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The Remarkable Journey of Extreme All Stars Lvl X

By Steve Pawlyk

Published June 14, 2024

For Extreme All Stars gym owner Mandy Field, winning a world championship was a dream that seemed almost unreachable. The team has always worked tirelessly, season after season, but the talent pool in competitive cheer is vast… and let’s say…formidable. However, after clinching the silver medal at the 2023 Cheerleading Worlds, she sensed that her team was on the cusp of something extraordinary.

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A Season Fueled by Determination

“Every single athlete after awards were like, ‘We’re doing it next year. Next year is our year!’” Field recalls. “From our first practice, they were declaring they were going to be World Champions.” This unwavering confidence set the tone for the entire season, with the team adopting the motto, “Speak it into existence.”

Overcoming Adversity

The road to the 2024 Cheerleading Worlds was anything but smooth. The season was marked by significant challenges, including numerous injuries. As a D2 gym, Extreme All Stars didn’t have the luxury of a large pool of substitute athletes. This meant long, grueling practices and additional training days. Despite these hurdles, the team’s dedication never wavered.

“We had a time in the season that we practiced for 30 days straight,” Field explained. “We never had a day off because we were having one injury after another. We are a smaller gym, so it was a big challenge, but the kids never batted an eye. It’s been their mission all season, and they made sure it happened. I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

Building Momentum

The team’s determination began to pay off at the CHEERSPORT Nationals, where Lvl X hit zero deductions on both days and secured first place out of 11 teams. This victory was a turning point and a manifestation of their world champion aspirations. “We passed around a piece of paper, and everyone wrote on it, ‘I am going to be a World Champion,’” Field said. “We ended every practice saying, ‘We are World Champions.’”

The Final Push

As the 2024 Cheerleading Worlds approached, the team faced yet another setback: a serious injury to a key athlete. The uncertainty was palpable, but the athlete managed to compete, albeit without tumbling, delivering an incredible performance.

“It was a stressful weekend for us,” Field said. “She was able to compete but just not tumble and pulled off an amazing routine.”

The Moment of Truth

All the stress, hard work, and determination culminated in a defining moment. Lvl X was in first place after the semi-finals in the L6 Limited Senior XSmall Coed division. They returned for the finals and delivered a flawless zero-deduction routine. The anticipation was electric as the announcers declared, “And your 2024 World Champions… Extreme All Stars Lvl X!”

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Extreme All Stars Lvl X

“It took 26 years of building the gym for that to happen,” Field reflected. “It was always my ultimate goal with coaching, but it almost didn’t seem real. You work so hard for that moment, put in so much time and passion, and then when it happens, you almost need to pinch yourself to make sure it’s real. I was so grateful that the kids actually got to see the reward of hard work.”

A Journey Come Full Circle

This victory marked the program’s first-ever World Championship win, a testament to the team’s perseverance and belief. From D2 Summit titles, NCA titles, competing in level 6, stepping back to level 5, and ultimately taking second place in 2023, the journey of Extreme All Stars Lvl X has been nothing short of remarkable.

“They stuck with it. They didn’t go somewhere else; they trusted that we would one day pull it back together. They worked every day just as hard on a level 5 team as they did when we got to level 6 again,” Field said.

The story of Extreme All Stars Lvl X is a powerful reminder that hard work and determination do pay off. Their journey from silver to gold, overcoming countless obstacles, and achieving their dream of becoming world champions, is an inspiration to cheerleaders everywhere. As Field puts it, “It’s been their mission all season, and they made sure it happened. I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

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