Cheer Bow Trends of 2019

Cheer Bow Trends 2019

By Linda Martinez

Updated December 18, 2018

Build a Bowtique has always tried to stay ahead of bow trends and as a result, we have even been known to start some of the biggest trends in cheerleading bows.

Traditional Big Bows are still popular for many of our customers. They come in three sizes; 3 inch, 2.25 inch, and 1.5 inch. Pigtails are sized at 1.5 inch and many teams use them for their tinies and even their American Girl dolls. Mini and Youth teams often wear the 2.25 inch sized bows, with the 3 inch bows being worn for Junior and Senior teams.

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Over the last two years the trend of bows without tails has exploded. This season over 1/3 of our customers have gone tailless. Tailless bows come in three sizes: Pigtails, 3 inch, and 4 inch. The most popular size for Tiny and Mini teams is the 3 inch tailless. Many teams want even smaller for a set of pigtails. The pigtail sets are the smallest size tailless bows we make. The 4 inch tailless bows are worn mostly by Junior and Senior teams.

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One of our most favorite bow trends has been the removable velcro centers. We created a way for teams to wear the same bow with all kinds of different looks. Teams can add a name or special design to their bows with a removable center that is attached to the bow with velcro. These can also be customized per event that a team travels to in order to give them a special look for any specific competition they travel to.

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This coming season many teams have chosen to go with one of our many other options. There has been a big leap to Rhinestone Genie Cuffs and flexible Rhinestone Ponytail cuffs that fall within the USASF safety guidelines. These can be made in a variety of designs and colors.

Believe it or not a major trend from the 80’s has come back full force! New this season you will see many teams of all ages sporting scrunchies. We have seen a rise in custom logo scrunchies for practice wear as well as fully blinged out scrunchies for competition. There are many options for scrunchie designs and the trend seems to be sticking.

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As a trendsetter, Build a Bowtique loves to create new ideas and bring coaches dreams to reality.

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