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D2 Summit Winners, Scores, & Recap – Searchable

By Annemarie Arthurs

Published May 12, 2022

With the D2 Summit over, the 2022 All Star Cheerleading Season has officially come to an end! Huge congrats to all the teams this season! Whether you compete at Worlds, Summit, or D2 Summit, it’s a huge accomplishment to attend any of these prestigious end of season events! 

From day 1 to day 3, these teams fought the hard climb to the top! Some gyms came with one team while others came with five! It’s always amazing to see these D2 gyms from small towns come to these events with such strong teams! The owners, coaches, athletes, choreographers, and parents put in so much time and effort to be successful and it really showed this weekend! 

As a coach in Florence, SC this season, I decided to reach out to both programs here in town! They are both D2 gyms on either side of town, and they both made it finals, one with a first place Summit win! I interviewed Coach Brittany Durrah, Head Cheer Coach at Xtreme Athletics South, and Alex Devlin, Co-Owner of Athletic Cheer Force. 

Photo Courtesy of XA South

I asked Brittany, Coach of Xtreme Athletics Small Senior 1, Burn… “What was this experience like for you and how did It feel to move onto finals with your team for the first time”

Photo Courtesy of XA South

She said, “The experience at D2 summit was great! A much better experience from last year due to the safety regulations of Covid. Our team and parents were able to get the full Summit experience. Competing in the arena is a spine-chilling realization that you finally made it to the finish line! I loved the way we were able to get in person reveals for our teams moving on. The buildup was unreal! With only 6 teams being able to make it to day two we know it was anyone’s game with so many amazing teams. When the announcer said my teams name before they could even finish speaking our feet were off the floor! As a coach it was such a full circle moment. I can’t wait to see what next year’s teams are going to bring and for our team to surpass this year’s placement” 

I then asked Alex Devlin, who was also on their Senior Open Coed 4 team that won, “How does it feel to win the D2 Summit as a second-year program with your first open team?!”

She said “As a 2nd year program I never imagined winning summit!! Our athletes and coaches work so hard each day to strive for excellence. We have a true Cinderella story with this win. We advanced from the wildcard division in first and after semifinals we were entering into finals in 2nd. We knew it was going to be a fight as all the teams in our division are amazing. On finals day we had an athlete get injured at the start of our elite section. We had to completely stop the music and exit the stage. This athlete was center flyer and point in pyramid. We were given a new compete time and rallied together to teach one of our teammates her position. This athlete stepped up and learned some of the most difficult portions of this routine!! As nervous as we were we knew that we had the fight in us to go out there and put on a stellar performance! That’s exactly what we did!!! Air Force One is a team made up of coaches, college athletes and retired athletes. Our Allstar Director and Owner of the program even cheer on this team! We are beyond blessed to get to experience this and it’s even more amazing because we are a 2nd year program! I’m so thankful for my all-star director Lanell Timmons and Co-owner and husband Ryan Devlin as well as our choreographer Ty Rogers and stunt choreographer Patrick Smith! We will cherish this moment for a lifetime!”

I can’t wait to see how much both programs grow this season along with all the other D2 gyms that competed!! 

D2 Summit Winners Scores


2022 Varsity All Star Summit Championship Scores and Recap

By Annemarie Arthurs

Published May 2, 2022

The 2022 Season has come to an end for all the Division 1 gyms and their teams that earned a bid and competed at the Summit this weekend! After four days of competition, the teams have made the tough climb to finals and winners have been crowned! These junior and senior teams have worked endlessly all season to get to finals to be crowned a Summit Champion

My favorite behind the scenes moment this weekend was when the Cheer Extreme Senior Elite legend of 2010-2013, Maddie Gardner, met and interviewed the current face of Senior Elite, Ryan Cummings. This was for sure a full circle moment and just goes to show you how rare and successful these athletes are. We want to wish Ryan good luck with her journey after this season and maybe we will see her again like Maddie! 

Twitter seems to still be in an uproar over the G.I Janes disqualification at Worlds due to Cheer Athletics Sabres being disqualified at summit due to a crossover rule. There are a lot of different rules going into these large end of season events and I’m sure this was an eye opener for all coaches and gym owners going into next season when making teams with crossovers and completing their rosters with USASF!

The Summit does a great job showcasing the best of the best in levels 1-6 and allows all these athletes to strive to be the best they can be! 

Let’s look at this year’s Summit Champions! Great job to all the teams that attended, and we will see you next season! 

2022 Summit Scores


The 2019 Cheerleading Worlds Recap

2019 Worlds Recap Yhz

By Steve Pawlyk

Published May 1, 2019

Another Cheerleading Worlds is in the books and 2019 was one for the ages...

Over 500 hundreds teams from all around the world took the stage hoping to achieve their dreams of becoming World Champions. What we witnessed was nothing short of amazing. Our friends from up north (Canada) dominated this year taking home 9 globes. Leading the charge was Flyers Allstarz with 5 globes and Cheersport Sharks with 2 globes. The U.S. based teems also did not disappoint. Performances by World Cup Shooting Stars, Woodlands Elite Recon and many more left us on the edge of our seats.

We finally saw triple crown winners, Rockstar Cheer The Beatles, hit a grand slam and take home the gold after years of falling just shy of this incredible feet. California Allstars Blackops succeeded at their three-peat taking home the gold in the Senior Medium Coed Division. The original queen from the World Cup Shooting Stars regained their title with their super woman themed routine. Cheer Extreme Lady Lux took home the first ever gold in the new Non-Tumlbing division. And finally, we had the privilege of seeing Prodigy Allstars Midnight complete their undefeated season by taking home the gold in the Senior Small Coed division after a tie-breaker with Brandon Senior Black.

2019 Worlds Recap Congrats

Congratulations to all who competed. We look forward to seeing you in 2020!

Here are your division winners:

XSmall Allgirl: Cheer Central Suns – Lady Suns

XSmall Coed: Gymtyme Illinois – Fever

Small Senior Allgirl: Cheer Extreme -Raleigh -SSX

Small Senior Coed: Prodigy Mignight

Senior Medium Allgirl: East Celebrity Elite – M5 – Bombshells

Senior Medium Coed: The California Allstars – Livermore – Black Ops

Senior Large Allgirl: World Cup – Shooting Stars

Large Senior Coed: The Stingray Allstars – Steel

Senior Open Allgirl: Infinity Allstars – Royals

Senior Open Small Coed: Rockstar Cheer – The Beatles

Senior Open Large Coed: Cheer Athletics – Wildcats

International Open Allgirl: Cheer Sport Sharks – Great White Sharks

International Open Small Coed: Indiana Ultimate – Insanity

International Open Large Coed: Top Gun – 005

International Global Allgirl: Flyers Allstarz – Knockout

International Global Coed: Flyerz Allstarz – Notorious
International Open Non-Tumbling Allgirl: Cheer Extreme – Lady Lux

International Open Coed Non-Tumbling: Cheer Extreme – Raleigh – Code Black

International Open Allgirl L6: Flyers Allstarz – Karma

International Open Small Coed L6: The California Allstars – Team Reckless

International Open Large Coed L6: The California Allstars – Rangers

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