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2024 Spirit Cheer Super Nationals Results (Searchable)

2024 Spirit Cheer Super Nationals

By Steve Pawlyk

Published January 9, 2024

(updated january 31)


As the lights dimmed in the Atlantic City Convention Center, the stage set for the Spirit Cheer Super Nationals 2024, an air of anticipation was palpable. The crowd held its breath, ready to be dazzled by the spectacular display of cheerleading prowess. What unfolded was nothing short of a theatrical spectacle – a blend of athleticism, artistry, and sheer determination, as teams from across the nation vied for the top spot. This prestigious competition, streamed live on Varsity TV, was an opportunity for teams to earn points for The League by Varsity All Star and secure bids for various end-of-season championships.


Kumamoto University Cheerleading

While dozens of teams showcased their skill and passion, certain performances stood out as the epitome of cheer excellence. These remarkable teams captivated the audience with a blend of flawless execution, innovative choreography, and unwavering team spirit. So today let’s go through some of the highlights of the event, spotlighting these outstanding teams and their performances. Let’s go! 🙌

East Celebrity Elite – Bombshells

The head-turners this year was East Celebrity Elite’s Bombshells in the  Small Senior 6 category. Lead by Coach Steve Belanger, the Bombshells performance was a mesmerizing blend of tight floor work and pinpoint stunts. Executed flawlessly with unique musically timed choreography that gave a sense of perfect symmetry throughout the routine. They captivated the audience and judges alike, earning them a final score of 97.7333 and zero deductions. It was a routine that spoke volumes of the expertise and quality of ECE’s program; only made more evident by ECE’s Bomb Squad’s zero deductions, 96.8292 performance in Small Senior Coed 6.

South Jersey Storm – Celsius

Not to be outdone, South Jersey Storm’s Celsius excelled in the Small Senior Coed category with a final score of 97.2208, hitting zero and earning them a Full Paid Bid. Their high-energy routine, marked by precision tumbling and unique pyramids that seemed to hypnotically weave in and out of each other. They are undeniably a team of exceptional caliber.

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World Cup – Omni

Shifting to the International U18 Non-Tumbling Coed 6 division, World Cup Omni emerged as the dominant force. Their routine, marked by its innovative choreography began with a truly remarkable throw, and incorporated several unique pyramid executions, earning them a final score of 94.2334 and zero deductions. It wasn’t just a performance; it was a statement – a testament to their creative prowess and technical mastery.

Port City Athletics – Lux

In the intensely competitive Limited XSmall Senior Coed division, it was Port City Athletics’ Lux that hit zero and claimed victory. Scoring a phenomenal 95.8042, their routine was an exhilarating display of dynamic stunts and complex choreography, showcasing not just their skills but the seamless coordination and unity of the team.

Xtreme Cheer – Inferno

In the International Open Coed Non-Tumbling category, Xtreme Cheer’s team Inferno stole the show. Capturing the top spot with a score of 97.5476, their routine was a captivating fusion of athletic agility and creative choreography, leaving the audience in awe.

All Star Cheer Teams 2024 event scores


Upper Merion All Stars – Royals

Coached by Kylie Franks, the Upper Merion All Stars’ team Royals showcased a commendable performance at the Spirit Cheer Super Nationals, earning them an “At Large” Bid. Securing 2nd place in the Extra Small 6 division with a score of 91.8125, their routine was a testament to their rigorous training and synchronization. Despite a deduction of 2.25, the team’s great floor work stood out. Their routine was characterized by exceptional synchronization, a factor that resonated strongly with their audience and judges alike. The Royals’ performance was a clear display of their dedication and potential, making them a team to watch in future competitions.

South Jersey Storm – Snow Angels

The South Jersey Storm’s team Snow Angels delivered an impressive performance at the Spirit Cheer Super Nationals, securing an “At Large” Bid. Finishing 2nd in the International U18 Non-Tumbling 6 division with a score of 90.2947 and no deductions, their performance was a display of impeccable timing and innovative choreography. The routine began with a unique sequence that immediately captured the attention of the audience, setting the tone for their high-caliber performance. The team’s ability to “hit zero” – a term used in cheerleading to denote a routine with no deductions or errors – was particularly noteworthy. Their execution and the originality of their choreography made their performance memorable, positioning the Snow Angels as a promising team in the cheerleading landscape.

As the curtains fell on this grand spectacle, the audience was left spellbound, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this thrilling saga of cheerleading excellence. And below, you’ll find the detailed results (which are searchable), complete with scoring, deductions, and the coveted bids, all testament to the extraordinary talent that graced the stage at the Spirit Cheer Super Nationals 2024.

Spirit Cheer Super Nationals 2024 Results (Final Day)

Results (Day 1)

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Cheer & Dance Championships will Return to Daytona Beach!

Cheer & Dance Championships will Return to Daytona Beach

By Steve Pawlyk

Published July 3, 2023

Calling all cheerleaders, dance teams, and coaches! It’s time to pack your pom-poms and prepare your routines as Daytona Beach, the World’s Most Famous Beach, will once again host the prestigious National Cheerleaders Association & National Dance Association Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship. Thanks to a renewed three-year agreement with the county-run Ocean Center, this major cheer and dance competition is set to continue creating memorable moments against the beautiful backdrop of Daytona Beach.

Since its inaugural year in 1996, this competition has become an end-of-season highlight for cheer and dance teams nationwide. The 2023 edition saw an unprecedented turnout with over 10,000 participants from 450 teams and roughly 20,000 spectators, all contributing to the vibrant, cheer-infused atmosphere of Daytona Beach.

However, the journey to the championship hasn’t always been smooth. With the past year’s tropical storms, Ian and Nicole, event accommodation faced some challenges. Two major hotels were temporarily closed for repairs and renovations, causing room availability to become a pressing issue.

Despite these obstacles, the event organizers and city officials have expressed optimism for the upcoming championships. Bill Boggs, the senior vice president of the National Cheerleaders Association, stated, “We feel good about where we are going into next year and beyond with the availability of rooms that we will need.”


Cheer and dance teams, coaches, and spectators alike can look forward to the 2024 championship scheduled for April 8-14. Preparations are underway at Daytona Beach and the Ocean Center to welcome you with open arms.


Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick Henry and Lori Campbell Baker, executive director of the Daytona Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, have both voiced their excitement for the continued relationship with the cheer and dance championship. It’s not just about the exhilarating performances; it’s also about the positive impact you all bring to the local economy and community.

Bob Davis, president and CEO of the Lodging & Hospitality Association of Volusia County, couldn’t agree more. He praised the championship participants, saying, “It’s a wonderful, well-behaved group that does a great job and they fill the hotels.”

So, cheerleaders, dancers, and coaches, gear up! Your performances, energy, and passion for the sport don’t just electrify the stage but also light up the spirit of the city, its residents, and visitors. Get ready to rock the sands of Daytona Beach with your cheers, flips, and dance moves! See you at the Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship 2024.

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2022 Varsity All Star Summit Championship Scores and Recap

By Annemarie Arthurs

Published May 2, 2022

The 2022 Season has come to an end for all the Division 1 gyms and their teams that earned a bid and competed at the Summit this weekend! After four days of competition, the teams have made the tough climb to finals and winners have been crowned! These junior and senior teams have worked endlessly all season to get to finals to be crowned a Summit Champion

My favorite behind the scenes moment this weekend was when the Cheer Extreme Senior Elite legend of 2010-2013, Maddie Gardner, met and interviewed the current face of Senior Elite, Ryan Cummings. This was for sure a full circle moment and just goes to show you how rare and successful these athletes are. We want to wish Ryan good luck with her journey after this season and maybe we will see her again like Maddie! 

Twitter seems to still be in an uproar over the G.I Janes disqualification at Worlds due to Cheer Athletics Sabres being disqualified at summit due to a crossover rule. There are a lot of different rules going into these large end of season events and I’m sure this was an eye opener for all coaches and gym owners going into next season when making teams with crossovers and completing their rosters with USASF!

The Summit does a great job showcasing the best of the best in levels 1-6 and allows all these athletes to strive to be the best they can be! 

Let’s look at this year’s Summit Champions! Great job to all the teams that attended, and we will see you next season! 

2022 Summit Scores

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Cheerleading Worlds 2022 Performance Order (searchable)

Cheerleading Worlds Competition 2022 Performance Order

By Steve Pawlyk

Published April 20, 2022

Worlds is only 3 days away!

Verify your place in the performance order lists below!

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Worlds Performance Order - April 23


Worlds Performance Order - April 24


Worlds Performance Order - April 25

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By Cat Weeden

Published April 18, 2022

We have all waited 3 LONG years for the return of “The True Worlds Experience.” 3 long years for international teams to return. 3 long years for the fans to sit from sunup to sundown to watch the best of the best duke it out one last time. 

After the 2020 Worlds was canceled (understandably), we were all grateful to be back in action in 2021. But the experience was just not the same. There were hardly any spectators, most teams only competed in person 2-3 times leading up to the World Championships and there was a noticeable absence of international teams. It was an all-around strange year, but man, were we so thankful to be back in Orlando. 

For the first time since 2018-2019, we all experienced a real competitive season. Albeit, a very strange regular season, but we all competed multiple times, the biggest and best events were back in person (NCA, Jamfest, and Jamz) and our kids returned fully to the sport they love. Beyond these factors, there was an extra magical air to this season. The addition and mystery of the Limited All Girl and Coed Worlds Divisions. 

The 2022 World Championships will feature 3 NEW division offerings for US Based Teams, Limited XS/SM Sr 6, Limited XS Coed and Limited Sm Coed 6. For your team to have qualified for these divisions, you must meet 3 standards: 

  1. Any team participating in Limited must be your brand’s ONLY worlds team. 

  2. Your Team must be a Senior Club Level U.S. Based team 

  3. 22 or less members. 

These divisions are not exclusionary of any size gym, as long as you meet the three requirements, you’re in. 

The History of How we got here

During the 2017 D2 Summit, USASF announced the addition of the XS worlds division. The parameters to participate were that you had to have only 1 Worlds team under your brand, and your team had to be 14 participants or less. At the time, the smallest worlds division size was “small'' which was up to 20 athletes. For a smaller Worlds gym that had approx 75-125 athletes, having 20 Worlds athletes would mean that approx 20-45% of their program would need to be Worlds athletes in order to field these teams. The max number of 14 was an opportunity that created positive ripples in the small gym community for years.

That very first year of XS was MAGICAL. There was a sense of hope that we had never felt before on the world side. We would have the ability to compete on the Worlds stage, in a division that was more realistically attainable for Smaller D1 and D2 gyms. We were in regular season divisions of other teams that looked like us and were developmentally at the same place as us. 

We had 1 year. One fantastic, magical, wonderful year of this division with the limitations for participation. By the end of the season the gyms with more than 1 Worlds team made a full court press to not be excluded from Extra Small. At the time it was devastating for the division to be opened to everyone. In retrospect, the mistake was that it was a new SIZE category and that the option to field smaller teams SHOULD have been inclusive of everyone. 

Since the inclusion of Extra Small, Non-Tumbling Coed and All girl, Senior Open Small Coed and All girl, Senior Open Large Coed, Int Small Coed and numerous other divisions have been adopted by Worlds. Each division added serves a purpose and helps bridge gaps in the World’s fabric. 

Over the last 4 years, the Worlds dynamic has drastically changed. There are no longer 50+ teams in Small Coed and All girl. Large Senior and Large Senior Coed remain the title divisions of the championships, but they are dramatically smaller in size. Non-Tumbling and Senior Open Small Coed have EXPLODED in the US and Extra Small has taken its place as the largest coed and all girl club divisions at Worlds. 

While divisions have been continuously created to fill gaps, there hasn't been anymore regard to the creation of divisions that are focused on further developing the Worlds opportunity amongst all types of gyms. What we do know is that according to USASF, D2 gyms are approximately  83% of the allstar gym industry. Yes, you read that correctly - at least 83%. We know that this number is probably TOO LOW based solely on the amount of D2 gyms that do not participate in USASF, so that number is probably closer to 92%, conservatively. 

We had divisions for athletes over 18 (Open/ Int Open), for club teams of different sizes (Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large), for Athletes that do not tumble, but still deserve the right to participate (Non-Tumbling all girl and coed) and if you look at the international spectrum, they have many more additional options that are direct reflections of the everchanging allstar landscape. However, no division for gyms that reflect possibly 92% of the industry… It didn’t make sense.

During the USASF National meeting in Charlotte, the Limited divisions were brought for discussion, and were overwhelmingly agreed upon by D2 and D1 gyms in attendance. There would be no gym size limitations on them, anyone could participate, and they would not be a new exclusionary size category.  The idea would be that while for the 21-22 season they would not be stand-alone divisions, they would be their own divisions for the World Championships. Mid-Summer the divisions were made official.

The Mystery Surrounding Limited

Since Limited was not a stand-alone division in 21-22, no one really KNEW who would participate in the divisions at Worlds. Would teams that qualify, but have had success in the standard divisions choose to stay in the standard divisions or would they participate in Limited? There have been many assumptions, guesses and predictions about who would be in the divisions, but up until last week, no one knew for sure.

That mystery has been nerve wracking, but also very exciting. By not having to declare until you registered for the World Championships, no one really knew what these divisions would look like. Now that the first Worlds schedule has been released.  We now know that Limited has not only been well received by D2 gyms, but even more by the D1 gyms that qualify. This was absolutely the hope. We have previous World Champion Teams, many Worlds Finalist teams, and teams that have been right outside of the podium for years. 

Limited by the Numbers

(As of 4/18, The numbers are anticipated to grow since some teams are not classified correctly)

Limited Small Coed
Teams: 11
Paid Bids: 3
Limited XS Coed
Limited XS Coed will be the SECOND largest Club Coed division, following XSC
Teams: 10
Paid Bids: 3
Limited SM/XS All Girl
Limited All girl will be the SECOND largest Club all girl division, following XS
Teams: 18
Paid Bids: 7

The Future of Limited

The future of Limited is currently up in the air, with USASF commenting that they would like to see what participation at Worlds looks like and how the division goes next weekend. There are many more questions hanging in the air about Limited’s future, but I think it’s fair of USASF to wait until after its first run to decide its long-term fate. 

Will Limited be back at Worlds 2023?

Based on 2022 Worlds participation alone, I would call this a YES. With at least 40 teams participating, 13 Paid Bids and many more teams already declaring that they will be out of Open divisions to participate next season, I think there is no way Limited disappears for 2023 Worlds.

Will Limited become a Standalone Division for the 2022-23 Season?

This is up in the air. I think the mystery surrounding Limited and its participants was fun this year, but going into Worlds, there were a lot of teams that were classified and listed in wrong divisions on the first schedule. Some didn’t note Limited on registration and believed it would automatically populate them into the division, so it’s not really at the fault of USASF.  However,  this would be an easier process if we were ‘Limited’ all year. Also, there is value in competing against the correct teams all year and not only seeing your competitors at Worlds. If it isn’t granted stand-alone division status next season, which it should, it should at least become a Division Split that EP’s are allowed to use. 

Does the inclusion of Limited dilute Worlds?

No. While it feels like there are so many Worlds Divisions and Champions, the reality is that the number of teams that participate at Worlds represent less than 3-5% of the TOTAL membership of allstar cheer. The World Champs, even with 40 divisions, are less than the top 1% of active allstars. Back when there was one All Girl and one Coed winner, allstar was dramatically smaller. The participation has exponentially grown at a rate that called for more divisions and levels. If you are strong enough to take down 17 other teams in Limited All Girl 6, you have earned the right to the World Championship Title. 

Should franchises be allowed to participate in Limited?

In my opinion, no. The division has specific qualifications around it and within those parameters the division is already alive and well and could double in size within the next year. Even though some franchises are smaller in size, they are still a part of very successful brands, and they still have many options for divisions without the ability to participate in Limited. There are many benefits to being a part of a strong national brand, but there are also drawbacks, and to me this is one of them. This division is about development in the same way Non-Tumbling is about offering a division to kids who are not strong tumblers. 

Is Limited a Fast Track to the Podium?

We have divisions at Worlds where you wake up as AT LEAST a Bronze Worlds Medalist. Or you must take down 1 team to Globe. Take it, these are the most talented, best coached, most storied, and outright toughest divisions of Worlds, but that doesn’t change the stats. Whoever wins Large coed, has to move mountains to do it, and they deserve every second of glory and infamy for doing it. With the Limited divisions already being second largest in club division size, I would go as far as to say that these divisions are legitimate, hard and going to be unpredictable. 

Not Everyone Should be able to Compete at Worlds?

Are you the Worlds gatekeeper? Am I? Is your mom? No none of us are. And again, less than 3% of the industry gets to even compete. No one behind a keyboard, a screen, a group text or behind nasty comments gets to decide who can participate, USASF does. You get a bid or you don’t. You go and hit or you don’t.

Who are the Front Runners for Limited?

That’s the best part of these divisions, IT’S ANYONE’S GAME. When was the last time a Worlds Division felt like that?

My final thoughts on Limited

I hope every team in the 3 divisions go out this weekend and performs the routine of a lifetime. I hope any given day the best team of that day wins. I hope that every kid who has waited their turn to compete at Worlds, in their home gym uniform, lives the dream this weekend. I mostly hope that the MAGIC we found 4 seasons ago lives on through Limited. 

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MAJORS 2022 Competition Results

By Annemarie Arthurs

Published January 20, 2022

“Oooooooooo HONEY! That was the TEA, MAJORS you just gave it to ME!!!”

Nothing like starting off our first MAJOR All-Star Competition blog of 2022 with my favorite voiceover throwback! Shout out to Top Gun

Safe to say Friday night was one for the books! I think all all-star cheerleaders can agree that when an event like this is happening and streamed on Varsity TV…. we all know exactly when to tune in, grab the popcorn, and a cozy blanket! I for one can say that I scheduled my entire day to be ready to go at 7:05pm!!

From X-Small – Large Coed…. these teams took the mat and left it all out there! With all the obstacles that gyms have faced this season in this everlasting pandemic we are living in…. it was amazing to see such success, amazing choreography, true talent, and NO MASKS all happening LIVE! 

Okay, now let’s get to the part we all really care about!

Starting off strong with the L6 Senior-XSmall & XSmall Coed divisions…these teams were a FORCE! I remember when first hearing about these new division a while back I thought to myself “how can such few athletes be expected to do so much” but this division has proven to be the strongest!! I got goosebumps watching SC Cheer!! Those ladies sure know how to entertain!

Moving onto Medium Senior & Medium Senior Coed, the “OG” Generals never disappoint! This team has made a name for themselves in the cheerleading world and continues to keep Woodlands Elite at the top! 

Finally, the Large Senior and Large Senior Coed division. Safe to say I’ve been watching these divisions religiously since 2007 and it gets better and better every year! Orange, Panthers, and Senior Elite, Cheetahs and Steel sure know how to make you stop everything you are doing and not take your eyes off the screen!

Shout out to all these choreographers and coaches that can bring these amazing routines to life! 

Now for the results!! 

L6 Senior Coed-XSmall


Twist & Shout Tulsa-Diamonds



CJA All Stars-Team Gunz



Gymtyme Illinois-Fever


L6 Senior Coed-Small


Themeon All Stars-Senior Black



ACE Cheer Company-Warriors


L6 Senior Coed-Medium


Woodlands Elite OR-Black Ops



Prodigy All Stars-MIDNIGHT



The California All Stars-Black Ops


L6 Senior Coed-Large


The Stingray All Stars-Steel (COED GRAND CHAMPS)



Cheer Athletics-Cheetahs


L6 Senior-XSMALL


SC Cheer-Fearless



Cheer Central Suns-Lady Suns



The California All Stars Mesa-Vixens



Twist & Shout Edmond-Obsession


L6 Senior-Small


Cheer Extreme Raleigh-SSX



The California All Stars San Marcos-Lady Bullets



Rain Athletics-Aqua


L6 Senior-Medium


Woodlands Elite OR-Generals



The Stingray All Stars-Peach


L6 Senior-Large


Cheer Athletics-Panthers (ALL GIRL GRAND CHAMPS)



Cheer Extreme-Senior Elite



The Stingray All Stars-Orange


I don’t know about you…but bring on NCA Nationals!!! 

These teams will be coming in hot!!

USASF Announces 3 New Worlds Divisions

USASF Announces 3 New Worlds Divisions

By Steve Pawlyk

Published September 6, 2021

Cheer is back!

and we have more great news!

USASF has just announced 3 new Worlds divisions. This move is a major win for small gyms around the country. Although small representation at the Cheerleading Worlds has been increasing, it’s still not where we would like to see it considering that small gyms make up a super majority of programs around the country. With this new announcement things are about to change. Small gyms will finally get the chance to increase their presence at the 2022 World Championships. This coming April we will see these new divisions launch and potentially lead to an explosion of new talent coming to the world stage. The goal is to help small gyms continue to grow and retain athletes as they will now be able to have the chance to compete on the same stage as some of their idols.

USASF announces 3 new worlds divisions

The new divisions will include: Limited Xtra Small/Small (Allgirl), Limited Xtra Small Coed & Limited Small Coed. The new divisions will be reserved for programs represented by only one at the championships. In addition to the new division, there will also be a unique registration process for the teams. Although they will qualify for the World Championships via receiving a bid in their conventional division, when registering they will have the opportunity to transfer to one of the new Limited Divisions or they can remain in their usual Small or Xtra Small divisions.

This news brings even more excitement to come and the chance for small gyms all around the country to be able compete in the sought after Worlds Championships. Being able to say they have a Worlds caliber team will help their programs to grow and continue the presence of cheerleading through the country and world. We wish all potential programs the best of luck and can’t wait to see you take the stage in April!

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