Why Hiring an HR Professional is Worth the Time and Money5 min to read

By Joyce Whitaker

Published April 30, 2020

Human Resources Includes You!

You may be asking yourself

“What does HR have to do with me or my industry for that matter?” 

Glad you asked! HR is so much more than being the event hostess or ensuring there are treats in the break room. 

These days we are asked to provide metrics on engagement, productivity, ensure a safety and security plan is in place in event of a crisis (such as the one we are now facing), interpret employment law to ensure that a business is compliant or offer our advice in C-Suite situations. HR professionals have become true leaders for clients and organizations.

Oftentimes many of you are trying to get a deeper understanding of hiring employees (taxes withheld via a payroll or accounting service) vs. an independent contractor (reporting their own income on their tax return).

HR professionals will analyze the current positions established in your gym and determine whether the work being performed meets Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) duties, test and requirements. Improper classifications could result in hefty penalties and fines; not to mention back wages from the start date of the infraction if the individual you hired as a contractor is truly an employee. 

This could shut a business down quickly. Ouch!

Always remember you are operating a business first and foremost. More and more small businesses are being audited so please remember that when defining your business model.

Speaking of Independent Contractors….

Be mindful when hiring contractors to always define the working relationship including the scope of work to be performed, start and end date, agreed compensation and additional items such as what the employer will provide (Ex: 1099 Misc form)  through a well crafted document. Get everything in “writing!”

We are now trying to prepare for our new normal and what our lives will look like on the other side of this global crisis.  Ask yourself, “Am I prepared for the next natural disaster or global pandemic?”

If the answer is Yes, then WOO-HOO! But, if your answer is No, there is no time like the present to design a crisis response plan. A plan of this magnitude can calm your fears, save your gym time along with money in the long term as it allows you to:

  • Identify your threats (e.g., whether your region is prone to floods or tornadoes or the potential of another global pandemic) 
  • Create a written communication plan for your athletes, parents and vendors. 
  • Develop a plan to keep your business going during the crisis.
  • Test your communication and crisis response plan with real world exercises.

During this unprecedented time, keep in mind what your gym will need to remain sustainable and think about some of the other services that may be available:

  • Live and Virtual Training Sessions on Harassment, Leadership and more
  • Document and Handbook Design (Editable Forms)
  • HR Audits and Strategic Planning

Remember we are in this TOGETHER!

About the author

I’m a unique stakeholder with a wide range of experience as an HR Executive for an Event Producer, an Allstar parent and Collegiate Spirit Coordinator & Coach. I understand what’s happening with your business model from a bird’s eye view.  My calling is helping people and I’m here to help in any way I can!