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By Patrick Cowherd

Published on January 6, 2019

You have worked hard, sacrificed and shown commitment to do what you love to do. There are goals and dreams you want to achieve, and we want to help you reach them.

Deciding whether or not to cheer at the collegiate level can be a difficult decision. You eat, sleep and breathe cheerleading, and it has become your life. Now, you are thinking, “what next?” “Will I even make a college cheerleading, stunt, or acrobatics and tumbling team?”

With the proper tools, yes you can!

Here at Paragon XL, we connect cheer athletes to college coaches and recruiters to help families find the right match for their children. In addition to cheerleaders, our program also caters toward gymnasts who may want to look at more opportunities for the future besides gymnastics.

We are an online recruiting service where athletes can upload photos, videos, endorsements and statistics for college coaches to see. No longer do you and your family need to travel all over the country to attend college visits and clinics, hoping they need the skills your child possesses. 

With Paragon XL, our members get firsthand access to college cheerleading, stunt and A&T programs, and in turn, these programs can connect with our members upon viewing all their information.

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We offer three different packages to suit everyone’s needs. Once you choose a package, you can complete your profile by uploading all your information with verifiable skills and endorsements. Then you can see which college teams are actively recruiting and what specific skills they are looking for in future athletes. Our XL Platform is easy to use and gets you the exposure you need to showcase your best. Now you know exactly the college teams in which you would be a good fit.

Coaches are able to use our XL platform to search by various data to find the athlete who fits their needs. Then, they can save athlete profiles, videos and photos and get in contact with the athletes they have interest in.

In addition to our XL Platform, we have an event coming up this summer that is perfectly catered toward recruiting potential cheer, stunt, A&T and dance athletes. The Fusion Combine, powered by Paragon XL and Paragon XL Dance, is a true two day combine that is geared towards testing more than your cheerleading, stunt, A&T and dance skills by professionals and industry leaders. Athletes will have the opportunity to meet with collegiate and professional coaches from across the country and show off their skills, in addition to participating in combine-level agility tests.

Our Fusion Combine will provide a platform for athletes to exhibit skills, ask questions and learn the requirements that universities and college require athletically and academically. The 2019 Fusion Combine is taking place on June 1-2 at the Indianapolis Convention Center. This year’s event is open to men and women grades 8-12 and collegiate athletes who want to cheer or dance at the Professional NBA/NFL level. Space is limited, so interested individuals should head to Paragon XL to register.


Top-level school coaches and recruiters consider us the #1 cheerleading, stunt and A&T talent agency in the U.S.

“The University of Louisville Cheerleading and Spirit Program is excited to be on board with Paragon XL. One resource that connects the coaches, athletes and parents is a win for everyone in the industry.”

– Head Coach, University of Louisville (Paragon XL member)

“I would have gladly paid hundreds of dollars for this type of service. It is such a great tool to help my daughter get in front of the right coaches and colleges.”

– Paragon XL parent and member.

Getting noticed by college cheerleading, stunt and A&T coaches is within reach! Sign up today at to earn scholarships and get recruited.

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