually want a song that is more open and focused on the vocals. Stunt section typically are jammed packed with tons of action.  Although there are a lot of creative ins and outs (transitional elements) happening, we wouldn’t say that a stunt sequence is as action packed as your running tumbling.  Therefore, we recommend a song that isn’t so drum/beat heavy leaving room for your stunt sound effects to shine and really highlight your team’s actions. Moving on to a section like your pyramid, this component of the routine is arguably the climax.  Pyramids are typically super exciting and jam packed with actions performed by the entire team. This is we would recommend as song that is faster-paced and full of energy.

A genre like EDM with a constant 4-on-the-floor drum pattern can work great! The pumping drums and synthesizers will really suck in the crowd and have their hands up.  Another section that is full of energy and excitement which deserves a song of the same caliber is your running tumbling. Like your pyramid, running tumbling is one of those sections that has the crowd on their feet. We recommend a fast-paced, beat-driven song for this part. You’ll need a song that gives your athletes that little something extra to push through such a physically demanding party of your routine.   Although there are many other sections of your routine, we just named a few. You can contact us at any time to get our full recommendation for song selection for these other parts.

Submission, Communication, Transparency & Delivery

Videos are created, 8-count sheets are filled out and songs have been selected. It’s now time to submit all of that important info so that your one-of-a-kind mix can be created. When submitting your info you will want to make sure that you send it in with plenty of time to spare before your production date. Most companies like to have info sent in 1-2 weeks ahead of your production date(s). Why so early? We like to have time to review everything and make sure that all information has been presented clearly and done properly. Nothing is worse than sitting down to create your masterpiece and not be able to read the 8-count sheet or load the video or have missing songs. This causes delays and aggravation for everyone. Imagine you thinking that your mix is coming today to only open up your email and see a message saying, “Sorry, we cannot complete your mix as scheduled because all of your songs for team X are missing”. You would lose your mind.

Another reason most producers like to have your routine info way ahead of time is because if gives them the ability to rearrange their schedule on the fly. For example, if the team ahead of you in queue misses their production dates, then we can easily slide you into that spot and get your mixes to you earlier than expected. Now who doesn't like that! Being prepared can be super beneficial to you and your team. Having your mix earlier gives you more practice time with that mix to be able to learn voice overs and etc. before your big competition.

Now that you have sent in your routine info (on-time) you should expect nothing less than open communication and transparency from your producer.  He/she should let you know that they have received your information and that everything is on track. They should be extremely responsive and prompt regarding any additional questions/concerns that you may have while waiting for your mix.  If there is an issue or change to schedule for any reason then your producer should let you know immediately. Too many times we hear the horror stories of delivery dates being missed and producers that are nowhere to be found. My heart goes out to you in these cases.  It’s not right and you shouldn’t have to deal with that in your life. You have enough going on between running your gym, your life and your family. This is why vetting your producer is very important as we mentioned in the first section.   

By now you just want your mix already.  Assuming no hiccups and invoice is paid in full, your delivery date is here!  Go to your email and download that perfect mix. It will most likely be in mp3 format and you can save it to your phone, itunes and etc.  Let’s play this masterpiece! Some things to listen for are that all the sound effects are in the correct place, the correct songs were used (in the correct sections if specified) and voice overs/other lyrics are correct (e.g., correct gym, team name, theme and etc.).  One of, if not, the most important thing to double check is that the overall length of mix is accurate. Sometimes mixes can go over time for various reasons. Some competitions give a little grace period. Others don’t. You’ll want to make sure that your mix is dead on time (e.g., 1:30, 2:00, 2:15 or 2:30) to avoid any penalties.  If the mix is under time then you’re okay. 

Here are a couple remedies to fix your mix if it’s over time.  The easiest solution is to have your producer speed up certain parts of the mix (e.g., running tumbling) or the overall tempo of the mix.  If you’re like a second over then speeding up one section should do the trick. If you around 3 second over time then you’ll need the entire mix sped up.  Another, more tedious fix would be to remove counts from the mix. At traditional cheer tempo each 8-count removed will make up around 3 seconds. In an ideal world a mix would start on 5 and end on 47.1.  This makes for a mix dead-on 2:30 with a bpm around 147. If your routine is choreographed past 47.1 then you and your producer should discuss how to handle that ahead of time.


Edit - what can I say. It’s a four letter word, lol.

Although most producers don’t love edits - they are necessary. We all know why so we don’t need to go into it. To avoid any confusion and a need for multiple edits due to lack of clarity, let me provide some recommendations for handling edits. If a song swap is needed that is easy. You can simply email your producer, or submit and edit form if they have one, and let them know what song you want in and what song you want out. This is pretty straight forward. On the other hand, sound effect changes can be a little more nuanced. Sound effect changes generally require one of two things (or both). If you are re-submitting your 8-count sheet with your new counts it is preferable that you highlight the new actions. This will tell your producer exactly where to focus in order to expedite the process. Going count-by-count looking for difference makes us pull our hair out. Additionally, it’s best to create the edit 8-count sheet from scratch leaving out the old sound effects that aren’t in the routine anymore and only including the newly highlighted actions. You can also include original sound effects that haven’t been changed.

Another way of submitting your sound effect changes will be to record and send in a new video - obviously recorded to your current mix. This will allow your producer to easily drop the video into his/her music program and line it up quickly. We highly recommend sending an email that gives an overall of what is different. Having the video is great, but if we don’t know what is different then we will have to do count-by-count to figure it out.

If more than song swaps and/or sound effects need to be edited then you’ll need to have a detailed call with your producer to come to a solution. Some major changes may be costly, but hey - you know that already because you read your producer’s Procedures and Policies

I hope this article helped to give you some insight on the music ordering process and what to expect when expecting your mix. If you have further questions feel free to contact us anytime via email, phone or on our live chat.

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IPP's Premade Mixes are USA Cheer Compliant and customizable!  Add Sound FX, swap songs, & more!  Add your Team Name to the mix for only $10! 

The Do’s and Don’ts of the 8-Count Sheet

By Steve Pawlyk

Published July 8, 2019


Someone out there needs to hear this...

your 8-count sheets are a mess

There I said it!  Don’t be mad. I’m just playing with you!  I know that filling out an 8-count sheet can be confusing and tedious at times.  Who wants to sit there and fill in each of those little boxes count by count - line by line.  It can make you pull your hair out. I know that’s why so many coaches fly through it just to get it done.  I’m right there with you. I have been guilty of this at times too. However, it can be problematic since the 8-count sheet can be a critical part of your music creation.  Most of the time it’s all your producer has at their disposal. Therefore, if your 8-count sheet is unclear or confusing then your music producer may not be able to execute that perfect mix that you envision.  Let me help you to solve this problem by providing examples of the do’s and don’ts of the 8-count sheet.

So why is this important?

Plain and simple, having the perfect 8-count sheet will reduce any aggravation on the part of you and your producer.  Your mix is the heartbeat of your routine. The perfect mix can help to bring your routine to life and pump up your team.  When you submit your count sheet at the beginning of the season you envision receiving a mix so perfect that the crowd wants to know all the lyrics and wants to sing along at competition like they do for Cheer Extreme Senior Elite and Top Gun.  Having the crowd support can help to lift your team up to the next level during their performance. You want your sound effects to be big and expressive, your beats to hit hard and the lyrics to be perfect! Trust me, your producer wants this for you as well.

Hopefully, I still have your attention. Now let’s dive in and see how both you and your producer can collaborate to create the most magnificent piece of routine music that you’ve ever heard!


Use the recommended count sheet that your producer prefers.   Most production companies create and only like to work off of their own count sheet as they know it well.


Please don’t make up your own count sheet.  I’ve seen this time and time again. Some coaches have submitted pictures of their routine sketched out on a napkin with hand drawn rows and columns


Record your routine to an 8-count track.  You will want to have an accurate reference when filling out your 8-count sheet. Using an app like Simple8 by IPP is great way to record and save your videos!


Avoid trying to fill out your 8-count sheet by memory or in real-time (while watching your team practice).  This will lead to an error 100% of the time.



Make sure to include to the intro line when filling out your 8-count sheet.

Your producer’s count sheet should always start on 1.1 as the introduction line.  You will typically see that some producers will black out counts 1-4 (to start on 1.5) as a reminder that this is, in fact, is your opening 5,6,7 & 8

Regardless, if the first 8-count has any indication whether or not you should always start your first action on 2.1

For example, if your first section is standing tumbling then your section label would be placed on 2.1 and your actions would start somewhere on this line.  The reason for this is that your producer’s mixing software starts on 1.1 (with 1.5 being your usually 5,6,7 &8 intro). Therefore, 2.1 is the first line where he/she can start your mix.

Basically, what you consider the first 8-count of your mix is the second 8-count to your producer.

Basically, what you consider the first 8-count of your mix is the second 8-count to your producer.


Avoid skipping the intro line.  This will cause your entire mix to be off by one full 8-count leading to an edit (i.e., Reconstruction ) to be made necessary.  This may be time consuming and costly.


Note your sections on either the left/right side of the count sheet. This allows your producers to quickly understand the flow of your routine and helps to map out ideas.


Make sure not to leave your sections blank. This can cause unnecessary guess work on the part of your producer and the mix can start to lose it’s cohesiveness.


Include your song choices on either side of the count sheet, at the bottom in the notes, on the cover page of the count sheet (where applicable) or in an email (noting which song goes with which section of the routine).


Never leave your mix without song selections. Producers generally dislike picking songs. It can be a long process trying to find songs that they think you might like in your mix.  This leaves less time for actual mix creations. Additionally, your producer may pick something that you don’t like leading to edit which can incur a fee.


When adding action words (sound effects) to your count sheet be sure to be clear and concise.  Try to use one or two words per box to describe your actions. For example, scale, twist, double full and etc.  In addition, only use action words that are pertinent to your routine. Remember, sound effects are unique audio samples used to highlight important actions in your routine, therefore, we suggest only including sound effects that help to bring your routine to life.  If you need to add extra information about your routine as a whole or a certain section then you can provide that information at the bottom of the 8-count sheet in the “notes” section.

Good Count Sheet:


Avoid filing each box with phrases or multiple actions. Although you think it may be helpful - it’s not. It can become hard to decipher sometimes.  Also, producers can only add one sound effects per beat in your mix so if you put multiple action words in the box it could make your mix sound like a mess.  Only include the most important action words on your 8-count sheet. Additionally, not every box needs to be filled with minor details or actions such as set, look, hold and etc.  Your producer prefers to see a clean 8-count sheet verses one cluttered with a million words. It will help to expedite the process. Trust me!

Bad Count Sheet:


Make sure that you mix starts and ends at the correct time to avoid edits and/or your mix going over the allotted time requirements. As mentioned before, your mix will need an intro.  Typically, you’ll want to start on 1.1 or 1.5. However, there can be some slight variation (e.g., 1.3 or 1.7). Just as important as making sure that your mix starts on the correct count is that it ends on the correct count.  This will avoid your mix going over time which will eliminate the chance of receiving a time violation penalty at competition. We recommend that your mix ends on the following counts to meet the different mix length time limits: 47.1 for a 2:30 mix, 42.1 for a 2:15 mix, 37.1 for a 2:00 mix and 28.1 for a 1:30 mix.  These recommendations are based on a 146 beats-per-minute (bpm) mix speed.


Please do not go over time! This can be a hassle for both of us. Mixes that end past the recommended stop times will need to be sped up. What typically happens in these cases is that the mix becomes too fast leading to poor execution of skills. However, there are some more advanced teams that can handle this speed increase. Others can’t. Those teams that can’t handle the speed increase will come back with a Reconstruction Request (link out to p&p definition of a reconstruction in the edits section) which will require the removal of a specified amount of 8-counts. An edit of this nature will usually incur a fee - yikes!


Keep your producer’s 8-count sheet as intended.  It has been formatted the way he or she likes. If there are any special instructions then your producer will let you know ahead of time.


Refrain from modifying your producer’s 8-count sheet.  Doing something to the count sheet unannounced may result in a mistake in production.  For example, avoid color-coding your sections. This can be distracting. Just list sections on the side as mentioned above.  The only time highlighting will be necessary is when re-submitting your 8-count sheet for an edit

I know some of this can seem confusing, but it’s really not.  We are here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions please contact us.  We want to make your music experience as pleasant as possible. Regardless if you use IPP or not, we are willing to assist you at any point in the season.

Cheerleading 8-count sheet

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15 Best Cheer Songs of 2019 (so far)

15 Best Cheer Songs Of 2019

By Steve Pawlyk

Published April 12, 2019

A new year brings new music!

Time to remix and revamp your current mix for Worlds and The Summit with our list of the 15 best cheer songs for January, February and March 2019.If you want to take your mix to the next level here is what you'll need!

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IPP's Premade Mixes are USA Cheer Compliant and customizable!  Add Sound FX, swap songs, & more!  Add your Team Name to the mix for only $10! 

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Best Cheer Music Producers for Competition Mixes 2018-2019

best cheer music studios for competition mixes

best cheer music producers for competition mixes

By Steve Pawlyk

Published September 26, 2018

Its a question coaches face every season: What are the best cheer music producers for competition mixes?

A lot has changed in the world of cheer in just a few short years. Perhaps no area of cheer has changed as much as the process of purchasing music.  The last 3 years has brought as many new rules as new producers.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the best cheer music producers for competition mixes.


Determining your budget is a crucial first step.  Teams with larger budgets may want to explore the custom mix option, while those on a tighter budget (gyms with multiple teams, for instance) may find premade mixes to be a better fit.


Custom mixes are just that; exclusive mixes made from scratch to your request and/or count sheet.

premade mixes are already built, and therefore more affordable.


Custom Mixes come complete with personal voiceovers and routine-timed fx.  However, premade mixes are also often customizable via voiceover/fx/edit add-ons


This is usually less of an option these days as most competitions require licensing. However, some producers still provide licensing, optionally, for an additional fee.  Alternatively, other sites (like IPP Music), provide licensing free with all purchases, custom or premade

The following is a list of the industry's best cheer music producers for competition mixes


USA Cheer provides their own list of approved vendors on their Preferred Music Providers page


Cheer News:  Usa Cheer Announces U.s. Junior National Coed Team

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Best 16 Cheer Songs of 2018 to keep you cool

Best 16 Cheer Songs Of 2018 To Keep You Cool

16 Best Cheer Songs of 2018

By Steve Pawlyk

Published July 18, 2018

The 2018 season is here! Seems like just yesterday you were at Worlds and/or Summit. Boy does time fly. You’ve taken you “vacation”, evaluations are done and teams are set. Now it’s time to practice. I know you love being back in the gym with your amazing athletes. But, I know one thing you could do without...this summer heat! Let us share the 16 Best Cheer Songs of 2018 to keep you cool this summer. Your kids will thank you!

  1. One Kiss - Dua Lipa
  2. The Middle - Maren Morris
  3. No Tears Left To Cry - Ariana Grande
  4. God’s Plan - Drake
  5. Flames - Sia
  6. Freaky Friday - Little Dickey
  7. All The Stars - Kendrick Lamar
  8. Love Lies - Khalid & Normani
  9. Nice For What - Drake
  10. This Is America - Childish Gambino
  11. Friends - Anne-Marie
  12. I like It - Cardi B
  13. Solo - Clean Bandit
  14. Back To You - Selena Gomez
  15. Make Me Feel - Janelle Monae
  16. Havana - Camilla Cabello

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IPP's Premade Mixes are USA Cheer Compliant and customizable!  Add Sound FX, swap songs, & more!  Add your Team Name to the mix for only $10! 

10 Cheer Songs of 2016 To Motivate Your Team

10 Cheer Songs Of 2016 To Motivate Your Team

2-4-6-8 it’s your time to Motivate!

Hey coaches! This one's for you. Among your many duties, one of the most important thing you can do is motivate your team.  As we know, not every practice or performance will go as planned. It’s at these time that you must rise up and be the leader that your team needs.  One sure way to light a fire under your team is to pick songs for your mix that really keep your kiddos going. Music is a key element to your practice and performance so we thought that we’d help you out and prepare a must have list of cheer songs for your routine.

So here we go! These are our Top 10 essential cheer tracks of 2016!

1. Don’t Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers

[arve url="" /]

2. Controlla - Drake

[arve url="" /]

3. Into You - Ariana Grande

[arve url="" /]

4. Send My Love - Adele

[arve url="" /]

5. Panda - Designer

[arve url="" /]

6. Cold Water - Major Lazer

[arve url="" /]

7. Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes

[arve url="" /]

8. Work From Home - Fifth Harmony

[arve url="" /]

9. Needed Me - Rihanna

[arve url="" /]

10. Cheap Thrills - Sia

[arve url="" /]