Netflix CHEER – Episode 2 Recap3 min to read

By Annemarie Arthurs

Published January 25, 2022

Netflix Cheer Season 2 Episode 2

“We” is family. Getting to see where Coach Vontae and his family grew up gave us a whole new perspective of him. It shows us why he is how he is. He is tough, strong, powerful, and determined. He knew sports, mainly football and cheer, would lead him in the right direction in life.

He was ready to be recruited for football until one day he was asked to cheer, and that’s when Vontae joined Brandon All Stars, followed by a scholarship to college for cheer and the rest is history!

Back at Navarro, the athletes are participating in lots of signings, shows, and meeting with agents! Lexi, Morgan, Gabi, Jerry, and La’Darius have no time to breathe! 

Gabi has decided to come back to Navarro and while her and her team are super excited, it has sparked some nerves within the rookies potentially losing their spot on the mat!

TVCC has been practicing hard to gain new skills and score the 99 they have been dreaming of. They have a handful of third year athletes on the team and the coaches don’t want them to leave Trinity Valley without a ring on their finger. 

Halfway through episode two Gabi has finally returned to Navarro for her first practice! Choreography is about to begin with Dalston and it will start with a skills check. This is where the coaches and choreographers can see skills and decide where to properly place athletes in the routine to best showcase them!

Monica has built an incredible program and does not like to switch it up, so Dahlston is doing his best to keep it as similar as possible to previous years!

TVCC is also starting choreography, and shocking fans by hiring the old Navarro choreographer, Brad Vaughan! Like they say “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” so they brought in someone directly from Navarro’s past! 

As the episode comes to an end, TVCC and Navarro are getting ready for the basketball game against each other! Both teams want to show up and be better than the other! Both teams put on a show on the sidelines, and it ultimately ended with a TVCC win! 

cheer season 2 episode 2

Coach Vontae is ready to build a strong program and is determined to beat Navarro and prove to people that they are just as good, if not better! 

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