Going independent: more options than you think!

The Benefits Of Going Independent: More Options Than You Think!

By Heidi Weber

Published on January 29, 2019


With costs in our industry on the rise and unpredictable changes each season there has never been a better time to compete at independent events.
Here are 5 major benefits of going independent:

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1. Full production for a fraction of the cost:

Did you know that registration fees can be up to $20 less per athlete?

There are full production events that are being offered with less cost per athlete and many times less cost per spectator too!

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2. Independent events cover most of the country:

There are independent events from Coast to Coast and the amount of events is growing everyday. If your area is in need of more events many independent event companies will consider bringing events to your area. Reach out they want to hear from you. 

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3. No Stay to Play requirements

This benefit alone is worth shopping independent events in your area and even areas beyond. This is an immediate savings for your athletes, parents and an increase to your gyms bottom dollar

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4. Multiple End of the Season Choices

When attending independent events there are multiple all level end of season events for gyms to choose from. You won’t lack with world’s bids either.
Independent companies have a huge variety of bids to end of season events all over the country including Las Vegas, New Orleans, Virginia Beach and even Universal Studios Resort Orlando

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5. Personal Connection

Just like you are a small business owner so are these event producers. They have a deep rooted desire to make your gyms experience a success and enjoyable.
Many independents offer participant gifts, coaches room access, rebates, individual awards and much more.

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As our industry grows and evolves

there is an even stronger need for competition in the market place. This is a great time for gyms to reap the benefits of shopping independent events. There are so many choices right at your finger tips.


For hundreds of events and more information about your area visit 



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