Custom or Premade Mixes: Which is right for you this season?2 min to read

By Steve Pawlyk

Published October 24, 2019

Every summer, coaches and athletes get geared up for a new season full of excitement!

Some of the many things to look forward to are choreography, uniforms, practice wear and most importantly Cheer Music! Cheer music is the heartbeat of your performance and is essential to hitting that perfect routine! There are many options when choosing cheer music, but which is right for you this season? Custom or premade mixes?

Let’s start by describing the differences between custom and premade mixes.  Each has particular characteristics that suit the needs of each client. So let’s dive in!

Custom Mixes

Custom mixes are typically created from your 8-count sheet once your choreography is complete.  Therefore, you have control of what goes into the production of your mix. You can choose your songs, where sound effects are placed, the amount of voice overs/vocals, where the vocals are placed, the tone/mood of the mix and etc.  This mix is made custom just for you. Therefore, it can take time and traditionally costs more. If you are not in a rush and have a healthy budget then a custom mix is definitely for you!

Premade Mixes

Your other option for routine music are premade mixes!  These mixes are great for teams on a budget and who need mixes quickly.  In fact, most companies who offer premade mixes have them available for immediate download. premade mixes cost 100s less than custom mixes.  Although you won’t have as much creative control, you will still be able to customize with add-ons such as voice overs, sound effects, song swaps and more.   These mixes can have a custom feel at a fraction of the price.

Having a mix for every team on any budget is crucial to our industry. Regardless of your choice between custom and premade mixes, every team deserves quality music for their performances. Budget and time shouldn’t be the deciding factor on whether or not your team receives a rocking mix. Hopefully this article gave some insight into the difference between custom and premade mixes and helps you choose which option is right for you this season.

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