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Tough Times Don’t Last

Cheer Coach blog

By Cat Weedon

UpdatedJanuary 14, 2022

They say ‘Tough Times don’t last but Tough People Do’

And these my friends, are the toughest of times. It’s about time we had a very honest conversation about it.

As Coaches, Owners and Directors we thrive on structure, order and on controlling chaos. But right now, there is very little ability to do any of this. Every day brings new challenges that we never anticipated we would face. Every day brings more decisions that need to be made accurately and swiftly. SO MANY DECISIONS. The sheer number of daily decisions can be almost paralyzing.

I see you calming the storms, keeping the ship on course, and leading with confidence. I also see the days its hard to get out of bed and face the realities of what today will bring. I see the struggles to leave it all at the door, to have something left to give so you can be Mom, Dad or Spouse. I see the stress of wanting to NOT be another person or institution that have let these kids down. I see the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows that are hidden behind your game face.

I feel for the constant changing of routines. I feel for the daily texts and calls asking for kids to step up and compete an additional routine. I feel for every coach having to comfort a teary kiddo that they may miss this event, but they will be back for the next. I feel for altering every hope and dream we had for our teams at the beginning of the season. Those hopes and dreams are still there, but they look different every practice. Today it’s to stay in range on tumbling/ stunts with fill ins, tomorrow its to try to address bandaids you’ve put on routines just to make it through the last event, the next day its just do what we must do, to get this team on the floor this weekend. 

I hear the tenacity in every owner and coach that has refused to give up. Just keep swimming, keep putting one foot in front of another. I hear the parents who are rallying behind their gym leadership with kindness, understanding and grace. I hear the pleas for just one normal week. Just one event where the roster this week is the same as the one last week. I hear the compassion of coaches that know this kid just needs your kindness and love, not the correction. I hear the pride of the hitting against all odds. I also hear the tears in the car on the way home convincing yourself you’ve done the best you can do today.  And you have! You did the best you could and you should be proud of that. 

Your battles are my battles too. We are wearing so many hats, and filling so many roles that it can be overwhelming:


Navigating owning a business dependent on children during a 3 year long pandemic


Tasked with enforcing everchanging CDC Protocols, calculating Days of Quarantine, and determining who is back in time to compete any given weekend


Responsibilities to multiple teams’ success despite the challenges. Because parents want to see results and let’s be honest, we need the good results to recharge the empty tanks. 


Sometimes you’re putting a ‘Bandaid’ on a routine, and sometimes you’re totally having to rethink sections depending on who is on the floor this weekend.


Eye’s down a kid, thinks to myself “did that kid just cough 3 times, was it dry or wet, do they sound sick or did the dust get them, does she seem like she feels ok? Racking my brain… I don’t think mom said Suzy wasn’t feeling good.” Everyone quick water break, Suzy sis come here, you’re not in trouble! “ How are you feeling?”


Kids are hurting and they need you. Sometimes they need encouragement, sometimes a stern push in the right direction, sometimes they need to be held accountable and sometimes they just need hug. The pressure can be debilitating on cheer athletes right now. Especially with the current Anon culture. Gyms are doing their best to keep kids competing, even with out-of-level fill in athletes, only to be slammed for not perfect performances. Anons should be ashamed of themselves. We are doing our best. 


Answering questions about events that are over 30 days away is a stretch right now. Honestly, most of us are  functioning at a 3-4 days in advance place right now. But parents want reassurances that comps are going to happen, that money invested in flights and hotels won’t be lost, that all of this will lead to end of season events their kids are hoping for.

And we give them those reassurances the best we can, all while understanding that 2 years ago Cheer Stood Still. Every email, call, post or text now includes “as far as we know”, “Based on the information we have”,“ If anything changes you will be the first to know”, or “ They’re saying the event is a GO”

Escapism: (noun) the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy. 

I have read 8 books since Jan 1st. Though I have always loved to read, every free second I have right now, I’m reading. I’m staying up all hours of the night to read it is consuming me.  Tabbi M my cheer BFF called me out, rightly so, for using reading as a method of escapism. She was 100 percent correct.

I am ESCAPING into books, because my current reality as a Coach and Gym Owner is not always pleasant. This moment in time is HARD.  I’m lucky that I can escape into a book, but others may not have safe outlets that help them cope with the world around them right now.  Pour into them, give them grace and support, its so needed right now. 

But there is light, and hope, and daily reminders of why we all CHOOSE this industry

Let me tell you something about every coach and owner I know, no one can match their tenacity. No one problem solves better, and no not one of them will give up on these kids or this season. 

The greatest mistake we made, was believing that the 2020-2021 season was the worst it was going to get. We let our guard down. To a certain degree, last year was a walk in the park compared to now. We all competed a lot of virtual events, and while those were challenging, if you had the time and willpower you could get a zero for submission. Now the battle is making through the week leading up to competition. It feels like a total win to just be on the floor. 

Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do.

And we are TOUGH

Keep fighting the good fight, Keep Livin the Dream.

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Home Quarantine Workouts by Jess Forte of Cheer Intensity (with videos)

Home Quarantine Workouts for Cheerleading

By Jess Forte

Published March 20, 2020

This is our world...

I often liken the anticipation, the adrenaline we experience to climbing that first major drop of the highest roller coaster in the amusement park. It’s “Scary” in a sense, but also exhilarating!  This sense of “fear” has ironically preceded almost anything and everything great in my life. Or is it not irony? 

One of my Level 5 athletes was walking to perform in A Hall at NCA Nationals a few weeks ago and asked me “why do I keep doing this, even though I feel like I am about to vomit? But I continue to want to cheer, to put myself back on that stage?”

On Deck
The butterflies
The jittery hands
The lights blinding
The roar of the crowd
The smell of sweat
The 9 panels
The music starts
A snap, a wink, a smile
Let’s go
The point stunt
The last pass
Your coaches’ eyes scream “you’ve got this!”
The final structure
The last pose
The embraces
The tears

I recently read a book entitled “Fearvana” by Akshay Nanavati. He firmly believes that fear is an essential element to unlocking our potential, our success, and our passion. That finding and enduring a worthy struggle can open doors that we didn’t know existed and allow us the ultimate amount of  bliss and fulfillment. So basically, All-Star Cheerleaders are onto something! Akshay defines fearvana as “the bliss that results from engaging our fears to pursue our own worthy struggle.” We experience our own version of “Fearvana” when we stand in the corner to throw a new pass, or when we set for our routine at Nationals. 

So now on May 20, 2020 we find ourselves in a very odd situation. Our season, as we had envisioned it, was stripped from us by the Coronavirus. And there are so many unknowns. As an adult, I am having to draw on all I have known in my life to come to a logical conclusion that “this too shall pass;” that difficult situations come upon us and we are equipped as humans to work through them and overcome obstacles. Our athletes may not have this frame of reference. For them, their world is potentially about to be turned upside down. What I want to tell them is that you are right where you are supposed to be. If that is in a state of FEAR, that’s ok. 

Because fear keeps us on our toes; it elicits a heightened sense of reality that allows us to be our best selves. And who is better equipped to handle this fear than an all-star cheerleader? You all face it head on every day! And not only that, but you thrive on it! You hit that stunt, you land that pass, and you rock that dance – butterflies and all! So you have the tools to handle this, too. 


Every athlete is being dealt the same hand right now. But it is your choice how you decide to handle it. If you are forced to be home for an undetermined amount of time, what is going to propel you from the state of fear, disappointment, or anger into a state of being that is productive for your goals in the sport! Here is a suggested to do list:

  1. Write down 3 of your goals every morning. The same 3!

  2. Write down actions you can take NOW to take a step towards those goals (conditioning, studying technique, reading motivational books, contacting college coaches if you are an upperclassman, applying for scholarships at your dream school, e-mailing you gym owner to ask for internship hours, or your coach to help set a plan to achieve your goals when the gym opens back up.)

  3. Schedule those actions for each day. For example:

  • 9:00 am – wake up and get ready
  • 9:30 am – eat a breakfast high in protein and fats! (Think eggs, sausage, bacon)
  • 10:00 am – journal goals and current emotions (this will be cool to look back on)
  • 10:30 am – school work
  • 12:30 pm – lunch high in nutrients (think salads, fruits, veggies)
  • 1:30 pm – Conditioning workout (example below)
  • 2:30 pm – more school work
  • 3:30 pm – watch tumbling technique videos, read a motivational book, or work towards goals
  • 4:30 pm – flexibility regimen
  • 5:30 pm – Dinner high in protein and carbs (think pasta, steak, potatoes, meat)
  • 6:30 pm – Relax and connect with teammates, coaches, etc.
    Get at least 8 hours of sleep!

Adam Forte's Conditioning Workout


30 seconds each exercise X 3

  • Jog in place
  • High Knees
  • Butt Kicks
  • Mummys
  • Heisman


Upper Body 

    1. Finger wiggle and squeeze
    2. Motorcycles
    3. Wrist circles (both ways)
    4. Arms behind head
    5. Arms across body
    6. Hold hands behind back and pull up
    7. Look up, down
    8. Tilt head to both sides
    9. Shoulder rolls
    10. Arm circles forward and back
    11. Small arm circles forward and back
    12. Arms up tilt both ways
    13. Hips washing machine
    14. Hips figure 8
    15. Leg swings forward/back 5x each
    16. Cross leg swings (knee to front)
    17. Pony (alternating knees)
    18. Ankle circles (both ways)
    19. Sit on shins and rock back and forth
    20. Sit on heels and arms behind head turn (to both sides) and tilt 3x
    21. Hands and knees one arm behind head elbow up/elbow down 5x


    1. On hands and knees circle around
    2. Fingers facing you
    3. Side to side
    4. Cross hands (both ways)
    5. Back to all fours and do 5 flicks
    6. Palms up


  • 10 Double Marked Jumps
  • 10 Double T Jumps

4. JUMP Conditioning

3 Rounds

  • Fast Kicks – 20
  • Side Hurdler Lifts – 20 Right and Left
  • Hip Rolls – 20 Right and Left
  • Toe Lifts – 20
  • Floor Jumps – 20

5. TUMBLING Conditioning

3 Rounds (you can lower amount on each if you would like)

  • Plank – 1 Min
  • Side Plank – Right and Left 30 Min
  • Superman Hold – 1 min
  • Lunge Hold – 30 Sec*
  • Lever Hold – 30 Sec*
  • Heel Kicks – 30*

*Do one leg then the other

6. Stunt Focus

3 Rounds of 30 seconds each

  • Mountain Shrugs – 20
  • Lib Lifts – 10 Right and Left 10 
  • Full Up Squats – 20
  • Ext Pops – 10

7. Cool down/stretch


Adam Forte's Flexibility Workout


30 seconds each exercise X 3

  • Jumping Jacks – 30 Seconds
  • High Knees – 30 Seconds
  • Butt kicks – 30 Seconds
  • Mummys – 30 Seconds
  • Sprawls – 10


3 Rounds

  • 3 Count Bridges – 10
  • Bridge Hold – 30 Seconds
  • 1 Leg Bridge Kick Right – 20
  • 1 Leg Bridge Kick Right – 20

3. Split Warm Up

Alternate Right and Left Leg 3x

  • Leg Lift Kicks – 12/10/8
  • Forward Lunge Twist Stretch – 30 Seconds
  • Forward lunge kick – 30/20/10

4. Right and Left Splits

1 Min hold each

  • Sit up – 30 Seconds flex foot and lock back leg
  • Chest Down
  • Head up arms back in should stretch


1 Min hold each

  • Squat Stretch
  • Frog Stretch
  • Center Split

7. Cool down

So it turns out your best wasn’t good enough, now what?

By Heidi Weber

Published on December 11, 2019

Youhitzero Logo Blanca Y Negro Butt

Raise your hand if you remember learning that as long as you did your best in life everything was going to be OK; that giving your best effort and, of course, adding hard work was the sure fire way to succeed.

Now keep your hand raised if you know that you can think of a time, maybe it’s right now even, where you gave your best, your all, everything you had and it still just wasn’t quite good enough. Those efforts and mindset just didn’t allow your world to turn out the way you had planned. 

It’s a difficult moment when you realize that no matter how hard you work at something or how much effort you put into your business, relationships, your customers there are other factors that can get in the way. Cause hiccups in your plans, Goals, and sometimes even your success. Variables that you didn’t count on. Could be timing, knowledge, money, there are lots of these variables.

We are trained and taught that hard work always pays off and in theory it does. It pays off in life lessons, experiences, sometimes money and always growth if we will although it.

But…. what do we do when our hard work

doesn’t lead us to where we wanted to go?

This is quite a predicament to find yourself lost in because it’s counter cultural to our core beliefs that Hard Work ALWAYS pays off.

One day I found myself in this very place. I had worked hard. No one would deny that. I had achieved things, made profits, and even had some recognition. I had worked really really hard and given it my very best. To my own detriment sometimes even. Sacrificing balance, time, and even family but always telling myself I was a hard worker and I had to always give everything all of me. It was the way to guarantee success. Period.

But then one day, week, month, year some variables got right in the way of my belief system.

Growth and change had brought new issues and more balls to balance. More staff and costs in my business. More customers and change and more stretching. Harder choices and bigger decisions. All the while never any relief from the mindset that if I just worked a little harder and continued to give everything my best would pay off in the end.

But then it happened… things started to crumble, fall apart, fail even. So I worked harder and gave more. But it didn’t matter because no matter how hard I worked, how much effort I gave, how much I sacrificed, the reality was I wasn’t going to be able to do “my best” enough to stop the dam from breaking… Imagine me standing at this massive dam where tiny holes are squirting water. It’s just a little leak in the beginning that doesn’t do much damage. Even if when a few more holes pop up you can just manage them even plug them yourself.

But then three holes becomes 5 and 5 becomes 7 and 7 becomes 27 and there are so many holes you spend all your time trying to keep the flood from breaking down the dam. You’re exhausted and scared and stretched way too thin and then one day the waters just burst through the barrier and wipes you out in the process. It’s when you just know you’ll drown.

But drowning doesn’t have to be the only option.

See I was so busy holding back the water I was missing the point that I couldn’t escape the overflow that my current capacity could no longer contain. So the water was coming whether I wanted it or not and I could choose to drown in the waves or ride them to the next chapter of my being.


Being not doing. See this is the key. Doing is easy. Being is tough. If I’m doing I’m in control. I convince myself I hold the keys to destiny. If I’m being then I’m in touch with the fact that there are many things I can not control and I must not react to the things outside my touch. To evolve to the place where your value and success is not based on wins and loses, profits and margins, toil and tears, yes this is now being.

Knowing that I’m the moments of growth and pain, stretching and development, there is strength and power in this. This is the new belief system. To have the new mindset that replaces the hard work and doing my best leads to success with the idea that being the truest me is the ultimate success.

That new view of what success looks likes becomes the understanding that I’m always developing and I am so much more than what I can do. That I’m always building the “who I’m meant to be” and that is touching all those around me as well.

Hear me clearly when I say that I most certainly thought about drowning when the dam came crashing down on me. Maybe I even wanted to drown in that moment if I’m honest. I would be lying if I tried to say it wasn’t a path I thought about taking. But in the end I decided to let the water cleanse me. That I would ride the wave and let the water surround me even soak it in consuming me so I could to be open to next version of who I could be.

Not what I could do, but who I could be.

Today is just a moment take a deep breathe and know it’s enough for you to just be you. Everything else is just part of our path and something to grow from. Your truest moments come the day you realize that you are your own greatest success and all those your life touches is the most treasured successes. Everything else is just icing on the cake.


Heidi Weber Signature 2019

Completion Mode Vs Performance Mode: Answering the age-old question of ‘Why don’t my flyers perform in the air’

Ipp Cheer Flyers

Youhitzero Logo Blanca Y Negro Butt

Youhitzero Logo Blanca Y Negro Butt


Published November 19, 2018

Ipp By Linrd Short

Completion Mode Vs Performance Mode

Answering the age-old question of
‘Why don’t my flyers perform in the air’

Of all the valuable lessons I have learned through trial and lots of error in coaching, Completion Mode vs Performance Mode may be the most important. In an industry that not only puts a lot of emphasis on the aesthetic, but also assigns it a competitive value (performance, technique, creativity, showmanship, overall impression scores), teams scores don’t just depend on what they do, they depend on how they do it.

Ipp Cheer Flyers 2

As one of the creators and administrators of the Small Cheer Gym Association Facebook group, which is a fb community dedicated to Small Gym owners and coaches, the question, in many forms, that is asked constantly is “Why don’t my flyers perform in the air?” Its usually followed up with “they are flexible, work hard, the group is good enough to nail the stunt, but for some reason they never turn it on and create ‘A Show.’

For me the answer to this question lies in asking yourself are the focused-on Completion of the Stunt or the Performance of the stunt. Because it’s very hard for kids to do both.

In LuxeLand (the Luxe Cheer universe lol) we define being in Completion mode as: when the stunt group is concerned mainly with making it through the stunt. They are actively focused on getting from the starting point of the stunt or pyramid to the end.

  • The completion phase will vary per group on the team.

  • Some may be out of this phase fast, while others stay in it for a while.

  • In this phase they do not trust that they can make it to the end without concentration on every moving part of the stunt and most likely there’s one or two sticky parts of the sequence that they repeatedly miss.

Ipp Cheer Flyers 3

The most important thing to take away from being in completion mode, is that it will almost ALWAYS lead to:

  • A lack of timing across groups

  • Inaccurate building formations

  • Inconsistent performance from your flyers.

  • Increased stress or anxiety from the group or team

When the athletes are concentrating on just making it through, it leaves no room for details, faces, and growth. And the longer they stay in this place, the more likely you are going to start seeing bad attitudes, frustration, and anxiety from your team members.

As coaches, we put a lot of pressure and stress on ourselves to create and compete the most perfect, win-able routine from the start. We know the grids, the rubrics, the magic numbers and who our competitors are. And we know what skills it takes to be unstoppable. We also know the full potential of the kids in our programs. But knowing their full potential, or how they need to be pushed can cripple us.

So how do we get out of Completion Mode and move into Performance Mode???


Modify the stunt or section of the pyramid that is causing the issue. If 2 out of the 3 groups have no problem with it, leave theirs and take out the 3rd. Knowing your magic numbers (the number you must hit in that section to score in the range you are going for) helps this tremendously. MAKE THE EDIT


When you modify, explain. “Suzie, were going to take out your switch up lib and just do a straight up one for this event. We only need 2 not 3 to score high and I really need you to focus on nailing the dismount.” The older the team, the more likely they believe they know the scoresheet, remind them that their job is to trust your edits. Trust your gut and your edits.


Once you modify and get them on board, repetition is key! Have them do the modified section numerous times and point out the good, you as the coach, need to get excited for the good. Help them celebrate the little achievements and growth.


Games, contests and candy will make superstars out of your tinys all the way up to your open college level athletes. Break up the monotony.


If Suzie cannot hit a skill, or will not throw it, take it out and move on. I know it can be so frustrating, but you are letting the one skill or section define the whole team. You may not be in the range you want if you pull a skill, but what’s the likelihood it will be done correctly, if at all, on a competition day? Find another place on the scoresheet to make up what you lost. I.e Lose .2 in standing tumbling difficulty but gain .3 in technique with the ones who are solid.

Ipp Cheer Flyers 4

Once the kids KNOW they can all hit the routine that’s in front of them, you will immediately see a difference. The anxiety of uncertainty is what keeps them from rising to their full performance potential.


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How to Progress during the Back to School Crunch – Practice Scheduling, Attendance, Motivation

Surviving Sept Fixt2

HOW TO PROGRESS DURING THE BACK TO SCHOOL CRUNCH - Practice Scheduling, Attendance, & Motivation

By Cat Weeden

Published September 13, 2018

As a Small Gymer, we all know the end of summer is a time of celebration! Church Retreats, Overnight Camps, Family Vacations, Trips to the Lake and the distractions of summer are finally gone and done. We are finally going to get full attendance back at practices which means stunts can solidify, tumbling can be finalized, and Pyramids can finally be created. 

Life is GREAT, you and your coaches are on a roll. Stuff is getting done. Then 3 weeks later school starts… and a whole new set of attendance problems start up!

In the Small Gym world, it is crucial to maximize the month of September by following these 4 tricks:

Ipp Tweeters

Maximize Practice Efficiency Through Pre Planning

Every practice in the month of September is incredibly important. This is the last month before our internal clocks ding that its “Competition Season”. 

In order to get the very most out of this month, plan out each practice! Break your practice down into 10 minute sections and stick to the schedule. 

If your team is struggling in a section, planning ahead ensures that you think about this before practice starts, and you then create a plan to relieve the concern. You will be shocked how fast 10 minutes has previously been wasted once you start scheduling out practices.

“You will be shocked how fast 10 minutes has previously been wasted once you start scheduling out practices.”

Lines Angled

Mentally Just Keep Swimming

Absences are very hard on the team, but they are the hardest on the coaches! We have hopes, dreams and plans for practices, and 1 missed kid can throw that haywire….. if you choose to let it.

Coaches, I challenge you to take a “just keep swimming’ approach to these practices. Continue with your practice plan, work every section you need, let the missing stunt group do conditioning during the stunt run or even encourage the other groups. Whatever you do, don’t let 1 absent cheerleader distract you.

Intentionally include 3-4 full run throughs on your practice plan, and each practice continue to add sections to the “ run through” if you keep this up the kids will become acclimated to a 75% run overtime instead of drastically.

Even though there seems to be a million distractions in the month of September, by anticipating potential practice conflicts, maximizing your practice time through detailed scheduling, creating and encouraging extra bonus opportunities for your allstars and mentally continuing to advance your routines and readiness, you can excel and progress in the toughest month of the season!  


-Cat Weeden

LuXe CheeR

10 Simple tips for a productive season

10 Simple Tips For A Productive Season

By Heidi Weber

Published on July 26, 2018

10 Simple Tips for a Productive Season

For the Love of Coaching…

For most of us gym owners, directors and coaches, the love of cheerleading has been the driving force for a die-hard commitment to competitive cheerleading over the past 30 years. The passion for the development and growth of the sport has kept us motivated work tirelessly for the advancement of cheerleading for the future generations.

Going into the 2018-2019 season we have put together a list of 10 simple tips for a productive season. These are reminders that passion and love is inspiring, but won’t pay your rent, practice wear and competition fees.
With an ever competitive marketplace growing around us, we must always remind ourselves that the industry we love is also a business full of overhead, increasing variable costs, and demanding customers. The ever real pressure of staying competitive and relevant exists daily so why not start the new season with a plan that allows for goals, boundaries, and peace of mind.

10 Simple Tips for a Productive Season

  • Accept now that you can never make everyone happy. You are not a cupcake.  You can’t bring happiness to everyone. Some people just can’t be satisfied. This can be a huge time and energy sucker so decide now to let that go.
  • Identify your best customer. Who is your best customer and the easiest to recruit to your gym? If it’s your mini level 1 and beginning rec tumblers who are excited then spend extra time encouraging them to invite friends and even highlight them on social media pages, newsletters and etc. A little recognition goes a long way.
  • Make extra money. Plan additional money making activities that are good for your customers and your bottom line. Parents night out, drop in gym time during black friday, preschool or homeschool classes. Plan a minimum of 1 event per month to drive up additional income. This can be done in about 15 minutes on a downloadable blank calendar for the whole year.
  • Don’t compare yourself to nearby Gyms. You are your own brand. People are buying you and everything that comes with you. Sell yourself and don’t worry about others around you. Repeat this to yourself every time the opportunity arises to feel less than the other guy.
  • Laugh and Smile. Laughter and smiling is contagious. Your staff will follow and then your athletes make it a habit to bring a positive vibes to your gym daily.
  • Find and Assign. Everyone on your staff has a special talent and strength. Find it and assign them a task within your program that highlights this strength. If you don’t know what their strengths are …. Ask them. Let them lead in the areas they are strongest and you will grow and relieve your own stress.
  • Share your vision. People love to buy into a vision for success. Share your vision and passion out loud with your staff, kids and parents. Set reasonable goals that bring satisfaction.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s easy to lose an entire day or week on small tedious problems that arise in everyday gym life. Look at your circumstances and decide where they land on a scale of 1-10 in term of long-term importance. If they are less than a 6 let them go.
  • Be open to Change. If something comes your way that seems like it would be a great fit for your gym, athletes and families then try it. You can always switch back.
  • HAVE FUN. Only 1 team per division can win at each competition you attend. You may be that winner most times or it may be few and far between, but the enjoyment of your program comes from the year long journey each season. Don’t forget the FUN and your families and athletes won’t either.

Cheers to 2018-2019 take a deep breathe and enjoy a laugh!

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WifF0kZ0zp4″ thumbnail=”46677″ /]


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10 Cheer Songs of 2016 To Motivate Your Team

10 Cheer Songs Of 2016 To Motivate Your Team

2-4-6-8 it’s your time to Motivate!

Hey coaches! This one’s for you. Among your many duties, one of the most important thing you can do is motivate your team.  As we know, not every practice or performance will go as planned. It’s at these time that you must rise up and be the leader that your team needs.  One sure way to light a fire under your team is to pick songs for your mix that really keep your kiddos going. Music is a key element to your practice and performance so we thought that we’d help you out and prepare a must have list of cheer songs for your routine.

So here we go! These are our Top 10 essential cheer tracks of 2016!

1. Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Io0fBr1XBUA” /]

2. Controlla – Drake

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76qwpyMRamg” /]

3. Into You – Ariana Grande

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ekZEVeXwek” /]

4. Send My Love – Adele

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fk4BbF7B29w” /]

5. Panda – Designer

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5ONTXHS2mM” /]

6. Cold Water – Major Lazer

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a59gmGkq_pw” /]

7. Treat You Better – Shawn Mendes

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lY2yjAdbvdQ” /]

8. Work From Home – Fifth Harmony

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GL9JoH4Sws” /]

9. Needed Me – Rihanna

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfN4PVaOU5Q” /]

10. Cheap Thrills – Sia

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31crA53Dgu0″ /]