Netflix CHEER! Snatches 6 Emmy Nominations2 min to read

Netflix Cheer Navarro Emmy Nominations

By Steve Pawlyk

Published July 30, 2020

The Results are in…

The Results are in…

and Navarro Cheer just made mat! As of July 28, 2020 Netflix “CHEER” Snatches 6 Emmy nominations. Soon after airing in January 2020, the coaches and athletes became household names. 

Whether you were are cheerleader or not, you were on the edge of your seat waiting to see if Jerry was going to make mat or if Lexi was going to stay on the team or if Morgan was going to hit her elite stunt!  And of course we all wanted to be Gabi Butler!

The amazing docu-series shed light on an industry that is so deserving of the spotlight. We can all agree that cheer is an intensely competitive sport like no other. The combination of strength, agility, stamina and competitiveness shredded any preconceived notions that many viewers may have had about cheerleading. 

Navarro Cheer Netflix

Each episode of Netflix Cheer! grew more and more intense and made us all hopeful that we too could make mat so that we could experience the sense of accomplishment that the Navarro athletes felt when hitting a flawless routine. Although the season ended abruptly due to covid-19, it’s undeniable that Navarro College was about to capture another college national title adding to their mound of accolades.

Visit Netflix to relive the experience with your favorite Navarro Cheer athletes!

  • Outstanding cinematography for reality program
  • Outstanding directing for a reality program
  • Outstanding picture editing for an unstructured reality program
  • Outstanding unstructured reality program
  • Outstanding sound editing for a nonfiction or reality program (Single or Multi-camera)
  • Outstanding sound mixing for a nonfiction or reality program (Single or Multi-camera)  

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