You Hit Zero – 2019 D1 Summit Recap and Results

By Steve Pawlyk

Updated May 13, 2019

Orlando is starting to feel like home by now...

The Arena might as well be my new mailing address. D1 Summit is now over and the action was incredible. Approximately 7% of teams make it to finals guaranteeing that you’ll see the best of the best. And that’s what you got.

The talent was amazing as always. You were on the edge of your seat from start to finish. My favorite part about this event is that despite being surrounded by the country’s best you can still be surprised by a program/team that you’ve never heard of before. It’s always so awesome to see athletes from smaller programs rock the stage and take home the gold. Anything can happen at D1 Summit and that’s what makes it so unique. Not even a tropical storm was going to stop these athletes. Let’s see who took home the gold this year!

D1 Summit 2019 Results

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