IPP Cheer Music Extends Annual Memorial Day Sale – Extra 24 Hours of Savings!11 min to read

IPP Cheer Music Extends Annual Memorial Day Sale – Extra 24 Hours of Cheer Music Discounts Savings

By Steve Pawlyk

Published May 27, 2024

As Memorial Day comes to a close, IPP Cheer Music has exciting news for cheerleading coaches and teams nationwide: we’re extending our biggest sale of the year for another 24 hours! Until Monday night at midnight, all premade mixes and their customizations are available at an unprecedented 50% off, and you can add your team name to any mix for just $5.

This year, we’ve rolled out an array of brand new mixes, each crafted to enhance your team’s performance with themes and styles tailored for specific routines and divisions. Here’s a closer look at our newest offerings, designed to electrify your routines and maximize your team’s potential:

“Frozen” – Enchanting Winter Theme Immerse your team in the magical and frosty world of “Frozen”, a mix that combines the cool tones of Drake with the whimsical sounds of Cardi B. Designed for teams such as Assumption University, this mix is perfect for performances that aim to captivate with elegance and a touch of winter wonder.

“Wings Out” – Eclectic High-Energy Theme Soar to new heights with “Wings Out”, an uplifting mix blending genres for an eclectic and energetic atmosphere. Styled with the innovative vibes of Ice Spice and Jack Harlow, this mix is best for teams like Aloha Cheer Academy, enhancing routines that celebrate diversity and vibrancy.

“We Coming” – Competitive Theme Embrace the bold declaration of “We Coming”, a dynamic cheer mix that harnesses the energy of Tyga’s aggressive beats and Rubi Rose’s commanding presence. Perfect for teams like USA Cheer All Girl Premier who want to project confidence and competitive spirit, ideal for routines that aim to intimidate and dominate the competition

“Alien Superstar” – Futuristic Alien Theme Launch into a cosmic journey with “Alien Superstar”, a mix that explores otherworldly themes with the avant-garde sounds of Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo. Ideal for squads like Boston College that enjoy pushing creative boundaries and captivating the audience with a story of interstellar adventure.

“Whole New Level” – Inspirational Uplifting Theme Elevate your performance with “Whole New Level”, an inspiring mix that blends the innovative sounds of The Weeknd with the pop energy of Katy Perry. Perfect for ambitious teams like Bridgewater State University, designed to uplift and transform with every beat.

“Storm Warning” – Intense Nature Theme Brace for the intense power of nature with “Storm Warning”, a mix that captures the tumultuous beauty of the storm. Featuring the edgy sounds of Halsey and the deep beats of Tyla, this track is perfect for teams like Luxe Cheer Lady Legends, ready to unleash a performance as powerful as a storm.

“Fashionista” – Stylish Glamour Theme Hit the runway with “Fashionista”, a chic and stylish mix perfect for teams that command presence with glamour and grace. Influenced by the sleek styles of Post Malone and Tyla, this mix is ideal for squads such as NC State Large Coed that bring fashion to the forefront of their performances.

“Faith Over Fear” – Christian Themed Mix Draw strength and inspiration with “Faith Over Fear”, a spiritually uplifting mix that resonates with the soulful harmonies of Latto and the inspiring lyrics of Big Sean. Tailored for teams like Oklahoma State University All Girl, this mix encourages resilience and faith through every routine.

“Tribute To You” – Heartfelt Memorial Theme Pay homage to cherished memories with “Tribute To You”, a deeply emotional mix that honors the past with the heartfelt melodies of Justin Timberlake paired with the soul-touching lyrics of Lana Del Rey. Ideal for teams like NC State Small Coed, aiming to express reverence and remembrance through their performance.

“All Of The Lights” – Vibrant Party Theme Illuminate the stage with “All Of The Lights”, an electrifying mix that shines bright with the energetic beats of Tate McRae and the dynamic rhythms of Imagine Dragons. Perfect for teams like Oklahoma State University Large Coed that want to bring the energy of a neon-lit party to their routines.

“It’s Giving Gold” – Majestic Regal Theme Shine with regal grace using “It’s Giving Gold”, a luxurious mix that combines the grandeur of Jason Derulo with the elegance of Taylor Swift. Suited for teams like Elite Cheer Fusion, this mix adds a touch of majesty and splendor to performances that celebrate achievements and high honors.

“Shark Attack” – Aggressive Beach Theme Dive into the intense rhythms of “Shark Attack”, a thrilling and suspenseful track perfect for teams that want to bring a fierce, competitive edge to their performance. Styled in the aggressive beats of Tyga and the boldness of Rubi Rose, this mix is ideal for routines that aim to capture the raw power and danger of the ocean’s apex predators. Recommended for teams like USA Cheer All Girl Premier who embody strength and tenacity.

“Bring The Heat” – Fiery Intense Theme Turn up the heat with “Bring The Heat”, a sizzling mix that fuels the fire of competition with the hot rhythms of Jelly Roll and the fiery lyrics of Sza. This mix is perfect for teams like USA Cheer Coed Premier, designed to ignite passion and power in high-stakes performances.

“Your Savior Is Here” – Heroic Rescue Theme Embrace heroism with “Your Savior Is Here”, a bold and dynamic mix that captures the essence of heroics and rescue. Featuring the heroic vibes of Skilla Baby and the adventurous spirit of BabyDrill, this mix is suited for teams that portray stories of salvation and bravery.

“New Year, New Me” – Renewal Fresh Start Theme Celebrate new beginnings with “New Year, New Me”, a refreshing mix that captures the spirit of transformation and fresh starts. Featuring the uplifting melodies of Kendrick Lamar and the vibrant energy of Bad Bunny, this mix is perfect for teams looking to showcase renewal and positive change.

“Magic Moment” – Enchantroic Heartfelt Theme Capture the magic with “Magic Moment”, a captivating mix that highlights key emotional peaks with the enchanting tunes of Jason Derulo and the sweet harmonies of Taylor Swift. Ideal for teams that want to create memorable and heartfelt performances.

“Pure Envy” – Intense Emotional Theme Explore the complexities of envy with “Pure Enzy”, a mix that combines the captivating beats of Saweetie with the lyrical depth of Kodak Black. This mix is perfect for routines that channel deep emotions and tell a story of rivalry and ambition. Ideal for teams like JAG Cheer G.I. JAGs who are not afraid to express raw and powerful emotions on the floor.

“Family First” – Celebratory Family Theme Celebrate the unbreakable bonds of family with “Family First”, a mix that combines the empowering voices of Justin Timberlake with the haunting beauty of Lana Del Rey. This mix is perfect for teams that value the themes of family and unity, such as Elite Cheer Sci-5, and is tailored to inspire warmth and connection in every cheer routine.

“Celebrity” – Glamorous High-Profile Theme Step into the spotlight with “Celebrity”, a glamorous mix perfect for teams that want to dazzle and shine like the stars. Influenced by the star-studded styles of Dua Lipa and Teddy Swims, this mix is suited for performances that radiate celebrity status and high-profile allure.

“The Comeback” – Motivational Return Theme Make a triumphant return with “The Comeback”, a mix that embodies the spirit of resilience and comeback. With the motivational beats of Jack Harlow and the inspiring lyrics of Miley Cyrus, this mix is perfect for teams making a significant return to the stage or looking to overcome past challenges.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your team’s routine with premium mixes at half the price! Whether you’re looking to add intensity, emotion, or celebration to your performances, IPP Cheer Music has a mix tailored to your needs. Hurry, this extended sale ends tonight at midnight!


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