Your Mix Can Now Have Audio on Varsity TV3 min to read


By Steve Pawlyk

Published September 21, 2020

We have some good news!

Your mix can now have audio on Varsity TV.  Fear of copyright law violation and potential lawsuits have burdened the cheer community with having to watch videos of their favorite teams in silence.  Moreover, viewers have been paying subscription fees year after year for an incomplete service.  However, this season Varsity TV, Flo Cheer and a few music production companies, such as IPP,  have come up with a solution!  I can almost see the excitement on your face.  I bet you’re saying, “about time” right now.

Want your mix to be streamed with audio?  Here’s what you have to do.  First, you’ll need to choose content for your mix that comes with synchronization rights.  More specifically, transferable synchronization rights.  You’re scratching your head right now. I know.  Bear with me though. I’ll help you out.  Without getting into some technical mumbo jumbo regarding licensing it can be summed up easily:


Avoid cover songs


Purchase a full custom mix or select content from a licensing platform such as


Work with a cheer music production company, such as IPP, who has a synchronization agreement in place with FloCheer

Technically, you’ll be all set if you work with one of the cheer music companies who have an agreement in place.  Just let your production company know that you want your mix to have audio when streamed.        

The only question we have left to answer for you is, which production companies have an agreement with FloCheer?  There are only 4 companies (IPP is one) that I know of at the time of this blog. My best advice would be to contact your production company and ask them. If they do not have an agreement with FloCheer then you should encourage them to reach out to get a contract in place. You’ll definitely be disappointed if every team in your division has audio on their stream except for you.  Your music is a major part of your routine and the whole world should hear it!            

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