10 Simple tips for a productive season

10 Simple Tips For A Productive Season

By Heidi Weber

Published on July 26, 2018

10 Simple Tips for a Productive Season

For the Love of Coaching…

For most of us gym owners, directors and coaches, the love of cheerleading has been the driving force for a die-hard commitment to competitive cheerleading over the past 30 years. The passion for the development and growth of the sport has kept us motivated work tirelessly for the advancement of cheerleading for the future generations.

Going into the 2018-2019 season we have put together a list of 10 simple tips for a productive season. These are reminders that passion and love is inspiring, but won’t pay your rent, practice wear and competition fees.
With an ever competitive marketplace growing around us, we must always remind ourselves that the industry we love is also a business full of overhead, increasing variable costs, and demanding customers. The ever real pressure of staying competitive and relevant exists daily so why not start the new season with a plan that allows for goals, boundaries, and peace of mind.

10 Simple Tips for a Productive Season

  • Accept now that you can never make everyone happy. You are not a cupcake.  You can’t bring happiness to everyone. Some people just can’t be satisfied. This can be a huge time and energy sucker so decide now to let that go.
  • Identify your best customer. Who is your best customer and the easiest to recruit to your gym? If it’s your mini level 1 and beginning rec tumblers who are excited then spend extra time encouraging them to invite friends and even highlight them on social media pages, newsletters and etc. A little recognition goes a long way.
  • Make extra money. Plan additional money making activities that are good for your customers and your bottom line. Parents night out, drop in gym time during black friday, preschool or homeschool classes. Plan a minimum of 1 event per month to drive up additional income. This can be done in about 15 minutes on a downloadable blank calendar for the whole year.
  • Don’t compare yourself to nearby Gyms. You are your own brand. People are buying you and everything that comes with you. Sell yourself and don’t worry about others around you. Repeat this to yourself every time the opportunity arises to feel less than the other guy.
  • Laugh and Smile. Laughter and smiling is contagious. Your staff will follow and then your athletes make it a habit to bring a positive vibes to your gym daily.
  • Find and Assign. Everyone on your staff has a special talent and strength. Find it and assign them a task within your program that highlights this strength. If you don’t know what their strengths are …. Ask them. Let them lead in the areas they are strongest and you will grow and relieve your own stress.
  • Share your vision. People love to buy into a vision for success. Share your vision and passion out loud with your staff, kids and parents. Set reasonable goals that bring satisfaction.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s easy to lose an entire day or week on small tedious problems that arise in everyday gym life. Look at your circumstances and decide where they land on a scale of 1-10 in term of long-term importance. If they are less than a 6 let them go.
  • Be open to Change. If something comes your way that seems like it would be a great fit for your gym, athletes and families then try it. You can always switch back.
  • HAVE FUN. Only 1 team per division can win at each competition you attend. You may be that winner most times or it may be few and far between, but the enjoyment of your program comes from the year long journey each season. Don’t forget the FUN and your families and athletes won’t either.

Cheers to 2018-2019 take a deep breathe and enjoy a laugh!


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