Collegiate Champions Choose IPP!7 min to read


By Annemarie Arthurs

Published April 18, 2022

Another NCA College Nationals is in the books and this one just hit differently.  Daytona Beach was on fire with talent and excitement this year after we missed 2020 and only saw a small variety of teams in 2021 as most competed virtually. It was nothing short of amazing seeing teams back on the bandshell battling it out for supremacy.  And to top it off, we were able to see 4 teams win using our music

We’d like to congratulate the following IPP clients on some historic wins!…



The first champion crowned was Framingham State University.  This was definitely a monumental win for FSU and coach Dave Lombardi.  Dave has been the head coach of FSU for 13 years and is set to retire at the conclusion of this season.  He’s been waiting a long time to be in the limelight and that’s just where he was!  After being in first place coming out of prelims the tension was still high because of the 25/75 score split. At any moment a small mistake from the day before could potentially haunt you in finals.  However, the ladies of FSU were able to perform with consistency and showed Daytona Beach just what it means to be RAM TOUGH! 

When asked about his experience coaching in his final season, Dave said, “What an amazing year we had.  It was a year of firsts for us. This was the first year that we competed as a small coed team. It was the first year we hit zero. And this was the first year we won NCA College Nationals!”

In regards to his experience with IPP, Dave went on to say, “I want to thank Steve and IPP for always making incredible music for us and helping to pump up my team to win our first NCA College National title”.

Steve, owner of IPP said, “It was the most incredible experience to see FSU finally get a must deserved win.  Not only have we been mixing their music for a number of years, but also Dave Lombardi is also a close friend of mine so it was amazing to see him finally take home that title!”



The ladies of the Red Squad go back-to-back!   What can I say?  There’s just something magical about this team. Coached by Jason Manhart and Alex Primiano, BSU brought home their 6th title in the last 11 years (2011, 2014, 2019, 2 wins in 2021 and 2022)! 

When asked to reflect on her experience, coach Alex said, “Every Daytona experience is unique in its own way, but from the start we knew this was going to be special.  This was our first trip back to NCA College Nationals since 2019 and we had a team of athletes who had never stepped foot on the Daytona mat.”

She then went on to say, “Watching them experience their first Daytona together and the look on their faces as they walked off the finals mat is something our coaching staff will never forget.”

Alex concluded by noting, “We are so proud of our Bear for pushing through adversity and coming together as a family.”

Steve from IPP said, “it’s been an honor being able to be a small part of their last 4 wins.  Not only do the coaches trust me to run with my ideas, they also are one of the most appreciative teams that I have ever worked with.  It feels good knowing that my work still makes teams and athletes of all ages excited to perform!”  

OSU DAytona 2022 nCAOklahoma State University (large coed)

OSU DAytona 2022 nCAOklahoma State University (large coed)

I’m literally speechless after watching this routine.

I’ve never been so nervous during an award ceremony. My legs felt like they were literally made of jelly. Not only did OSU large coed go back-to-back, but they also brought their 5th title in 10 years.  This win marks #6 for coach Lindsey Bracken who took over the head coaching role during the 2012-2013 season.  When asked about her experience this year, coach Lindsey replied, “Our experience during Covid has further strengthened our focus on representing OSU well and making each practice count.”  

Lindsey then went on to note that, “IPP provided music that encompasses our school pride so well and reflects our love for OSU”.

IPP has been blessed to be a part of all 6 wins (5 for Large Coed and 1 for Small Coed) as we have been mixing their music since 2012. 

Steve from IPP says, “the opportunity to mix for OSU back in 2012 is what skyrocketed us to the position we are in today.  Without OSU we might not be as popular as we are now. “   

Eastern MIchigan UNiversity Daytona CHeer NCA 2022Eastern Michigan University

Eastern MIchigan UNiversity Daytona CHeer NCA 2022Eastern Michigan University

The Eagles of Eastern Michigan University came prepared with their talons up.  Led by coach Mary Spilski, EMU was able to bring a title back to Michigan!  With 15 years of collegiate coaching experience, Mary was able to keep her team focused on the mission and capture that long awaited title of NCA Collegiate National Champion. That trophy and banner are going to look amazing hanging in the halls of EMU! 

Steve from IPP notes that this is a special win for him and the IPP team because EMU won their division with a premade mix.  Steve says, “It’s been an amazing journey over the past 16 years watching the evolution of premade mixes. These types of mixes went from being looked down upon to now helping teams win national championships at all levels!”