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REDEMPTION USA Cheer vs The World documentary is it good

By Steve Pawlyk

Published July 8, 2024

Since 2018, the Premier US National All Girl Team has fallen short to Team Finland at the ICU World Cheerleading Championships. In this six-episode limited series, REDEMPTION: USA Cheer vs. The World, we follow the team from its inception to the 2023 ICU World Cheerleading Championship.  The team is on their journey to take back the gold medal, and it is not an easy road.

“This film shows cheerleading on a whole other level. I am obsessed!!”Maddy Brum, Netflix CHEER Season 2

In this documentary, you can expect the raw, unfiltered, and true version of what the training experience is like for the athletes and coaches. Every cheerleader responds differently when they hear “cheerleading isn’t a sport” but for these girls, they prove that cheerleaders are athletes too. 

Buckle Up for an emotional roller coaster; this shows the true dedication of blood, sweat, and tears! -Morgan Simianer, Netflix CHEER

Being put on mat in the beginning of training does not solidify your position through the end. Changes are made only days before taking the mat, and the coaches have tough decisions to make to ensure that the right combination take the floor at ICU in Orlando. Let’s meet some of the characters in REDEMPTION: USA Cheer vs. The World.

Head coach Tony Nash is one of the best cheerleading coaches in the world, and he even was a part of innovating cheerleading in the United States. But what many do not know is that Tony is facing a medical battle that puts life into perspective for him and his family. Tony is not only a coach, but a dedicated father and husband whose main focus in life is to be the best he can be for his family. While searching for redemption on the mat, he is also searching for answers when it comes to his health. 

Mark Coleman, head coach of Morehead State University, plays a complex role in the narrative of the documentary. As a mentor coach for Team Finland, Mark brings his vast experience and expertise to help elevate the Finnish team’s performance at the ICU World Cheerleading Championships. However, this dual role creates a challenging dynamic, as Mark also coaches some athletes on the USA All Girl team who cheer for him over at Morehead State.

Mark’s involvement with both teams adds an intriguing layer to the series, illustrating the interconnected world of competitive cheer. It underscores the importance of integrity, commitment, and the delicate balance required to excel in such a fiercely competitive world.

Madelyn is from the University of West Georgia and the USA Cheer training process is pretty tough on her both physically and mentally. Madelyn is also facing challenges outside of cheer, and something happens right before Finals at ICU in 2022 that could take over her whole demeanor.

Journey is a powerhouse athlete, but even the best of the best face tough challenges. Journey’s back is a constant struggle for her, and ultimately it affects her ability to be able to compete. This results in a chain reaction of events for the team at the 2022 ICU World Cheerleading Championship. 

You will learn that USA All Girl assistant coach, Asia, was also an athlete on the team before becoming a coach. Her first year in 2018 was the first time the team did not win a Gold medal. Asia has never won Gold before, so her will to win is at an all time high. 

Assistant coach, Lindsey, was also an athlete on the team before becoming a coach. But Lindsey has won a Gold medal before, so she knows what it feels like for all of your hard work to be worth it. She is determined to help the team get back to the top where they belong. 

Cora never imagined herself on a team like USA. From being an alternate, to the opportunity to compete, big dreams come true for this NC State athlete.

Blake isn’t just the teams’ choreographer, but a close friend of head coach Tony. Blake is close to Tony’s family and ultimately helped Tony get through a tough stage of his life. 

REDEMPTION USA Cheer vs The World

Blake helped Tony get through a challenging period marked by his medical battle. Tony is one of the best cheerleading coaches globally, but faced significant health issues that added immense pressure and stress to his life. Blake was crucial in his support and friendship to helping Tony navigate this tough stage and stay focused on his family and coaching.

Paige and Michaiah are two strong leaders and exceptional athletes. 

They not only excel in their cheer skills but also play a crucial role in maintaining team cohesion and morale during the grueling training sessions. Their leadership extends beyond mere words of encouragement; they lead by example, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to their craft and pushing their teammates to strive for greatness.

What adds an intriguing layer to their dynamic is that, while they are united as teammates on the USA Cheer National Team, they are still, currently, fierce rivals in the college circuit. This rivalry fuels a healthy competition between them, driving each to perform at their absolute best. Their ability to balance this rivalry with their shared goal of leading the USA team to victory highlights their maturity and dedication. Despite competing against each other in college, Paige and Michaiah put aside their differences to work together, showcasing the true spirit of teamwork and unity.

Their journey in the documentary reveals the complexities of balancing personal ambitions with team objectives, making their story an inspiring testament to the power of leadership and collaboration in achieving common goals.

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