NCA/NDA COLLEGE NATIONALS – DAYTONA 2022 (Results/Recap) – SEARCHABLE2 min to read


By Annemarie Arthurs

Published April 12, 2022

EDITED (April 15 2022): Now Searchable

Another Daytona season has officially come and gone! The competition was fierce, and the scores were shocking to some!! Watching the tough divisions with intense competition was very exciting. Whether you were sitting on the beach in front of the bandshell, or on your couch watching on Varsity TV, it was quite a show!

Especially every time we got to hear our IPP music blasting over those speakers! My top two favorite moments from the event were holding my breath while Navarro and TVCC competed, and watching the OSU, Texas Tech, and Louisville division!! I grew up a Louisville fan, but OSU won my heart this weekend!! And I am not just saying that because we do their music!! 


I think all the coaches are already getting back to the drawing board to come back even harder next season! I’m sure TVCC is ready!! And can we talk about how they brought two teams this year! Shout out to their Small Coed team for taking the gold!! It will be interesting to see what other programs bring some new teams next season!! 

Let’s dive into the cheer/dance/stunt/and mascot divisions below! 

NCA/NDA Nationals 2022 Daytona Results

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NCA/NDA Nationals 2022 Daytona Results